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  1. Well,to keep this thread going,we just have to keep on talking and getting more fans to take a look at this!!The audience is out there,it's just a question of getting them there....... inframan72
  2. Yes,I agree,DAM was an awesome film!!!!It's too bad they didn't use more of the monsters in the later films,like Varan and Gorosaurus!!!maybe when they revive the Big G a couple of years from now,they'll bring them back again!!!!!!!! inframan72
  3. I did love DESTROY ALL MONSTERS,simply because there were so many monsters to choose from!!!To me,that was my favorite Godzilla film,hands down!!!!!!!
  4. With all these movie channels we have,you'd think at least one or two of them would show these films!!!That's why I started this thread,to get fans like ourselves united in getting TCM to show these films the way they should be:widescreen,uncut,and if possible,with English Subtitles so at least people won't look down on them anymore!!!! inframan72
  5. Great idea!!!Back when I lived on Long Island,I could watch those films on either Channel 5,Channel 9,or Channel 11,WPIX,every Sunday morning!!!!GOOD TIMES!!!!!!! Anyone else with fond memories of watching kaiju films on TV????????? inframan72
  6. Welcome,and congratulations on being the first(and hopefully not the last)member of this thread that I started!This is a home for all fans of Kaiju and Asian sci-fi,so I hope others will find this and make it work!I know they're out there,we just have to put out the good word and bring them here to this safe haven!Plus,once we get enough people,then we can get TCM to show our films the way we like them!So,please,encourage any fan to visit this thread and remember,the more the merrier!!!!! inframan72
  7. OK,I'M GOING TO GIVE THIS ONE,MORE SHOT.......... I know there are many fans out there of the Big G and the many other kaiju monsters that we all know and love!!I have created this thread for that very purpose:to relive those fond memories and to introduce a new generation of fans to this exciting genre!!!I welcome all fans to share their favorite movies,monsters,and of course,their memories of these icons!!!So please,drop in and relive those kaiju monsters in all their rubber-suited glory!!!! And who knows,we might even get TCM to show some of them.....if we get enough people!!!!! WE
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