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  1. Great pictures as always Mongo, especially love the one of Margaret Sullavan.
  2. I'd have to say that Ginger is my favorite hoofer.
  3. I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang - What a nightmare! The Asphalt Jungle
  4. Great , great romantic movie comedy. I can never watch it enough.
  5. I thought Courage Under Fire was such a moving film. A man trying to come back from something in his past and reconcile it to himself by truly doing the hard and needed investigation into Meg Ryan's actions. Truly a great film.
  6. Oh I definitely see Cary Grant looking toward the aisle sitting halfway down on the left side (our ight looking at the screen) and it almost looks like Bette Davis next to him but I'm not too sure on that. Down from Quinn is looks like a younger and thinner Raymond Burr, not too sure on that one either. Also it looks like Frederic March just to the rear left of Lana. Message was edited by: Catwoman915
  7. Double Idemnity - explains it without giving it away. Sunset Boulevard- what else could it be called? Angel And The Badman- pretty self explanatory They Were Expendable - war-what an ugly thing A Bridge Too Far -also self explanatory Okay let's hear from you!
  8. Oh how I agree with you on this one. Alternate titles though bad would be: You Can Never Go Back A Love Remembered The Right Choice I don't know, what are some of your ideas, because mine stink.
  9. I love Denzel! The only movie that I didn't like was Training Day (okay don't everybody throw tomatos all at once.) I realize he won the Oscar but the plot line was absurd from a policing point of view. Anyway back to Denzel he is the Portier of our generation although in my humble opinion there will NEVER be another Portier. Again as I wipe tomato juice off of my screen I will reiterate I LOVE DENZEL!
  10. Mongo- could that be Joseph Cotten with his pipe a little farther to the right?
  11. I totally agree with you, The original with Anne Bancroft was great. As for a TV movie the great Gary Sinese (SIC) portrayed Govenor George Wallace was one of the best performances based on true events that I have seen.My opinion only.
  12. I guess the thing I like most about Joe is that he really ends up being a stand up guy. He protects Ann in the end, above fortune and fame. Of course his best buddy goes along with him after getting to know Ann and the way that she and Joe feel about each other (another great role for Eddie Albert). Ann...all I have to say is Audrey Hepburn and that about says it all. Great film with the greater distinction of being the first film ever shot on location.
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