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Everything posted by Peebs

  1. Rawlston, Abby-- Maureen O'Sullivan in Maisie was a Lady (1941)
  2. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) O'Sullivan & Mia Farrow Next: Cider House Rules (2000) Michael Caine's two Oscar winning performances
  3. Alan Rickman (just announced that his diaries will be published) Next: animal lover
  4. Is it Ray Walston in My Favorite Martian with Bill Bixby?
  5. Joan Hackett was in The Last of Sheila with James Mason who was The Verdict with Paul Newman Next: George Hamilton
  6. Dr. No (a big spider crawls up James Bond in bed) Next: snake
  7. Annabelle's Affairs (1931) one reel survives Chasing Rainbows (1930) black and white portion survives but Technicolor sequences are lost
  8. This is just a crazy guess, is it something with Carole Lombard? Maybe My Man Godfrey?
  9. (Good point, not many guys named "Cary" out there. Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride? Kerry Wood pitched for the Cubs.) Richard Harris born in Limerick, Ireland Next: Scottish
  10. Moscow on the Hudson Next: more about immigrants coming to America
  11. Kingship, Dorothy -- Joanne Woodward in A Kiss Before Dying
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