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  1. In the index of the TCM Guide for March, "The List Of Adrian Messenger"---one of my favorite movies--- is listed for 3/5, but this cannot be found on the inside pages for this date, nor for any other date during March. In addition, it's not listed in the TCM site online schedule. This movie has rarely, if ever, been shown on TCM. Anybody know why it was pulled from the schedule?
  2. Same problem here! HATE this new site! PLEASE bring back the old site!!!
  3. While watching "Virtue" this AM, I noticed that during the first minute or so of the movie (right after the opening credits) my TV screen was totally black....i.e.---NO PICTURE at all. Can someone who has seen this movie prior to today please answer the following question for me: Was that deliberately filmed that way, or was this a TCM glitch, or possibly a screw-up from my cable company? THANKS A LOT for your help!
  4. WOW!!! Saw "Skyscraper Souls" for the first time last night! (Accidentally missed it when TCM showed it 2 summers ago, & I've been bitching about it ever since!) ULTRA Pre-Code....I'd say it's right up there with "Red Dust"! "Skyscraper Souls", however, is SO RELEVANT to today's times, especially with the manipulation of the Stock Market, that this movie could have just as well been made THIS YEAR!
  5. THE DAY THEY ROBBED THE BANK OF ENGLAND.......GREAT movie! And to think, that during all those Geometry & Calculus courses that I used to sit through in high school & college, I would wonder, "What in the world will I EVER need that stuff for?" Well, NOW I know!!!
  6. Yep....grew up in Brooklyn, & got into SO MUCH GREAT STUFF on Channel 9's Million Dollar Movie! Used to watch some of those movies 12-15 times per week, as they ran the same film 3X per night, Monday through Friday. Other favorites from that series, along w/those you mentioned, were Hold That Ghost, Keep 'Em Flying, House On Haunted Hill, & The Jolson Story. By the end of the week, my brother & I had these scripts fully memorized! What FUN times!!! Edited by: oldgangstersnoirnut on Aug 23, 2010 1:06 AM
  7. To Fred C. Dobbs & others, regarding the price of the Charlie Chan 20th Century Fox Boxed Sets: Amazon.com currently has those boxes, Sets 1-5, each priced at $25 & change! Also, the TCM collection is currently $28.49! Hope this helps you!
  8. I'm hoping for the following movies, which have, seemingly, disappeared from the face of the earth: 1) The Accused (1948, w/Loretta Young; GREAT Noir-Type Thriller!) 2) The Pride Of St. Louis (1952, w/Dan Dailey playing the great Dizzy Dean!) 3) Employees' Entrance (1933, w/Loretta Young; SUPER Pre-Code!) 4) Skyscraper Souls (1932, w/Warren William; QUITE RISQUE Pre-Code!) .......and so many more rarely-shown great movies!
  9. Funny you should ask, as I just went to this site to ask the same thing!
  10. Take notice, though, that on some of the most recent releases (3/2/10), they've done away with those generic case covers, & are now using some original movie poster artwork. NICE!!!
  11. Well, folks, it is now 7:33 AM here in south central PA, & STILL no May schedule posted! My wife is telling me to "get a life", but who can REALLY understand the mind of a fanatic other than another fanatic! To quote the great Tom Petty, "The WAITING is the hardest part".
  12. Anyone have a clue when this box-set will be out? I just called Amazon, as it was scheduled to be out on Nov. 3, '09, the same date that VOL. 1 was released, but they had no update. I also checked the sonypictures.com website, but no info. there either. Any fellow fanatics out there know anything about this release date? THANKS!!!
  13. Yes, the anticipation & suspense is driving me nuts! However, as I just posted in the similar thread that I began a few days ago (see "Information, Please!"), my guess is that TCM is putting heavy concentration & prep. toward the April Hollywood Classic Film Festival. A valid excuse, I feel.
  14. Yes, it IS pretty late. My guess is that a lot of time & personnel is being used for the planning of the April TCM Hollywood Festival, which I can certainly understand.
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