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  1. "One for the Book" is a pretty good movie. I'm pretty sure I have a recording of that one somewhere...
  2. > And you don't know how to spell, either? I'm at least as good as shifty, any day of the week and twice on Sunday!
  3. > He was fairly tall, wasn't he? Oh, not that tall. Only about 6'4", so he was shorter than Harvey.
  4. > {quote:title=calypsogal wrote:}{quote} > > > Well, _that's_ the spirit! Well, calypsogirl, what do you expect? He's the duke. No, actually, make that the _Duke_. He's a fighter. He gets up and keeps on goin'. And especially in a movie like "Rio Bravo", because it's, like, one of Hawks' warmest movies ever!
  5. > I was thinking maybe it was Alec Guinness who mentioned India, but in River Kwai.... when he is in the middle of one of his rambles to Sessue Hayakawa, right before he spots the wires...... ahhh! Talk about a tense moment! That was a great speech! I liked it a lot... I've been thinking. Tomorrow it will be twenty-eight years to the day that I've been in the service. Twenty-eight years in peace and war. I don't suppose I've been at home more than ten months in all that time. Still, it's been a good life. I loved India. I wouldn't have had it any other way. > Now, why didn't
  6. > Oooh. I've never seen it! You should try it, it's a great movie. As for how or why a bootlegged Criterion DVD is on youtube...
  7. *Tunes of Glory* is indeed one of John Mills' finest hours, especially considering he was totally cast against type. For those who haven't seen many of his other performances, *Great Expectations* and *This Happy Breed* are highly recommended.
  8. For anyone who doesn't get to watch it or record it today on TCM... http://www.criterion.com/films/659
  9. > No one would beat Brennan. Agreed. And it would have been so sad if they'd even tried.
  10. > In fact, I didn't pick up on any difference between monster husbands and human husbands until lightening flashed in their faces. Both behaved the same. Ain't that the truth!
  11. Nothing like a gal that stands by her man! :x Hawks must have been quite a romantic at heart.
  12. > Since this is clearly on topic, I can't resist. Boy, that Dean Martin could sing! I've been a fan for many years. On that, redriver, I agree with you 100% B-)
  13. Yes, I did not intend to suggest that such an example would apply to this movie, specifically. However I would imagine that in such cases, a peaceful and amicable town of the Old West could be taken over not by "troublemakers" as you suggest, but by those who only pay lip service to the ideals of justice and objectivity, but want instead to take over the town so they can run it with a mob-rule mentality, completely overlooking any concept of a rule of law. In such a case, there would be a need for someone who could be relied on to act with objectivity. Someone who could rein in the "wild" town
  14. And I thought the point of having a western rambles thread was precisely to do that - to ramble. And didn't MissG say that in a good ramble thread, there is no such thing as going off topic?
  15. Good point. I remember reading somewhere that Hawks reportedly said he didn't think that "a good sheriff was going to go running around town like a chicken with his head off asking for help..."
  16. > I really like what you say here... and it is VERY true. REAL redemption comes from REAL repentance... and you can fool some of the people SOME of the time... but in the end... no matter how hard you try... if you continue on in the same bad and destructive behavior over and over... the only one you've really fooled is yourself. Sad but true. I think the theme of repentance and redemption is something that comes up over and over again in many different westerns, from *Shane* to *Unforgiven*, and I think that at least in part it answers to the need to continually reappraise many things
  17. Another great Duke-Dino Western! B-) And eminently ramble-worthy, I might add.
  18. Great video, Kid! Here's another one from "Dino" that I like:
  19. Ouspenskaya was such a _great_ actor, I really love watching her in everything she was in! :x
  20. > One cannot seek redemption unless one admits their sins and looks to never repeat them. If you continue to repeat your sins (especially of hurting others), over and over and over and over again, who are you and where are you as a human being? You cannot be for humanity if you constantly look to harm others at every turn. There's no greater injustice than that. Anyone with a conscience, knows this. Anyone one with a heart, knows this. That's an interesting thought, and I want to comment on that more directly, in the context of Howard Hawks' "Rio Bravo", but I'm going to hold that part
  21. Ah, "Clash of the Titans". Another good 80s movie. B-)
  22. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
  23. True, that. Almost makes me wish Shaw would have been in "The Guns of Navarone". But that one still had a pretty darn good cast, didn't it?
  24. Fair enough, fair enough. Gene Wilder really has made a lot of us laugh over the years. I'd have to say, however, that "The Frisco Kid" wasn't his best movie - nor Harrison's.
  25. > (Would you accept a chocolate from this guy?) Well, that's a tough question. I would probably feel safer if it wasn't him giving it to me, personally. But that's really just the character, not Johnny Depp. Depp, I'd accept anything from!
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