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  1. I admit I am not familiar with classical music. If only they had names instead of numbers. But does anyone know the name of the opening song on Too Young to Kiss, as well as the same song on the piano that Greer Garson plays in both That Forsyte Woman and Desire Me? Thank you - forever grateful!
  2. Oh TCM, we go way back, you and I. As the decades flow by, I realize that your programming is changing, too. But when the change becomes so great, sometimes that means a few off your viewers will drop off. For this small voice out here in the intangible space of internet, I may stand in a very small group indeed. For I prefer the rich depths of movies from the 30s and 40s. Some of the 50s movies are ok but anything after that is not my cup of soy latte. As we watch our main host, Robert Osborne, begin to show the passage of time, I realize our connection with that golden age of enter
  3. Wooooo, another noir movie I don't think I've watched -- big thanks!!! I really loved Edmond O'Brien in D.O.A. -- mega cool movie! Best wishes!
  4. Thank you so much! How sweet of you to explain the beginning to me! Have a classic noir kind of evening!
  5. Hi there Noir fans, I am watching He Ran All the Way right now, but we missed the first 15 or 20 minutes of the movie while my dh was watching another channel. I have the sads because I do not know how this movie started. Can anyone help me out by explaining the first part? I tried to click on notify me when it plays again, but the message said it is not scheduled to play again. Double sads. With thanks, Rosy
  6. Please add me to the gajillions of Mr. Garner's fans who just love his acting, his personality, his looks, and his accent. I also love his loyal love to his wife and family. Big thank you to TCM for playing his movies today and in the future. aloha
  7. Does TCM ever show Mirage starring Gregory Peck, Diane Baker and Walter Matthau? It's supposed to be a fairly good suspense, from 1965. I've never seen it and would love to!
  8. "Julie" with Doris Day and Louis Jourdan Oh, how I wish. It isn't even scheduled on TCM It's been recommended, so maybe someday it will play again...
  9. OMG, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for TCM to release this movie on DVD.... I keep on checking, and checking and rechecking. PLEASE??? Searching online only results in used VHS tapes, a few of them, starting at $25.00 up to $100!!! At the least, would TCM please feature Doris Day 'Day' and play both Julie and Midnight Lace? PLEASE???? I feel like I am going through withdrawals not having access to these two movies, so please realize there may be thousands of others who want these as badly as I do. I really hope SOMEONE reads and acts on this request Thanks, Kon
  10. Hi, I don't know the name of the song that TCM used last year for the memorium dedicated to the movie and theater persons who had passed that year, but if you could help me find out the title to the song, I would be ever so grateful!!! Best wishes and aloha, SitkaKonaRose
  11. I wish I could be quick-witted, just like I always wished I could be tall, thin, gorgeous legs that are tan and go on forever, real-blond, beautiful and intelligent. Ain't gonna happen in this life ) So I am content to be 5'2" brunette, and a wee-bit 'fluffy.' (curvy) But I'll keep working on the witty part!
  12. Yipeeeeeee! Thanks for the listings, and everyone's assistance. Life is sweet! Mahalo nui loa to all and may warm weather return to you all soon.
  13. Well, you are correct. All my life, I could never decide which 'box' to check when filling out an application: cauc-asian, asian, latino, black.... etc. Where do we, who do not fit into a box, place a check mark? I am 50% Japanese, and 50% Portuguese. So I never did like having to 'choose' one of the boxes - it always made me feel like I didn't quite fit - anywhere but here in Hawai'i, where there are so many of 'us' 1/2 asian, 1/2 latino. So until a word is developed that fits respectfully and esthetically to describe us, we can choose' multi-ethnic' for now. I am grateful that this box is
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