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  1. Hey there all you Kate Hepburn fans! If you had the one chance in your life to meet her...what would you say/ask? It can be about anything but please keep it clean and respectful because you are dealing with die - hard Kate fans.
  2. OK...who is as excited for the DVD of A Star Is Born as I am? That is my favorite movie in the entire world. Judy Garland couldn't be more perfect. Whenever she opens her mouth weather talking or singing, she is an opus! I love her. I am 13 and her pictures are all over my walls. I don't like modern music whatsoever or movies. Give me Judy, Lucy, Kate, Ginger, June, Ingrid any day. I am a devoted fan. Anyone else? -LucyDesiJunieKate-
  3. I never thought about that...I am such i huge fan of hers that I wouldn't be able to tell her how much i loved her, I would just faint the minute I saw her!
  4. Yes...I would have to agree that I would probably be too star struck...but i guess that doesn't really matter...cus i think that this is the closest that we can get to asking her questions. The Long Long Trailer is my all time favorite too and it would be interesting to see which I Love Lucy episode she enjoyed more than others. KEEP IT UP!!!
  5. Yes I think that one is it! Oh my gosh...you are so nice to do that for me! Thanks so much!
  6. Ok I have a question on the title of an I Love Lucy episode. It is when Lucy is outside on the ledge and she is overhearing something that is making her really mad. It's not the one when her and Ethel are pretending to be painters painting the side of the building. It you could tell me that would be great! Thanks!
  7. Well... Lucille Ball June Allyson Katharine Hepburn Humphrey Bogart Doris Day William Holden Audrey Hepburn Margaret O'Brien Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers Gene Kelly I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! Message was edited by: LucyDesiJunieKate
  8. Hey there all of you Judy Garland fans! I have a job for you! If you could ask Judy Garland a question, what would you say? It can be from her singing, movie partners, childhood, or just plain anything you can think of! I also have a couple of other threads and they are....If you could ask...June Allyson...Fred Astaire...in the musical section...and Katharine Hepburn in the romantic comedies...and Lucille Ball in the comedies. Thanks for replying!
  9. I have seen Lured and it is really exciting. I have also seen Without Love and Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Keenan Wynn add a special touch to that movie's charm. I have heard that Five Came Back is great and I hope to see it sometime or another!
  10. Yes! The Long Long Trailer is my favorite Lucille Ball movie too! Infact...that is my favorite movie of all time! Bablefish.....what did you mean by the spy radio through her teeth????
  11. Ok, if any of you can tell me the name of this I Love Lucy episode, I will be eternally greatful! It is when Lucy is trying to make something out of dough like a pizza. And she throws it up in the air to flip it but it lands on her head. Then Ricky comes and finds out that it was her. Does anyone know what the name of it is? Please tell me here! Thanks so much!
  12. I would have to say Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and June Allyson and Peter Lawford! I love them all!
  13. Thanks, I'm glad that I make this post fun! Does anyone have any favorite Lucille Ball movies? If you do share them here!
  14. I think that My Man Godfrey is one of my favorites too! Some other ones are Bringing up Baby, Meet Me in St. Louis, You Can't Run Away from It, and The Fuller Brush Girl! Vintage movies are one of my favorite things in the universe and I hope that people never forget them, lose them, or stop caring! God bless you TCM and thanks for all you do!
  15. Hey there all you Fred Astaire fans!!!!! I have a job for you! Answer this question: If you could ask Fred Astaire a question, wheat would you say? It can be anything, from his life as a child, his movies, or his dancing career!
  16. Yeah...Van Johnson only had a couple of lines. But now that he had become a big star, he is mentioned as one of the stars so that it would persuade other people to watch it. Thanks again Terrance for the awesome trivia!
  17. Actually yes...I totally forgot about "Too Many Girls"! And yeah the set is where they first met!
  18. It could be June Allyson but I am not quite sure. I hope this helps!
  19. Yeah...I don't undertand that...they put her in so many wondeful movies, yet they never thought of her as a big "A MOVIE" star...I think that "I Love Lucy" was her big break, and Desi Arnaz's also. It was always their dream to make a TV show or movie with each other and their dream came true. Message was edited by: LucyDesiJunieKate
  20. That is a good question...you are right...it took them a really long time to figure out that she could do wonders, weather it was comedy, romance, or drama. She was great and she will always be remembered.
  21. Terrance...there is another one of my threads in the romantic comedy forum and it is titled "If You Could Ask Katharine Hepurn A Question" and no one has replied to it and if you have any good info on her than can u please post it so that other viewers can see...thanks again and I am glad that i made your day.
  22. Wow! That is a cool question! A New York City girl liking a small town is kind of hard to believe, but I think that she was so much in love that it didn't matter if it was Hollywood or Little Rock.
  23. Yes your right I am sorry I know who you are talking about and I get them mixed up all the time. Thanks for clearing it up for me!
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