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  1. Okay, here's my list. Somebody made a good point about the definition of a cult film being a film that wasn't initially popular on release but that developed a devoted following afterwards. I think that's a good definition, although I disagree with the writer's conclusion that Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn't qualify because it was popular when released. My recollection is that it was _not_ very popular when first released. According to Wikipedia (which admittedly is not always right): "The film opened in the US at the UA Theatre in Westwood, California on 26 September 1975. It did well at t
  2. You say it was "set in the 20s" but when was it _made_? Any idea of range of years? B&W or color? Name any of the actors?
  3. I haven't seen it yet and after reading the reviews I feel quite content to wait until it makes it to HBO or something. Even then I will probably grit my teeth watching it because it already seems clear that this was another screwed-up re-make. Of course, you kind of know that the odds of achieving greatness aren't very good when they cast Keanu Reeves to play the smartest guy in the film. I agree with the last writer: If you're going to re-make a great film, you need to go all out and you better have an outstanding script and great performances. A mediocre or "okay" re-make of a great f
  4. I agree that this is a very good list but I think that there's a better line from the 1931 version of Dracula: "I never drink . . . wine."
  5. Whoops! I guess most of the films on my list weren't made during the last 25 years. I should have read the thread title more carefully! No wonder they weren't mentioned. Sorry! Message was edited by: RichfromCarbondale
  6. Well, of course Rocky Horror Picture Show was considered a cult film but maybe that's too obvious now because it became such a phenomenon. Here's a few others worthy of consideration that haven't been mentioned yet: Harold and Maude Plan 9 From Outer Space (of course!) Glen or Glenda? Vampire Circus (Hammer film from '72 I believe) Mars Needs Women! Santa Claus Versus the Martians Angry Red Planet Attack of the Crab Monsters Eraser Head (I suppose any David Lynch film qualifies but this one put him on the map) Freaks Devil Girl from Mars In the Company of Wolves Amazon Wom
  7. I agree with both of you. Describing Vera-Ellen as a mediocre dancer? That's absurd; like calling Frank Sinatra an average singer. Vera-Ellen was a tremendously skilled, athletic dancer, always a joy to watch. In fact, her dancing skills were her forte; it's been said that the studios weren't interested in casting her in other roles (which is unfortunate, since she was probably underrated as an actress). She was a dancer on Broadway and a Rockette before making it to Hollywood. It's unfortunate that her career was a little shorter than some of the other greats but I would certainly include he
  8. My Top 10, not necessarily in order: West Side Story Bye Bye Birdy South Pacific Singing in the Rain Sound of Music White Christmas An American in Paris That's Entertainment, I and II That's Dancing I realize that some may not regard the last 3 selections as true musicals, since they are compendiums or whatever -- but to me, showcasing the best selections from the best musicals made them immensely entertaining. And since they are movies featuring song and dance, well, that makes them musicals, right?
  9. Oh, I just remembered another one: Castle of Terror, a/k/a Castle of Blood made in 1964, with the beautiful Barbara Steele at her seductive best. Kind of a "B" horror flick but a rather good one I recall. Or at least Barbara made it worth watching if nothing else.
  10. There was another "The Old Dark House" made in 1963 with Tom Poston, more comedy than horror in the same vein as some of the other films mentioned. I remember seeing the film in the theater when I was a kid and enjoying it quite a bit, but I was 8 at the time so I can't exactly call that a strong recommendation.
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