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  1. Certain actors -- Stewart Granger, Ralph Bellamy, Joseph Cotton, Richard Widmark in supposed comedies -- not really appealing to me. Among women, June Allyson, Jane Wyman and Ruby Keeler. And TCM's recent Hal Roach Studios tribute exposed me at last to Harry Langdon, and I simply didn't find those shorts funny -- I guess he was successful because at the time there really wasn't much competition. But -- irritating! Except for "Some Like It Hot," Marilyn Monroe. Except for "Terms of Endearment" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Jack Nicholson.
  2. The link on the Print button in the April schedule takes you to a pdf of what's coming up in March. So that's a problem. I too miss the sentence descriptions of the films. But I'm glad we still have the top-billed stars, director, letterbox information, etc.
  3. I'm enjoying the Employees' Picks month already and looking forward to this Week 2. I must say, though, now whenever I have a bone to pick about some (usually human) error on the channel or this website, I know whose department and possibly who specifically to nail it on. It will be hard to get Millie De Chirico's name out of my mind whenever the monthly schedule lists an incorrect running time that doesn't get fixed until a few days before the air date. I've missed the ending of several films that way, most recently "Woman in the Dunes"... "Hey, Millie -- get on the stick!" LOL
  4. Two immediate thoughts on seeing the new weekly schedule layout. Anything that takes more clicks -- even one -- to see something is arguably not an improved layout. Second, I too miss the genre icons. I get that you can sort a list by genre, but when I print out the entire weekly schedule they're no longer there. I can see how they decided some changes were pluses, but was it really necessary to get rid of previously useful aspects of the old format? Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Mar 9, 2011 3:44 PM
  5. I have searched the Internet for "Emil" and my understanding is that it hasn't aired on TV since the 60s, including the Disney Channel. I'm happy to stand corrected if someone else knows differently.
  6. There's one Disney film that seems to be "lost" that I think would have little DVD market value but would be a perfect treat for something like the summer Funday Night at the Movies: Emil & The Detectives. Does anyone here know why that movie has been inaccessible for the past 50 odd years?
  7. "Here Comes the Navy" was on TCM just a year or two ago, maybe even more recently. I taped it -- and it's fun.
  8. Heck, any month that has Joan Davis titles is a treat for me. And I'm happy to see "An Eastern Westerner" in prime time. That was one of the titles I picked in the If-You-Could-Be-A-Guest-Programmer wish list thread!
  9. I'm happy we're moving on to other themes, but I'd say instead of burnt I'm thoroughly satisfied. Loved this year's large batch of premieres and caught up with a few films regularly shown but which I'd somehow not seen before. I will miss the intro graphics from this year's Oscar month and am curious to see which if any of the intros change tomorrow. The middle-of-the-night intros are now the oldest and probably due for a freshening up soon (I believe all the images are from "Killer's Kiss."). I also wouldn't mind if they changed both the audio and video for the Word of Mouth sequences.
  10. Aside from the 31 Days of Oscar point, I'm fine with the (so-far) judicious sprinkling of the best of more recent films because it's very difficult to see them anywhere else where they're not interrupted by commercials, or not in their original aspect ratio, or without intrusive graphic station ID bugs and "coming up" clutter. Yes, I know TCM doesn't/can't always show a film in its full letterbox format, but it appears they try their best.
  11. I see that they're back, too -- so thanks to those responsible for it!
  12. Since they rarely allow more than four films for a guest programmer, I've made one of them a short: film that is personally meaningful - "To Kill a Mockingbird" a film that deserves a wider audience - "Shoeshine" pure escapist entertainment - "Gidget Goes to Rome" a favorite artist in a standout role - Harold Lloyd in "An Eastern Westerner" a favorite work of a favorite director - Hitchcock's "Young and Innocent" if for nothing else than the longshot that climaxes the film
  13. Yes, and in the full length version, too. I was about to turn off the set when TCM's current shorts intro started and I thought, "Let's see what this is first; probably a TravelTalks about Paris" -- and was I surprised. Then I thought I could stay up another 10 minutes to see if it was truncated like a couple of weeks ago and 20 minutes if not. I enjoyed it and the ending was very unexpected! A lot more people might have had the chance to catch it had the shorts listings not stopped in the daily schedule... Hope the webmasters are able to restore those listings soon.
  14. I'll chime in too. I really miss seeing the shorts on the daily schedule! Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Jan 26, 2011 12:37 PM Edited by: NewYorkGuy on Jan 26, 2011 12:37 PM
  15. Ah, there is always a new generation of young folk just discovering some of these films (and the stories behind them). 31 Days of Oscar is a great way each year for newbies to see a good batch of nominees and winners in one concentrated period. If there's anything I miss it's the old practice of the graphics intro showing what nominations/wins the film received. Maybe next year...
  16. As we near the home stretch of this year's 31 Days of Oscar, I want to applaud the programmers for the incredible amount of work it must have taken to accomplish the 360 degrees theme. It not only led to some interesting comparisons (and comments from Bob and Ben), it produced a lot of titles with nominations in obscure categories that I might never have known about. The kaleidoscope intro is a lot of fun. Still, almost all the images are of guys, including Dustin as Tootsie. I completely agree with several people here regarding last year's 31 Days promo music -- it was superb. The
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