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  1. Well, I assume most everyone here is familiar with Noel Coward's alleged comment about Claudette's lack of a neck. I am guessing the short, upswept hairstyle she sported throughout her career helped show her neck as much as possible, and long hair would've made her look completely ... well, neckless. There's one Web page I found that dwells almost entirely on her control issues. How much of it is true and how much is legend is probably another discussion: http://www.paperdollywood.com/movie_star_bios/claudette_colbert.html So, Cher, there you go.
  2. I must say my jaw dropped a bit during Cher's discussion of Claudette Colbert. I thought has she not seen Midnight?
  3. Well I'm laughing. I thought "What a delightful thread, about an actress who'd never registered with me before." I also thought with a name like Estelle Mayce, it's little wonder she wasn't a bigger star. And I really wanted to see VICIOUS GRANDMA. Good one!
  4. I can understand why, when you've got Shirley Bassey to appear, they decided to do only "Goldfinger" -- and let her do the whole darned thing. But I just want to say on this thread that I also happen to love her on "Diamonds are Forever." I also love Herb Alpert's "Casino Royale," Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better," Nancy Sinatra's "You Only Live Twice," and several others I'd love to see in a Bond Medley someday. ----- As for Jennifer Lawrence on E! in the pressroom right after the awards, I thought she was hilarious, especially given the inane questions being asked. Maybe the journalists were kidding right along with her, but from what I've seen of the pressroom in the past the journalists ask inane questions in all sincerity. ----- And say what you will about Seth, the segment I didn't get was the five guys from The Avengers, who seemed way underrehearsed. That's the point I thought the whole show came to a dead stop, and then had a bit of a hard time regaining momentum.
  5. LOL. And it's started, already on Day 1, the whining, the carping, the labeling it as possibly "a necessary evil." I'm a half-full kind of guy. I see it as a necessary opportunity, during which a lot of young people get a chance in a compressed period to catch up on a lot of great work. And some of those people will be turned on and join us in these message board conversations someday. I'll get to the gym more this month, and I'll watch some other shows I don't normally watch, but I'll come back to TCM to revisit some favorites and am looking forward to catching some less-seen titles as well. So there!
  6. Most of it's OK, but there's a couple of jarring spots. Not crazy about Chaplin's own "I'm Bound for Texas" song and the frantic scoring from around the 16-18 minute mark. But I guess this is the official soundtrack.
  7. I hated "Take My Breath Away"'s Oscar win because I hate the way the title sits/scans on the accompanying notes ("you take my breath uh-uh-way" violates basic songwriting rules, and not in a good way). I don't dislike the song "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" but hate the way it's shoehorned into the movie just for an Oscar nomination. The 60's Bachrach/David/New York pop sound also seems shoehorned onto the period the film's set in. Soundtracks are one thing; songs inserted into a film either as scoring (as this is) or sung by a character in a film (when the song itself is out of period) are another level of egregiousness. The song Dorothy Provine sings in "The Great Race" isn't a bad song, but seems way more 50s/60s than from the late 19th century. I agree with the poster who said some songs cited are not so much bad songs as they were songs the public got sick of by being overplayed. It's kind of the opposite topic, but there have been plenty of catchy title songs that accompanied B- or C-level movies, such as "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes," or "the House of Seven Joys" from "The Wrecking Crew."
  8. This post made me laugh. I was just entering my teens when this movie came out and "Atta boy, Luther!" and a few other moments just cracked me up for days. This movie is still a huge guilty pleasure. And now the Vic Mizzy comment below adds another smile. Sounds like a fun group of people to have worked with.
  9. Thanks. In thinking about it further I'd guess the girl doing that number was around 11 or 12 and if Betty was born in 1921 she'd only be 9 when this was made, so probably not likely. But it sure was striking all of a sudden.
  10. This musical short featuring the "Vitaphone Kiddies" was shown in the middle of the Baby Peggy festival last night (which was great, by the way). It's usually coupled up with a Judy Garland movie since the Gumm Sisters are in it, and I've seen it a couple of times before. But what struck me last night was the older girl who did a solo at around the 4:30 mark, and for the life of me at the end of it she sounded like Betty Hutton. Could that at all be possible? I couldn't find a cast list online of the kids with anyone but the Gumms.
  11. Some of us noted in a separate thread that in late August suddenly something happened with the Time Warner Cable system in the New York City area that blocked TCM, the Cartoon Network and Boomerang from being recorded on certain DVD recorders. As far as I know, none of us affected have been able to get a straight answer as to why this happened, but those three channels were part of the Turner network and are based in Atlanta. But then CNN is not similarly affected.
  12. Boss 1968 and I have had the same problem in NYC and he's followed up with Time Warner Cable and I never got around to it (thanks, Boss!, and a slap on the wrist to me). I did do a little Internet searching and found that apparently Sony machines are more sensitive than other brands to the encoding that prevents programs from being recorded. I've had the same problem with Cartoon Network as far as recording -- but the picture is not in a reduced aspect ratio like TCM (that is, no black bars surrounding the picture on all sides). I haven't bothered to check Boomerang to see if I can record there. CNN, also out of Atlanta, records just fine, over the air or on demand. I can't record anything off TCM or Cartoon Network with my Sony DVD recorder either over the air or on demand. I know how to change the way I view the picture on my screen so that it fills the display area -- that's not the issue. It's why, in late August, suddenly these two channels no longer worked the way they had before as far as recording/time shifting so that customers like Boss and I could enjoy the programming in our own homes without being tied down by the schedule. And whether there's a fix for it.
  13. The original post -- and mine -- were about what's happened in the New York City area in the past several weeks. Apparently's it's only a local issue since no one else has chimed in to say it's happened elsewhere. I also mentioned that my Sony DVD recorder was no longer recording any of the Turner stations. That had not been the case until the simultaneous recent onscreen, visible changes in the way TCM has been displayed with black bars on all four sides on most movies, regardless of format, plus the intros/outros. I have another DVD recorder from a different manufacturer attached to a TV in another room that continues to record TCM and the Cartoon Network just fine, so suggestions that I go buy another machine (including VHS) are nice but not helpful. Still, there have been many days when I've needed more than one machine to record movies I wanted to see/keep while I was at work and I don't have that option now. I haven't contacted TWC here about it, but I'll do so tonight. At least boss1968 and I know now it's most likely some change that's happened in the New York area and not from the Turner studios in Atlanta.
  14. I'm also in New York and a Time Warner Cable customer, and the same thing has happened to me. There are black bars on the sides for the intros and outros and most all of the movies, 4 x 3 frame or widescreen. It started towards the end of August. My Sony DVD recorder no longer records TCM for later viewing, or TCM's on demand movies. I also get "You cannot record copyright material" now for the Cartoon Network -- so apparently it's all the Turner stations (I haven't tried to record Boomerang). It's all very frustrating. Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Sep 4, 2012 12:37 AM
  15. I agree that TCM handles tributes to recently deceased performers very well. It's difficult to change programming on the spur of the moment without mobilizing a lot of people out of their normal routines into making these changes.
  16. I figured this was a glitch in the initial April schedule, but it's still posted as the running order just three days away. This Saturday morning, April 28, the second episode of The Perils of Pauline is listed as airing at noon (eastern), the third episode next, and THEN the first episode. Anyone know how this would make sense? Or is it a mistake?
  17. Yeah, my understanding about The Man from Uncle films that aired a few years back is that they were edited from multi-part TV storylines for showing in movie theaters -- probably mostly shown in drive-ins, but that's just a guess. But they were shown in theaters, not just on the tube, which is the difference. I'd be against this in principle as well without at least a similar caveat above.
  18. I wondered whether it was a VHS recording of an over-the-air telecast -- seriously, it had that much ghosting. I trust surely it was a goof, akin to when they mistakenly aired a version of Li'l Abner that showed the rigging of the sets at the top of the screen.
  19. I'd say just be patient because The Trouble with Angels will surely come around again. A few years ago I remember it played several times while I was thinking the opposite -- "Wish they'd play Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows..." And, yes, "scathingly brilliant idea" is a line a lot of people have appropriated from the original!
  20. LOL. Someone feels "sorry" for those of us who like Doris Day. Well I guess we've been told off!
  21. Antenna TV's been great. But the cartoons on "Totally Tuned In" have been sliced and diced. The Mister Magoos are not in original aspect ratio. Very frustrating.
  22. Two Gidget films on the 17th -- leaving me to continue wondering why "Gidget Goes to Rome," a Columbia film, never makes it onto the schedule. I guess it can be argued not this month because it's a beach movie only in passing. But -- someday? Pretty please? It's a guilty pleasure I'd love to see in letterbox in particular. Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Feb 3, 2012 1:12 PM
  23. I'm thrilled TCM is including it in Angela Lansbury Month! I hope no one objects that it "wasn't a theatrical movie."
  24. TCM's "Screened Out" festival was in June 2007 -- probably not long enough ago for them to consider programming a month of LGBT titles again without a major push such as a new book being released on the subject matter. As it was, Richard Barrios' book of the title was promoted that month and Richard made a great guest host with Robert introducing and commenting on that month's films. TCM.com used to have a page listing all the titles screened during that festival, but the page seems to have been removed. Three promotional videos are still on the site, however. In the search field in the upper right corner, click on "Site" and key in "Screened Out." June is traditionally a festival month focusing on race, ethnicity or other specific social category. Recent Junes have focused on Arab images, Asian images and Native American images. I've always found them fascinating and tremendously educational, although some guest hosts have a bit more to offer than others. The list that started off this thread is terrific -- some of them are scheduled with some frequency but many are completely unknown to me. Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Jan 12, 2012 4:51 PM
  25. The definition of "letterbox" appears to be getting stretched. Last night's "Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D." started out in true letterbox format, but as soon as the opening credits ended the picture changed to what appeared to be the 16 x 9 format to fit a flat-panel TV. I get that, by contract, some studios don't want TCM showing the original theatrical format, but to continue to call what happened to "Daleks" is somewhat misleading. And then "UFO" was billed as letterbox but the opening credits were in a 4 x 3 format that then also seemed to switch to 16 x 9. Aliens have taken over the definition of English words...???
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