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  1. Moved this thread to general discussions. I do hope the problem may have resolved itself as it could have been the cable company. The thread you originally posted this in is for Technical questions concerning the message boards. Have a great day.
  2. Thank you for spotting that. I will make sure to get the message out to the appropriate people and get it fixed as soon as possible. EDIT: Checked it out and it appears to have been fixed already. Message was edited by: TCM_Renee
  3. D'Artagnan - Gene Kelly in *The Three Musketeers* - 1948
  4. Zach Galligan (Sorry, he's not an older actor, but "Z" is a bit difficult for me)
  5. Sometimes there's a glitch in the server causing posts to not generate. High traffic volumes can also cause things to go quirky. Glad you're here now. And true, AWESOME pics!
  6. Both my mom and dad love to buy older movies on DVD. I have found eBay to also be a good source for finding movies that are hard to find for purchase as well.
  7. Oh, I'm in agreement with you. I'm a member of other sites where there is allowed a signature picture that appears beneath each post. It would take forever for your computer to load (used to have dial-up). I know about the width being stretched and such too.
  8. Bambi (have Thumper tattooed on my ankle) Cinderella The Jungle Book
  9. Being a very big Star Wars fan, maybe I can shed some light on this. Lucas did write the story on paper, maybe not in novel form, but he was extremely familiar with the vision he had for the basis of the story. Heck, is wasn't Skywalker at first but Starkiller. But I believe that he knew before hand that Leia and Luke were brother and sister, however, the general audience didn't. And to keep with the drama of a possible relationship, he kept them guessing until the end of Empire Strikes Back when the infamous line from Yoda is announced "there is another" and everyone and their mother w
  10. Oh, I had the honor of seeing Red Skelton on stage at the Fox Theatre in the early 90's. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing so hard. The comedy then was harsh with Sam Kinison and Eddie Murphy and Andrew Dice Clay. They were more foul mouthed than anything and this was so refreshing to see. I have some VHS tapes of his routines, but to see the pantomimes live? Oh dear god, my sides nearly split.
  11. When my grandmother was alive, I used to watch old movie with her and he was one of her favorites and now I miss watching him because I'd like to revisit the laughs I heard.
  12. Boy, I may get some really bad slack for this. I whole-heartedly agree that Peter Seller *is* Jacques Clouseau and always will be. I enjoyed him in all the films, I really did. Buuuut, since they DID remake them and we just went and saw the second Pink Panther movie, I have to admit that I'm glad they chose Steve Martin. His humor in the second film is FAAAAR better than in the first one because they concentrated too much on trying the "same" stunts. It was a bit boring to watch. But, the second one I found to be hilarious with a little more originality. That's just a persona
  13. I could be here all day naming 80's movies. I grew up in the 70's and 80's so yeah, the list could on for days. >> But here are favs: The Empire Strikes Back(1980) Return of the Jedi(1983) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) E.T. The Extra Terrestrial(1982) Friday the 13th(1980) Nightmare on Elm Street(1984) Better Off Dead(1985) Who Framed Roger Rabbit(1988) GhostBusters(1984) GhostBusters II(1989) The Outsiders(1983) Karate Kid(1984) Dirty Dancing(1987)
  14. >{quote:title=johnm_001 wrote:}{quote} >The worst are Jaws 3D (as it was called when released) OMG, I was going to say the same thing! I really enjoyed Bolt in 3D.
  15. Orson Welles was in Ferry to Hong Kong with *Sylvia Syms*
  16. I think a "How To" section would be most beneficial to all members including newbies (like myself) to this style of format for these boards. You are so knowledgeable in your instructions Fred. I could see someone asking you to possibly work on a How To section in this area for those that need it. Nicely done. I have Photoshop and if anyone knows you can resize a photo there easily. But I had no idea about the other way. Also Tinypic is good, but there are others out there like Image Shack and Photobucket as well. Just an FYI.
  17. I think it would be neat to just sit with them quietly at home and talk like old friends. But also being a parent, I sure wouldn't want my kids exposed to the public knowing the paparazzi are everywhere and weird people too. It would be really nice to be able to talk to the relatives of these celebrities though.
  18. What an amazing acting job Heath Ledger performed in Batman. I really do hope he wins the Oscar, he really deserves it this year. It would be a tremendous honor as well for them to recognize this even if he's passed on. But, to the subject at hand. I saw the title and went, Christian Bale? Then saw it was Val Kilmer. He was a much better Doc Holliday than Batman. I actually thought he was terrible as Bruce Wayne. All of the actors chosen for the Batman role were terrible, except Christian. Ah, just an opinion. But, I'm not surprised to see an actor running for governor.
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