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  1. Let me add my thanks for the information on buck dancing. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing and consequently know absolutely zero about it. I'v learned something today.
  2. I just ran across this thread and have enjoyed reading all the entries. I have a question, and forgive my complete ignorance about dancing, but what is the difference between tap dancing and buck dancing? No joke, I don't really know. Who out there can give me a good answer?
  3. Did anyone mention Conrack? If not I just did.
  4. Reading this review makes me want to read the book as well as see this version of the film. Maybe someone at TCM could find copies of all three versions and show them one after the other some time. But, not during the early morning, please.
  5. primos, you may be right about the dog's name. I was working from memory. You are right about everything about Topper, the clothes, the car, the Cary. What's not to like about Topper. I wish I could wear some of the clothes created for the movies made in the 30's. I wish they made clothes like that now! Glamour is not what is use to be! In fact, it is no more. Oh well, one more reason to enjoy TCM.
  6. There was a TV show in the early 50's about the Kerby's. Robert Sterling was George, Ann Jefferies (sp) was Marian, Leo G. Carroll was Topper, and Lee Patrick was Mrs. Topper. There was also a St. Bernard named Buck, who apparently died with the Kerby's. He could disappear and if I remember correctly, he also had a drinking problem. Childhood memories are the last to go and more fun to remember. As for the movie Topper Constance Bennett and Cary Grant are the perfect couple to play George and Marian Kerby. I wished they still made movies like Topper today.
  7. Thanks to all for the information about the candy recipe book. I also enjoyed reading the article about ZaSu Pitts. She had an interesting career. I will try to locate a copy of the book.
  8. She was good in drama, and it is a pity no one in Hollywood could see that. Or, perphaps it was because she was so good with comedy she was too busy to do many dramatic roles. By the way, ZaSu wrote a recipe book on candy. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it still in print? I could use a piece of fudge right now.
  9. It sounds like a Whistler film with Richard Dix. If I am not mistaken it is the first of the series that Dix did.
  10. I have seen this movie and agree with you. It is a riveting story. Isn't it based on real events? Attenborough is good in this film. In fact, every film I have seen him in, he is good.
  11. Boy does this thread stir up memories! Didn't Bob Cummings have two TV shows? Seems I remember he worked in an office and was very much put upon. If I remember correctly, his office was a broom closet. But, I could be getting Cummings mixed up with someone else. After all, we are talking about early TV and that means in the early 50's and that means I'm admitted that I can remember that far back. I suddenly feel very old.
  12. Let me throw in my big Thank You to TCM for this wonderful documentary on Johnny Mercer. I love his music. It was also good to see and hear the rich clear voices of the likes of Dinah Shore, Andy Williams, Rosemary Clooney, Ellar Fitzgerald, and Lena Horne. Oh, if we only had talent like those dear people now! Raise your hand if your agree. Johnny Mercer was endowed with a remarkable talent for words and music. It was good to see and hear Hoagy Carmichael, also. He is another great one. Maybe he could be the next composer of great music for a documentary. Are you listening TCM and Cl
  13. All of those who have been listed are great, but I can't believe no one has put James Cagney on the list. So, I will.
  14. It has occurred to me that some of the posters may not have experienced the thrill of going to a theater and sitting back to enjoy a night at the movies with a double feature, cartoon, shorts, etc. I thought it might be fun if Turner Classics could do that. Show a feature and go right into a cartoon or newsreel, show coming attractions and then the next feature. It wouldn't have to be a weekly or monthly theng, but every so often surprise the viewer with a real Night at the Movies, the way it use to be. Any comments?
  15. I agree with myblair about not being able to watch the channel during the day when it seems all the good movies I would like to watch are on, but not able to due to the fact that I am at work. Woe is me! I do like the general idea of having a viewer request time day or month. If we could just make the viewer requested movie(s) on at at time during the early evening. The movies I want to watch are either on at 1:00 in the afternoon or 1:00 in the morning it seems. Alac and alas! I repeat Woe is me!
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