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  1. My opinion is as follows: A supporting actor is a description given to an actor who plays a role in support of the star in a specific movie. A character actor is someone who plays different types of roles regardless of what movie he or she is in. Also a character actor tends not to be typed, such as a "leading man/woman", "heavy", etc.
  2. Some of my favorites: Charles Lane, Donald Meek, Henry Travers, Lynne Overman, Thomas Mitchell, Gene Lockhart, Frank McHugh, Abner Biberman, John Hamilton (TV's Perry White from the 50's, Thurston Hall and of course Alan Jenkins.
  3. From CASABLANCA: Peter Lorre as Ugarte to Humphrey Bogart as Rick: "You despise me don't you Rick?" Rick's reply: "Well, if I gave any thought to you I probably would!"
  4. If a biopic of Bob Hope was being considered, who would you pick to play ol' Ski Nose?
  5. Put curser on trailer link. Right click the mouse and engage "Save Target As" option. You will be prompted as to where you want to deposit the file. If you have dial up it can take forever, sometimes even timing out. Broadband is much more reliable. Be prepared for it to use lots of disk space.
  6. I am looking for the name (and the actual movie for that matter) of a TV movie made either in the late 70's or early 80's that concerned a doctor or physicist or scientist who was shot and paralyzed. He was able to create a suit that allowed him to walk and, you guessed it, started to chase criminals. He kind of reminded me of Iron Man with a bullet shaped head. If I am correct, it starred Peter Aykroyd. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you know which movie I'm referring to, don't remember the title, but DO remember any of the other cast members, I will take that info as well. T
  7. it was played straight for the most part, although there were funny scenes due to the style of acting that was performed.
  8. the name of the cartoon was Bingo Crosbyana (1936). Sorry I cannot tell you the specific name of the song you are looking for. It was a Merry Melody toon and was directed by Friz Freleng.
  9. The Phantom of Hollywood, 1974, starring Jack Cassidy, Broderick Crawford and Jackie Coogan.
  10. The Phantom of Hollywood, 1974, starred Jack Cassidy, Jackie Coogan and Broderick Crawford. It is not available commercially that I can see but try e-bay. Sometimes you can get either a studio produced copy or a dubbed copy in good condition. Good Hunting.
  11. I also like to compare the different actor portrayls for the role of Mr. Hyde. John Barrymore was more like an insect, particularly a spider. March was more simian. Tracy, almost lizard like with his eyes rolling in his sockets. I cannot decide who my favorite is, so I just keep watching them all.
  12. Reese can certainly stand up under her own talent (of which she has in spades) and doesn't need to rely on an eighty year old slogan to call attention to herself. Her talent does that just fine, thank you!
  13. excellent try, you get half credit. Larry Semon, who also directed, played the Scarecrow.
  14. Correction, the 1925 version, DOH!
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