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  1. Hi Antonia! This is really quite amazing! Carla is a wonderful woman and this interview is quite stimulating...
  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!! This is an incredible site!!! You are the best!
  3. First, don't get excited; I merely have a question to ask. With the new release coming up for Wizard of Oz, I was wondering if anyone knew about a 75th Anniversary GWTW being released as well. I know some folks on these boards are sick of the re-releases of these films, but I purposely passed on the 70th Anniversary set a few years ago thinking that the 75th will be THAT much better. Thanks
  4. The film is Escape (1940). Wonderful espionage film. If you like this one, check out The Mortal Storm (1940)
  5. The film is Slightly Dangerous (1943) with Lana Turner. Very fun film wich has always been a favorite of mine.
  6. My prayers go out to the friend's and family of Kyle. He will be deeply missed...
  7. 1938 is one of my favorite years! 1. The Mad Miss Manton 2. Paradise for Three 3. Test Pilot 4. You Can't Take it With You 5. Holiday 6. Young Dr. Kildare 7. Merrily We Live 8. Love Finds Andy Hardy 9. Four's A Crowd 10. Listen, Darling
  8. Hi Everyone! It's been a while...Capuchin- great job with the challenge thus far! I wish I could have participated this time but life's got in the way Wonderful schedule's so far everyone...keep up the good work. TCM Programmers have a lot to be thankful for. Audreyforever
  9. I was looking at the Andy Hardy Collection to purchase and i noticed that the cover art indicates it is packaged in a single DVD case. Can anyone tell me why that is? I remember it used to be in a boxset.
  10. Any word of a ANDY HARDY Volume 2 coming out this Christmas?
  11. Just picked up the Busby Berkeley 9-disc collection on Amazon for $29, over 50% off it's original listing of $60.
  12. Why in the world would they release WIZARD next year and not 2014 when it is 75 years old???
  13. You should read my review of this film! One of my favorites!!! http://classicfilmsdelight.blogspot.com
  14. Congrats Capuchin! Excellent job...it will be an amazing day when TCM programs your schedule!!!
  15. Outstanding job TCM Programmers!!! Very excited about those snowy days where I can realx and enjoy festive films and especiallyStanwyck as SOTM Speaking of which, where's Eugenia on this one?? ?:|
  16. All of these schdules are unique and terrific in their own way...i really hope everone votes or at least sees these schdules
  17. Can't think of a list off the top of my head, but he's probably my favorite actor who didn't make a name for himself until after the demise of the studio system.
  18. Thanks for the kind words Capuchin! What a great lineup of schedules we have...I would give anything for TCM to just use a month or two using these schedules
  19. Notes on Audreyforever’s Schedule: Sunday: I have always been fascinated with the American Revolution, so I decided to give a tribute to it. Included in the tribute are the great WB short subjects about the founding fathers and the founding of this great nation. Secretaries are the spotlight Sunday night, focusing on the screwball side to the women’s occupation. Monday: Stewart Granger is one of my favorites, and so there wasn’t a better time to give him a tribute than on his centennial. Featured throughout the day are his swashbuckling films at MGM and some of his wes
  20. Audreyforever's Schedule: Week of May 5th-11th, 2013 Star of the Month: Maureen O'Sullivan Spotlight: Hail Columbia! Silent Sunday Nights: The Social Secretary (1916) TCM Imports: Le Jour Se Leve (1939) TCM Underground: Putney Swope (1969) The Essentials: Humoresque (1946) Premieres: 1. The Time of Their Lives (1946) 2. The Social Secretary (1916) 3. Criminals of the Air (1937)* 4. Lazybones (1925) 5. Three Cheers for Love (1936) *5th Columbia Premiere Columbia Premieres: 1. Attorney for the Defense (1932) 2. Counsel for Crime (1937) 3
  21. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote} > Good list. I would upgrade THE AWFUL TRUTH and downgrade THE LADY EVE. I would seriously downgrade MY MAN GODFREY, which I didn't like at all. Would the latter-day WHAT'S UP, DOC? be eligible for this list? i don't see why not...is that a Woody Allen film? I love his movies. As for The Awful Truth, know that I look at it I agree with you...it should be something like #4 or #5
  22. Idk about you Lazyking, but Bogie's my favorite B-) I've never cared for Franklin Pangborn...too stuffed up
  23. I love this year's SUTS site...they've always been unique, but this one is very classy
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