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  1. My favorite line was when she was looking in the mirror at the ridiculously oversized clothing they got from a thrift store and claimed were hers to perpetuate their fraud. (Skeptically) "I'm a short...fat..s*lut?" I'm happy to go against the grain here because I think Goldie, especially once she started producing as well as acting, was part of a mini-golden age of female-centric comedy in the 1980's, along with many of the Disney Bette Midler comedies. As well as her well-honed comedic skills she brought some real smarts to the roles and created believable arcs for the evolution of her charac
  2. This year there's been a noticeable sea change in these TV romcoms, with more gay characters (including leads), ethnic characters and interracial couples than ever. I wonder if AMPAS' new inclusion requirements for Oscar eligibility have seeped into other areas of entertainment or if the change just reflects the evolution of social attitudes. I understand certain conservative groups have been very upset about the trend, so it does show some courage on the part of the TV faction of the industry.
  3. I watched it on the basis of your recommendation and really liked it. Also watched The Christmas Setup on Lifetime, the one with Fran Dresher as the matchmaking mother of a gay son, with a real-life married couple as the two guys, which was terrific. I've told myself for years that I should write a gay TV romcom but now I don't have to because they're popping up right and left.
  4. DougieB

    Mr. Bean

    I have to admit to having had very little patience for Mr. Bean, but that's based on viewing only in snippets. What I will say enthusiastically is the I've been absolutely blown away by Rowan Atkinson's performance as Maigret, the Georges Simenon detective, which my local PBS has recently been featuring. It's so amazing to me that the same man who went "all out" as Mr. Bean could be so restrained, focused and humane as Maigret. Now that I'm so acutely aware of the brilliance of the actor, I may give Mr. Bean another, more attentive look.
  5. Now all we have to do is wait for Candace Cameron Bure to pull a genius out-of-the-blue performance out of her ***, but let's not hold our breath, OK? Out-of-the-blue genius performances would be a great topic for a thread, if there isn't already one buried somewhere, and you gave great examples. It wasn't a lead performance, but I was blown away by Thelma Ritter's low-life informant "Moe" in Pickup on South Street, a real departure from the wise-cracking sidekick roles which she also did beautifully. Later in her career she also totally pulled off ultra-glam in movies like Move Over, Darling
  6. Yes, thank God. But financial worries can be just as urgent so I'm joining you in the hope that our government can get its collective **** together. Yes, it's interesting that Hackmark is trying to get real after all this time. The times are changing in your favor, so start cranking out that script. I would pay dearly to see Candace Cameron Bure attempt to do the lead in Christmas in Da Bronx, so do your best to make it happen for me, OK? I knew someone who used to say "Tickety-Boo" and I wasn't any more pleased to hear it out of Danny's mouth than I was to hear it out of his. The fa
  7. Mannequins living in the attic is a movie treatment waiting to happen. Then maybe years from now, the Academy Museum would bid a fortune for the mannequins themselves, to be housed near the Debbie Reynolds collection. (I have to ask: Do they have names?)
  8. The image of Dix Steele and Gloria Grahame living across the courtyard from each other is a good metaphor for the gulf between all of us in this pandemic. And I guess the internet is our courtyard. I hope I didn't lay on the loneliness stuff too heavily; I was worried you or a loved one might have been having health issues or something similar. I think we're all "coasting" in one way or another; "unexpected" is an understatement and holding pattern is the name of the game right now. I insist you keep up your Hallmark studies. You owe it to your fellow Pavlovian victims. I want to see Br
  9. Your first paragraph is perfect; you ran each cliche (all 1200 of them) to ground. I think you hit on something with the Mystery Science Theater reference because these movies are an ironist's dream. There can be a huge disconnect between what the script seems to be calling for and what the producers and prop department have settled on to actualize it. A prized family heirloom is obviously the kind of tacky modern trinket you'd pick up at a mall kiosk. My favorite was when the women hired to decorate a mansion finally settled on the theme of silver bells for it's timeless elegance and simplici
  10. And the rows of windows sort of look like sprocket holes. Seeing it squared off like this it seems like storage, display and performance spaces would be maximized and it is a museum, after all. What's done is done as far as the outside goes, but I'm really curious to see the inside, though I doubt I ever will.
  11. I'm definitely going to look for this one. It seems to have been exploring "boundaries" on at least two levels.
  12. She did. She fought the good fight. And, to be honest, the picture I posted was one she commissioned sometime in the following decade. And when age and vanity finally collided after she saw an unflattering candid shot in the newspaper, she withdrew from public life.
  13. That and 10 pounds of necklace to distract the eye were apparently her beauty regimen at that point in her life.
  14. I wonder what the "X" CERT ADULTS ONLY in the lower left of the poster means. Maybe the humans-for-lunch angle you mentioned?
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