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  1. I figured this was a glitch in the initial April schedule, but it's still posted as the running order just three days away. This Saturday morning, April 28, the second episode of The Perils of Pauline is listed as airing at noon (eastern), the third episode next, and THEN the first episode. Anyone know how this would make sense? Or is it a mistake?
  2. Yeah, my understanding about The Man from Uncle films that aired a few years back is that they were edited from multi-part TV storylines for showing in movie theaters -- probably mostly shown in drive-ins, but that's just a guess. But they were shown in theaters, not just on the tube, which is the difference. I'd be against this in principle as well without at least a similar caveat above.
  3. I wondered whether it was a VHS recording of an over-the-air telecast -- seriously, it had that much ghosting. I trust surely it was a goof, akin to when they mistakenly aired a version of Li'l Abner that showed the rigging of the sets at the top of the screen.
  4. I'd say just be patient because The Trouble with Angels will surely come around again. A few years ago I remember it played several times while I was thinking the opposite -- "Wish they'd play Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows..." And, yes, "scathingly brilliant idea" is a line a lot of people have appropriated from the original!
  5. LOL. Someone feels "sorry" for those of us who like Doris Day. Well I guess we've been told off!
  6. Antenna TV's been great. But the cartoons on "Totally Tuned In" have been sliced and diced. The Mister Magoos are not in original aspect ratio. Very frustrating.
  7. Two Gidget films on the 17th -- leaving me to continue wondering why "Gidget Goes to Rome," a Columbia film, never makes it onto the schedule. I guess it can be argued not this month because it's a beach movie only in passing. But -- someday? Pretty please? It's a guilty pleasure I'd love to see in letterbox in particular. Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Feb 3, 2012 1:12 PM
  8. I'm thrilled TCM is including it in Angela Lansbury Month! I hope no one objects that it "wasn't a theatrical movie."
  9. TCM's "Screened Out" festival was in June 2007 -- probably not long enough ago for them to consider programming a month of LGBT titles again without a major push such as a new book being released on the subject matter. As it was, Richard Barrios' book of the title was promoted that month and Richard made a great guest host with Robert introducing and commenting on that month's films. TCM.com used to have a page listing all the titles screened during that festival, but the page seems to have been removed. Three promotional videos are still on the site, however. In the search field in the u
  10. The definition of "letterbox" appears to be getting stretched. Last night's "Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D." started out in true letterbox format, but as soon as the opening credits ended the picture changed to what appeared to be the 16 x 9 format to fit a flat-panel TV. I get that, by contract, some studios don't want TCM showing the original theatrical format, but to continue to call what happened to "Daleks" is somewhat misleading. And then "UFO" was billed as letterbox but the opening credits were in a 4 x 3 format that then also seemed to switch to 16 x 9. Aliens have taken o
  11. I agree -- excellent job. Every year choices have to be made -- in four minutes they simply cannot include everyone who was in or contributed to a motion picture. There has been at least one instance when a particularly significant person died and they added him after that year's In Memoriam production first aired, but I can see that in general they would not do this. I thought this year's ending, with the "TCM Remembers" title appearing again to delay one's expectation ("Where's Liz?"), was particularly well done. Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Dec 21, 2011 10:23 AM Edited by: NewYorkGu
  12. I got home in time to catch "Rebel in Town" and I thought Ruth Roman was miscast -- looked a bit too old for the part, but then the same could have been said about John Payne. Still, it wasn't completely unknown in the 1870s for people appearing to be in their early to mid 40s to have a 10 year old. That was an interesting movie, with a band of outlaw brothers and their father operating on the outskirts of a town. I immediately thought of similarities with "The Big Country," and as it turns out "Rebel in Town" was from 1956 and "Big Country" from 1958. Will catch up with my time-dela
  13. Agree. She's nailed it. Totally relaxed, knows how to read and deliver a line and make it interesting, not moving her hands excessively, looks like she's enjoying it at the same time. A great choice for this holiday week.
  14. The aspect ratio made the film appear to have been shot for television. Anyone know?
  15. Life is bologna On day-old plain Wonder Bread Without Winona.
  16. Bob does delve into gossip every now and then. I think those quips are usually saved for his outros, Star of the Month, and when he has a guest programmer for a night or month-long festival.
  17. A shorter but similar discussion took place about a month ago regarding people who appreciate both Jean Gabin days and a month's look at Singing Cowboys. That broad overview is the type of thing I love about TCM. A bit off topic: I've been tickled to see Antenna TV showing The Three Stooges shorts the last several months, in as uncut versions as we're likely to get on television at the moment. Nothing disappointed me more than IFC's Stooges blocs where the shorts were interrupted not once but two, sometimes three times for commercials -- and when the shorts were onscreen the intrusive I
  18. It's been on Starz Cinema on occasion but I've never seen it in letterbox there either.
  19. Others have already answered this regarding license periods. My only other input is, "Compared to what? HBO? Starz? IFC? Showtime?" If a movie on TCM is shown twice within a month, that is a very rare exception. Yet most cable channels -- whether movie channels or original programming -- repeat their shows over and over and over, often within the same week. Yeah, we chuckle here about "North by Northwest" being aired what seems like 4 times a year, but even that's completely understandable for any number of reasons.
  20. LOL -- "Happy belching"! I caught the Cape Breton short and also was struck by Sydney's description as a farther-north Pittsburgh. The TravelTalks generally really show their age, both in faded color and some of the corny scriptwriting, but overall I find them fascinating. There is one of the Paris World's Fair, however, that looks very contemporary to me. The people, the views of the various exhibition pavilions -- I can imagine walking through that scene. UPDATE: I have literally just seen the schedule for tomorrow after typing the above (weird). "Paris on Parade" (1938) is schedul
  21. I'm just loving "Stand-In," airing as I type. I think it was 3 years ago I suggested it as a film to show -- glad it's finally made it!
  22. Not to take this thread's focus off Lucy, but I tried watching some of the sitcom episodes on Hallmark the other night and had to stop. Hallmark's intrusive station IDs and promo crawls completely ruined the viewing experience, and I didn't want my memories of "I Love Lucy" spoiled by it. More and more channels are getting worse and worse about this these days. IFC is the same way now -- and they even split up 15 minute Three Stooges shorts into three segments with commercial breaks! Well, I guess I can bring Lucy back into this. One of her most throw-away appearances was in one o
  23. Joan Blondell Day, for "Stand-In" alone. Love the casting sequence with the stage mother. Runners-up: Linda Darnell Day; Jean Gabin Day.
  24. I like this movie, too. I also like North by Northwest. I'm starting to feel like My Favorite Year is being scheduled as often as North by Northwest (coming up again in August!).
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