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  1. I wish the programmers would air a star's movies in chronological order so we can see the progression of his or her career. The schedule seems so slap-dash and random. I understand we'd want to feature their best or most popular movie during primetime, but the rest if the day could be ordered.
  2. Eddie's dark humor solidifies his claim to the title Czar of Noir. Just heard him him end his intro to Road Block, "...watch beefy Charles McGraw get tenderized by Joan Dixon." Can we give him a few slow claps? ???
  3. Everyone know Eddie is the Czar of Noir but it is his dark humor that sold me on his title. He just ended his intro. to Road Block with "watch beefy Charles McGraw get tenderized by Joan Dixon." Can we just give a few slow claps for that line? ???
  4. So TCM has Elvis Day every year- his birthday, anniversary of his death, and "...Under the Stars." His best was the dramatic "Love Me Tender." How about showing it sometime? Even he hated the insipid musicals he was forced to do.
  5. "I'm no fool, no siree. I'm gonna live to be ninety-three...." Dargo, If we are talking Disney educational films, 'Donald Duck in Math Magicland' was great. It really helped me learn some basic geometry as a child in the late 60s early 70s. Watch for it, too.
  6. TikiSoo, We had vhs but we liked gathering all the third graders in the auditorium for a real movie experience. Big screen and all of that. Don't try to figure out the whys and why-nots. These kids, I mean apes, watched their friends being smashed up and still kept ongoing to the picnic. It's just too fun, right? .........Right.
  7. This is a film to which I had access as a new teacher in 1988. We still used projectors and films. My third grade teaching team would show this every year and last our fool heads off. We also showed Cafeteria Manners that PeeWee Herman brought back on his Playhouse show. Gotta love educational films of the 60s-70s!!
  8. The TCM site for this had no cast credits. Annie sure looks like Kathleen Freeman to me! Davisdoll
  9. I agree!! Let's lobby TCM for Alan Hale Day this August!! D.D. I'm humblin' myself before ya', Pres.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I love those two mugs. You confused me since "They Drive by Night" starred Boogie and G. Raft with Alan Hale. 'Sad to think they hated Ida since she was such a guy's gal. D.D. Be my best friend; leave, NOW.
  11. Errol Flynn and Alan Hale made so many movies together. What's up with that? I wonder if it was some kind of contract demand by Flynn. Any ideas? What a team! D.D. I'd love to kiss ya' but I just washed my hair.
  12. Great job, Mongo! Loved your choice. Keep up your b-day salutes. Bette I'd love to kiss ya', but I just washed my hair.
  13. YOUNG Theresa and John (Too EZ Kurt and Rosalind)
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