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  1. My list of interviewees would look like this: 1. Christopher Lee-he could talk about his days at Hammer, the relationship he had with Peter Cushing (If you think about it, the bond still exists, what with Cushing being in the first Star Wars and Lee in the 2 most recent films), his re-emergence in today's films and so on. 2. Charlton Heston-Discussing Ben Hur, playing Moses, etc. 3. Ernest Borgnine- Robert Osborne can ask "What was it like getting beat up by a one-armed Spencer Tracy?" 4. Sydney Poitier- because "In the Heat of the Night" is one of my all-time favorites. 5.
  2. TCM Programmer, I (and I know that i'm not speaking only for myself) really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. The fact that you do so shows that you are really interested in what we think. Thanks to you I actually feel as if i'm part of the channel and not just a viewer. Once again, THANK YOU! Now back to the topic at hand, with all the PC around this country today, has there ever been a film that caused a problem with the PC community? (One that you later showed of course.)
  3. TCM Programmer, with the cartoon show now on the first saturday of the month, would TCM ever consider playing some of the banned cartoons? Cartoons such as "Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs", or "Bugs Bunny **** the ****"? Does TCM even have access to them? I would think that showing these shorts along with a Robert Osborne introduction may open people's eyes a little. Let them know the history and Relevence if you will. Thank you and keep up the good work!
  4. The problem I have with Political correctness is that when one person feels one way about something, it seems we all have to feel that way. As far as films go, people are thinking too much and not enjoying what's on the screen. For example the W.C. Fields you were mentioning, I can sit back and laugh at something like that because it's funny. Whenever something appears in a film that today's population would consider distasteful or wrong, I just let it pass by. By this I mean I don't think about it too much. To me it's just part of the film. By trying to make these films more "p
  5. I remember that WPIX would play an Abbott and Costello film every sunday morning. This was followed by a Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse cartoon. i also remember WNEW showing the old Laurel and Hardy Silents. WOR was great back then, especially around Thanksgiving. thursday was King kong, friday Godzilla. Then of course there was Matinee at the Bijou. When did it start? I can't say exactly. I do know one thing though, I don't see it ending anytime soon. One more quick question, what was the name of the Laurel and Hardy silent with the infamous pie fight? I want to say "The B
  6. I also caught the second showing of the documentary. I was suprised by his being a herion addict. I always knew about the drinking, drugs were a bit of a shock. I felt sorry for him as I was watching, always getting screwed over by other people. Form his friend who was the Nazi sympathizer, to the rape trial which was all based on revenge against Warner. However my image of him being one of the greatest actors hasn't changed. In fact, just before I came to work I watched "The Adventures of Robin Hood". He may have been typecast by the role, but it is a role that I can't imagine any
  7. Other character actors from OTR were Hans Conreid and Alan Reed (who no matter what type of character he played, he still sounded like Fred Flintstone). I listened to "The Great Gildersleeve last night and I heard Sherman (Peabody and Sherman, the cartoon). I don't know the actors name though. Richard Powell was "Richard Diamond Private Detective" One of my favorite announcers of OTR is Tony Marvin ("Anchor Hocking, the most famous name in glass") But yes Ken, Boston **** is my favorite. I prefer Richard Kollmar to Chester Morris though.
  8. I love this thread. I likewise am an OTR lover. I really love the detectives: Boston ****, Casey Crime Photographer, and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (played by Edmond O'Brian). One of the things I was fortunate to find is Live365. What it is a huge amount of online radio stations, you put in the subject, they have a station that plays it. I have many OTR stations on my account. How it works is 2 ways: you don't have to become a member but you only get access to a limited number of stations. If you have a membership, pretty much any station is yours. I was fortunate to get a 1 ye
  9. I'm just curious, is it me or was the picture quality to "the Thing" not all that great last night. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. What do you guys (and gals) think? I had a hard time watching it.
  10. If TCM was smart they would show "Superman and Superman II" tonight.
  11. I think they brought back the pun master. I heard it yesterday morning, same voice no one different. I'm not sure if they changed it back at night though. They just have to go back to the old backdrop. Somehow hearing his puns while looking at a high rise doesn't feel right.
  12. What about "Babes in Toyland" (or March of the Wooden Soldiers, whichever you prefer)with Laurel and Hardy? or how about "The Bishop's Wife"? Both very good in my opinion. Classicsfan I agree with you about "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (and who wouldn't), I don't think it would have worked without Karloff. Have a great day all!!
  13. Morning all: Just curious, anyone out there planning to watch "Samurai Classics" this friday with Edward Zwick and Tom Cruise? I for one will, although I've seen the films being shown, I am very interested in Cruise's take on Kurosawa and the genre in particular. I know this is a dumb question based on the fact that everyone watches this network, but the fact that Cruise, and not Spielberg or Lucas, is hosting makes it intriguing. Have a wonderful day and a great holiday.
  14. I am also joining in the praise of old films. Being able to share the love with others is great. It's nice to be able to watch a film and go WOW!!! without having something blown up or someone killed. I'm not picking on anyone here, but the actors of today have nothing on the actors of yesteryear. (Did I say that right?) Apart from the films that they show on the network, I love the intros by Robert Osbourne. After he's finished I come away feeling I learned something. He's great. One more thing I want to throw out there, last night they showed the Lugosi version of "Dracula", w
  15. I too long for the days of Bob Dorian on AMC. Another thing, I am I the only one that hates those "Movie People", the ones that think they know everything about movies? "A movie should make you feel..." I GOT IT!! AMC's being run by psychiatrists!!!! One more thing, I am happy to say that last night I happened to catch the Bugs Bunny cartoon "The Big Snooze" and was pleased to see the scene where bugs takes the stuff to knock himself out left in. By the way, all you groups out to censor certain films and images for the sake of the young people, leave the parenting to the parents.
  16. I just received the september schedule and I must say I'm a bit worried. The naked gun? Top Secret? Airplane? (well Actually this one's ok). But I mean come on, SPACEBALLS??? Have I entered the twilight zone? PLEASE tell me this network is not going the way of AMC.
  17. Last night I happened to catch the Bugs Bunny cartoon "The Big Snooze", the problem is that there was a new soundtrack that was added to the original. The only thing is it played over things being said, making them hard to catch. Mind you I've seen the cartoon many times, it's just that the characters were being drowned out. Anyone else catch this? What's going on here?
  18. Sandykpax: Info on the loony tunes dvd: It comes out on Oct.28 Regular price $64.95 Deep discount DVD price $47.51 There are 5 discs (I think)
  19. For those of you who like classic films, the place that I go to shop is deep discount DVD (www.deepdiscountdvd.com). I have used them many times and am very satisfied with what they do. I just recently bought both the "Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" dvd's from them, cost is about $21 as compared to the 29 being offered. They are also offering the "Looney Tunes Golden Collection" for $47 rather than the $60-70 being offered. Just to let you know, I don't work for them, I just want to let those of us who enjoy classic movies know where to get them at a g
  20. Danjmah: I have pre-ordered the DVD however none of the online DVD vendors list any extras associated with the DVD. I have no doubt that your probably right about the extras, I just want to make sure. Either way the movie itself is worth the price alone.
  21. You don't have to answer the question. I just caught the site name at the top of your message. Sorry about that.
  22. I am glad to see that they have actual extras to this DVD, especially the documentary, which aired on Saturday night when TCM showed the film. None of the other sites, such as amazon, list any extras. Where did you get this info? Just curious.
  23. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the featurette. I have seen it myself and do hope they add it to the DVD. By the way there is a Where Eagles Dare website at www.whereeaglesdare.com It is down at the moment, but I figured you'd like to know goss316
  24. From now on, every time I hear thunder I'll picture god falling off his chair with laughter. Bob Hope: A man whose jokes never got old and whose legacy and humor will transcend generatons. He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers to his family. Bob, thanks for the memories
  25. I'm writing this because I know that TCM plays films by the master Kurosawa, they showed the Seven Samurai the other night (I hope someday they'll show Ikiru). My question I want to put forth is, what (for those you have seen his films)do you think of the Zatoichi series? I happen to think he is an important character in Japanese Cinema, not based on the swordplay, but by how he's portrayed. I know the films are shown on the International Film Channel, but what would you think if TCM were to show them? I think it would introduce the character to a whole new set of people. Just An Idea.
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