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  1. I haven't. But I'll have to write those down because I loved all the characters and would love to see them again.
  2. I'm really digging on this movie. Flighty people with good dialogue rock! I love the little sister. I was going to watch The Queen in about ten minutes, but I think this will do. Does anyone else love this movie?
  3. Well, it was good enough that the rent is still more than covered. (Yes, I know that was sarcasm, but alas.)
  4. I rather enjoyed the new Stepford Wives. Rather ridiculous, yes, but still very entertaining with its friskiness and what not. But I am with you on Planet of the Apes.
  5. This is one I think about often. I know some movies you just can't top, but then there are some that I'd love to see interpreted through today's techniques. One I would love to see remade is Since You Went Away with Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple. It would be a great one if it were still about World War Two, but I also wonder would it would look like if it were about the war in Iraq. Its a great story that I think could carry throughout the generations very well. Possibly one of the first things to make me think of this was when I saw Home of the Brave and thou
  6. I might do that! I'm pretty stoked, I just downloaded the Joseph Cotten screensaver. I love that guy!
  7. I actually thought about doing that but decided not to simply because I'm not an expert and figure I would lose. But now it just sounds fun.
  8. I came in one the end of the last one that played. About the son of a gun who picks on uncle sam. And I keep going back and forth on the one thats playing. I normally don't like to do that on classic movies I haven't seen. But, thus is the fate of an a.d.d. kid.
  9. Just saying hi. I absolutely love old movies (though I'd hardly call myself an expert), and I've been meaning to get around to joining tcm.com. So hello, and I hope I have a lot of fun on here!
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