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  1. Her career was way too short to qualify for What a Character, but I have a soft spot for the early 60's teenager Trudi Ames, whose cheerfulness and ability with a sarcastic throwaway got her compared with Eve Arden. Her main appearances were in "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Gidget Goes to Rome" and aside from some television work she disappeared. I suddenly recall that Mary Wickes has been featured in the What a Character series. Can anyone confirm?
  2. Yes, Guy Kibbee and Cuddles have been featured, as has Beulah Bondi (I think Joan Cusack narrated that one). I like the suggestions so far, and add a vote from here for Iris Adrian. Disney kept giving her priceless little cameos well into her old age.
  3. Very glad to see the upcoming Merchant/Ivory festival! Particularly pleased to see some of the early films I don't know on the schedule, and that Howard's End, Remains of the Day and Maurice are included. I realize they can't show everything, but the omission of Slaves of New York means one of my few forays into locally-shot filmed extra work still won't be on TCM! Oh well, one of these days...
  4. Criticising little Ronnie Howard in "The Music Man"? Really? You don't get choked up even a little at the end when he's gushing over the cornet? And everyone looking at him who knows they've been scammed suddenly don't care anymore? Aww...
  5. Several thoughts: 1 - Thanks, tcmprogrammer, for the explanation about the cartoons. Simple as that -- "we goofed" -- and I think any reasonable person understands completely. I agree with the make-good request below, although I'd understand if before-the-month-is-out is too soon. Maybe later in the year a night when Bob could have Jack back for those shorts, and maybe discuss any feedback about this year's festival? 2 - Rodent Images (Mouse on the Moon); Avian Images (The Birds; The Cardinal). 3 - Now that I think about it, every Doris Day movie made satirizes caucasian protest
  6. Yeah, that Popeye short introduction was odd. No graceful way they could have edited that out, I guess? Bob and Jack made quite a point that it was offensive and Bob finally said, as he does, "Well, let's take a look" or "Well, let's see it." And then -- cut to the three films coming up later. I thought Turner had the rights to all old Popeye shorts since they run regularly on Cartoon Network and/or Boomerang, but maybe not.
  7. My best wishes to Bob as well, and I'm trying very hard not to speculate on what his surgery was for. We'll know someday, I expect. Robert Wagner's been fine and I was as startled as anyone to see him at 8 p.m., but he's a good choice for the first week since he's friends with Tab Hunter -- and GUNMAN'S WATCH got the night off to a rousing letterbox start. RIDE THE WILD SURF has been on TCM a number of times in the past, usually not prime time, but too bad it's not the letterbox version. RETURN TO TREASURE ISLAND, on as I type, is OK running in the background while multitasking but is a
  8. I'm annoyed. I printed the schedule new just a couple of days ago and was relying on it -- and of course it's still listed in the online schedule as starting at 10:30, not 10:18 or 10:20. I got home from a workout and turned on the TV at 10:29 thinking I was just in time and thought, "Dang!" Maybe the pre- and post-film discussions went long, but surely those were taped some weeks ago. It makes no sense that the online schedule as of five days ago couldn't be correct. Dang! Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Jul 5, 2011 11:52 PM
  9. I guess it could be worse. I'm surprised someone hasn't made a movie about people stuck in an airport waiting lounge. Oh, wait...
  10. "Ghidora, the Three-Headed Monster (TO BE DELETED)" I was terribly disappointed last night the actual movie title card didn't read that way. Talk about false advertising!
  11. Not only was it still listed that way in the schedule TCM sent to its subscribers a couple of days ago, it's listed that way on today's online schedule. LOL -- I figure when I watch the film tonight the title card is going to read "Ghidora, the Three Headed Monster (To Be Deleted)."
  12. Echoing what lzcutter just said. I love it when the schedules are up far in advance myself, but I can also be patient.
  13. Timing is everything. Farley Granger got only a few days of "TCM Remembers" tributes before another celebrity death, but Jackie Cooper is getting a well-deserved full week. I've never seen TCM overlap "TCM Remembers" spots for different people over the same days. Does anyone else recall?
  14. It just occurred to me that the oft-run "So You Want to Be in Pictures" Joe McDoakes short would be perfect for Ronald Colman day. I'm laughing at all the comments about "North by Northwest"'s possible position as the number one most-aired film on TCM. Would "So You Want to Be in Pictures" be the most-aired short?
  15. Hooray! "Stand-In" is finally scheduled on Joan Blondell Day! I'll surely post a reminder sometime around, oh, August 20th -- But the first time I saw the Shirley Temple satire is one of the few times my jaw literally dropped. And then I howled with laughter. Yes, I know it wasn't directed at Shirley herself as much as at stage mothers and the tendency of Hollywood to grind a good thing into the ground, but it was a refreshing lesson that there were no sacred cows in the mid 1930s either.
  16. Check your remote's menu -- or give us the brand and/or model number so someone can help -- and there is likely a sequence of buttons to push that changes the format displayed on the screen from letterbox (or envelope or widescreen) to full screen display or standard TV display. It may be you can search for instructions on the Internet using your brand and model number as well.
  17. I saw it a couple of times in the theater when I was young and parts of it are fun and parts are tedious (the mistaken identity sequence on the couch late in the movie just isn't funny enough -- and you can see Doris trying hard to make it work). I like seeing the parts set in Grand Central Terminal and out on the streets of late 1960s New York. I too was looking forwarding to a time-delay recording today while at work and I saw this morning before leaving the house it's been replaced by the equally patience-testing Tunnel of Love -- in this case Richard Widmark simply wasn't good casting
  18. Have you checked the settings on your TV to see whether that makes a difference? I'm dead set against TCM's ever changing its policy about showing letterbox format whenever possible. There are instances when they can't get access to the full letterbox format for showing and they will go ahead and air pan-and-scan -- particularly if it's a key film in a specific theme -- but it's rare. And for that, I really appreciate TCM.
  19. ...and the obvious joke here is "when you could SEE Veronica Lake's face." :-)
  20. I love "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" too. Can someone remind me about why she's never been given an Honorary Oscar? I feel like I've seen this fact lamented time and again but the award to her contemporary Eli Wallach this year -- and he certainly deserved it too -- brought this back up in my brain.
  21. Have to agree with FredCDobbs here, and I adore Ann Miller. (Male equivalent with loads of talent but strictly a supporting star: Gene Nelson.) I consider myself fortunate as a young teenager on a group trip to New York to have seen her on Broadway in "Mame." She was terrific and afterwards signed autographs like a champ outside the theater.
  22. Certain actors -- Stewart Granger, Ralph Bellamy, Joseph Cotton, Richard Widmark in supposed comedies -- not really appealing to me. Among women, June Allyson, Jane Wyman and Ruby Keeler. And TCM's recent Hal Roach Studios tribute exposed me at last to Harry Langdon, and I simply didn't find those shorts funny -- I guess he was successful because at the time there really wasn't much competition. But -- irritating! Except for "Some Like It Hot," Marilyn Monroe. Except for "Terms of Endearment" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Jack Nicholson.
  23. The link on the Print button in the April schedule takes you to a pdf of what's coming up in March. So that's a problem. I too miss the sentence descriptions of the films. But I'm glad we still have the top-billed stars, director, letterbox information, etc.
  24. I'm enjoying the Employees' Picks month already and looking forward to this Week 2. I must say, though, now whenever I have a bone to pick about some (usually human) error on the channel or this website, I know whose department and possibly who specifically to nail it on. It will be hard to get Millie De Chirico's name out of my mind whenever the monthly schedule lists an incorrect running time that doesn't get fixed until a few days before the air date. I've missed the ending of several films that way, most recently "Woman in the Dunes"... "Hey, Millie -- get on the stick!" LOL
  25. Two immediate thoughts on seeing the new weekly schedule layout. Anything that takes more clicks -- even one -- to see something is arguably not an improved layout. Second, I too miss the genre icons. I get that you can sort a list by genre, but when I print out the entire weekly schedule they're no longer there. I can see how they decided some changes were pluses, but was it really necessary to get rid of previously useful aspects of the old format? Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Mar 9, 2011 3:44 PM
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