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  1. Rachel Maddow ( I know...trigger word in certain quarters) said last night that he'd been at work on a play about the current epidemic. Ironically, of course, many of the ones in the highest risk group for corona virus are of the same generation who were in their prime at the time of the onset of AIDS. I'm curious about whether or not he may have been making that connection, though the mishandling of the current epidemic can certainly stand on its own as subject matter. Rest In Peace, Larry Kramer.
  2. I always admire people who can make perfect little things. Having said that, I could gobble them all up in no time.
  3. Really disappointed that TCM showed a so-so pan-and-scan print of The Revolt of Mamie Stover. There's a beautiful widescreen print out there so I'm not sure what gives. The excuse always seems to be that a distributer sent the wrong print but surely TCM as the premier (?) broadcaster of classic films has the clout to bring these guys to heel. Also an iffy print of The French Line, but I think the story there may be that it's never been restored since it's all I've ever seen.
  4. Lol. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. Genteel only gets you so far in life, so sometimes the crummier the movie the better. I grew up yelling at the screen with my brothers in kiddie matinees of rotten movies and that pleasure never really leaves you. Now I do my yelling at home, sometimes at Hallmark heroines, sometimes at news anchors. Funny thing is I never yell at the stupid monsters made out of shag rugs any more; now I respect them as cultural ambassadors from another time when the crudeness wasn't CGI'd out of everything. They're always tracking our "viewing habits" these days, but it's better not to have any. That way Scottish kitties and Giant Leeches can co-exist comfortably and we have no apologies to make.
  5. Situations like this bring priorities into focus and I love that you've landed on salami. That's some impressive clarity of vision on your part! I guess we'd all just better accept bittersweet nostalgia as the "new normal". (That could be another drinking game, every time the TV pundits float that phrase.) At least here in TCM-Land we've already got the nostalgia part nailed down. Bittersweet's a little tougher to master, but you're on the right track by opting to go with mac and cheese. I've never seen The Three Lives Of Thomasina, but now it seems to be calling my name. So many treasures on YouTube. When I was a kid I had a 45 of Bad Motorcylce by the Storey Sisters and when I decided to check YouTube the other day there it was! Can't tell you what stupid fun it was to hear it after all these years. I've never done karaoke in my life but if the opportunity to do Bad Motorcycle ever presented itself I probably would, self-respect be damned. I'd need a sister though, so I hope I could count on you to croak it out with me. P.S. Just checked and great prints of the Mapp and Lucia episodes are on YouTube. In most ways I'm so not modern, but I love this new kind of availability.
  6. Yes, this is definitely a situation which calls for sweatpants, as well as the sensible menu you've outlined above. And I love your drinking game with Yoo-Hoo. Lol. (Dare I say it's so you?) I can see that really catching on in the home-bound community, which seems to be most of us. I would like to be productive and I would have gotten to some yard work by now if it weren't for the fact that the cable company is (generously?) throwing all sorts of freebies at us. One is Acorn, so I'm greedily gobbling up all the Miss Marples I can before they take them away. I nominate Geraldine McEwan to give the daily press briefings. (Did you ever see Mapp and Lucia with Geraldine and Prunella Scales as rival social arbiters in a small English town? Classic tempest-in-a-teapot nonsense.) So happy to hear you're thriving. (Such a relative term!) You brighten my world and I know I speak for many. Be safe, all.
  7. You're absolutely right that this is a film deserving of a quality reissue. It's been poorly represented for so long by underwhelming prints. I love the description on the DVD cover: "Un Film Gigantesque". It sure is. It stands head-and-extremely-broad-shoulders above most of the wanna-be imitators released for years afterward.
  8. The "Gimmick" number was absolutely a standout. She was a high point in a musical which was itself a high point. "If you're gonna bump it, bump it with a trumpet" is actually good advice for life. I honestly don't know a lot about her later career but it seems to me she would have been ideal to anchor one of those women-centric 70's-80's TV sitcoms, where sheer brass ruled. The quote from her mayoral campaign about Washington being the business brothel of the world, making Las Vegas look like the Vatican is priceless and so on the mark. R.I.P.
  9. Sorry to hear about your friend. Nothing prepares us for loss. Every life is unique so every loss is new.
  10. R.I.P. From what I understand it's an excruciating way to die and it breaks my heart when I picture that sweet face.
  11. Still nothing, huh? I miss his deep well of anecdotal information, especially about plays he'd seen, both major and minor, Broadway and regional, going back many years. He and Swithin are the two among us movie fans who seem to have had an equal love for live theater. Still hoping for the best, Ray.
  12. The thing that pleased me the most was you saying "I actually had a great time writing this." That's the best indicator that you're on to something. I've only written one screenplay but subsequently realized it was really a play, so that's the direction I went in. I've written a number of plays over the years and have experienced all three forms of the writing experience you mentioned. It was nice to hear someone say it because it's such a solitary experience and isn't often mentioned, only the end product itself, so thanks for "coming out" about the "strange feeling" you're experiencing. I've had the "Who wrote this?" moment too. Doubt normally seems to come so naturally that the absence of doubt is a very heady experience. Congratulations on your achievement and enjoy the ride it takes you on.
  13. Glad you're finally coming around to the idea of watching this on TCM, since you've so often disparaged anyone on this website who dared suggest it was an option, along with DVD or Blu-Ray.
  14. "Unlike in Spielberg's upcoming version"? Spielberg's movie completed filming on location in New York last fall. If you're going to continue to badmouth the Spielberg remake before any of us have even seen it, please get your facts straight at least.
  15. This should probably be a thread all by itself. It's almost unbearable to think of what nursing homes and similar facilities must be like right now, and this one in particular should be on our minds. RIP Allen Garfield and the many others we're losing to this virus.
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