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  1. Ken Berry and Alan Ladd?
  2. Yes, indeed. I love the episode with Redford and Gladys Cooper.
  3. I hadn't realized he was in so many TV shows! Good list. ++++++++ Next: Jack Klugman Robert Redford Gladys Cooper Ann Blyth Jonathan Winters
  4. "Give your Auntie Mame a big kiss!!" ****** Next
  5. Bea Arthur ***** Next: The Proposal (2009) Lake Placid (1999) The Story of Us (1999) Hard Rain (1998) Advise & Consent (1962)
  6. Robert Urich? ( Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is the TV show not the movie. Clever!)
  7. That's it! Nicely done--your turn, TB
  8. Thanks Terrence. (It's tricky to come up with a list that's not too easy or too hard!) +++++ Let's try this one: Ed Asner Lloyd Bridges John Amos Lou Gossett, Jr. Robert Reed
  9. Yep, I was going for Mike Mazurki. Interesting, I hadn't noticed that a Sam Harris was in them all too. Sorry about that!
  10. Ronald Shiner was in Caesar and Cleopatra with Flora Robson
  11. Savannah Smiles (1982)
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