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  1. Is this intended to be a list of your favorites? You didn't really say, so it's not clear what type of discussion you'd like to have. You seem to favor the classics; nothing later than Cabaret and 1776. I like all of these too, though not equally. My favorites from your lists are South Pacific and Gypsy, though my all-time favorite musical is Ragtime. And, since this is a site for film discussion, are you interested in writing about the movies made from these musicals?
  2. Agnes was no slouch either. It takes a special kind of actor to be able to overplay a role and yet still be entertaining.
  3. Someone else who should be singled out for camp value-added in the acting department is Judith Evelyn, who played Pharaoh's mother, swilling her beer while ostentatiously working on her "fowler's knots". The same year she gloriously overplayed "Miss Lonelyhearts" in Rear Window and the following year she was the previous owner of Joan Crawford's glam beach house in Female on the Beach, pitching herself off the deck in a tearful boozy stupor. In The Tingler with Vincent Price she provided a master class in over-the-top lunacy as the theater owner's wife who saw the hand coming out of the bloody
  4. It makes a decent companion piece to Howard Hawks' Land of the Pharaohs, though that film made better use of locations while The Egyptian feels more set-bound.
  5. Also a fan of the movie. It's one of the best historical spectacles of the 1950's, which made a specialty of them. I agree with ClassicMovieholic that it's a nice departure from the usual Greco-Roman setting. I never felt that Bella Darvi was the deal-breaker; that would be Victor Mature, whose goofy persona seemed way too contemporary. Bella Darvi fit the requirements of her role, with her slightly hypnotic, unmodulated delivery, and the hint of a lisp added to her other-worldly allure. Throw in the wigs and you have one exotic creature who could believably lure men to their doom. But in her
  6. You're looking for late 1930's only, right? My favorite, though maybe silly, would be in The Wizard of Oz when the Cowardly Lion and The Tin Man tackle the two guards to get their uniforms and then join the formation of guards going into the Wicked Witch's castle, with the Lion's tail notably poking out the back. Another example might be the scene in Gone With The Wind when Rhett Butler and Dr. Meade bring a wounded Ashley Wilkes back to the house in front of the soldiers, pretending he's drunk and had to be helped home, though they've really been at a meeting forbidden by the military. Melani
  7. You have a treat in store for you. Shelley was an actress who spanned eras and genres, so you'll have a lot to choose from. For me, Mrs. Rosen is Mrs. Haze, the mother of Dolores "Lolita" Haze, one of her iconic roles. She was also a witty person and a great raconteur, so you should check out her writing: Shelley: Also Known As Shirley (1980) and Shelley II (1989). As celebrity memoirs go, they're both first class. And please come back here when the movies air and let us know what you think.
  8. And Desk Set is scheduled two days in a row, which is unusual if not a record. I've never really thought of it as a Christmas movie but I guess anything with some Christmas decorations in it is thrown into the mix now. Something which struck me as odd (or maybe my sense of humor is off) is sandwiching Lawrence of Arabia (Dec. 8th) between ersatz "Arabian Nights"-type numbers like Harum Scarum (Elvis), The Golden Arrow (Tab Hunter) and Sinbad the Sailor. Talk about apples and oranges. Does Ben have input into scheduling, because it seems like his brand of humor?
  9. Tamango was pretty harrowing but appropriate for the current social climate, taking place almost entirely on a slave ship. I was only familiar with the title, not the movie, and it quickly became obvious why. It was a French production, which Donald Bogle said had a very limited release in this country, though in target areas like Detroit it had been very enthusiastically received. Dorothy's character was basically being kept by the white captain but eventually sided with the (probably doomed) slave revolt, so it was a fairly complicated and morally ambiguous role, which she handled well. It d
  10. As long as you're on this site anyway you could make use of it to answer some of the many questions you seem to have. There's a data base which can be accessed by the icon at the top right of the TCM home page., which would tell you that Sean Connery made 5 films before Darby O'Gill: Hell Drivers (1957), Action of the Tiger (1957), No Road Back (1957), Another Time, Another Place (1958) and Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959). (And no, he did not play Tarzan.) There's also the IMDb, the International Movie Database, which can be easily accessed online. Not every question needs a thread when you
  11. DougieB

    Divine Madness

    Some interesting choices of material for this tour, especially E Street Shuffle. My favorite is Shiver Me Timbers, a "small" ballad (like Hello In There) which preceded the shift to power ballads like Wind Beneath My Wings. Not as naughty as she was capable of, but it's s decent approximation of the live experience. She may not even be on the wavelength of some younger gay men, so I hope they check this out. Thanks for the post.
  12. You're probably right that 30-somethings may have missed (or passed on) the "counterculture", especially in a metropolitan setting, and most especially in New York, where daily life pretty much existed in enclaves. I was living at the time in what was (still is) a substantially gay outpost where the offbeat was celebrated, so I may not be one to speak for gay life as a whole. But I do know that the gay men I knew had remarkable antennae for the new and the awesome and that much of what touched our daily lives (music and fashion in particular, but also literature and print media) was heavily i
  13. Finally. I'm really looking forward to this. Based on the cars, it doesn't look like they went for an update. I was wondering if they'd try to fudge the time period a little, but it belongs right where it was originally set, a perfect little time capsule. I'm sure some will judge it by today's evolving standards of acceptable "gayness" but, like it or not, this is gay history. I was just entering gay life as a young adult in 1968 and I recognize these people. Admittedly, my friends weren't all as clever or as smart or as well-to-do as some of these characters (though a notable few eclipsed the
  14. Lana got a big career boost out of Peyton Place and chose this as her next project, for her newly formed production company. It's black and white, but filmed in VistaVision, so it looks really good. Sean Connery is good as the British war correspondent for whom American journalist Lana falls. but he's shortly killed in the War and out of the picture. Lana finds out he was married and becomes curious about his wife and the relationship between the two women becomes the rest of the story. Glynis Johns is really solid as the wife and gives the best overall performance. It's a weeper, but with a v
  15. It doesn't really fit your description, but It Started With a Kiss (1959)featured Glenn Ford as an American serviceman in Europe who won an experimental model American car in a charity auction, which was shipped to Spain. The car caused a sensation wherever he went. But in that case the car definitely didn't come from a woman spiting her husband.
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