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  1. Hi, I read the summary on Sanctuary, and unfortunately the plot doesn't match, please everyone keep trying, someone besides me had to see this movie.
  2. Sorry read the storyline, thats not it. This was about a teenage couple leaving a party, her boyfriend was real drunk from celebrating, think he won a football game at school, they get into a car wreck around a sudden turn in the road. The girl character wakes up and finds herself in bed at this gangsters house, her boyfriend was being kept in the barn. When her boyfriend got well, they dumped him off somewhere alive, but the gangster "candy" liked and tried to keep the girl. However the boyfriend comes back to save the day.
  3. The movie was set in the 20s, the flapper style dresses on the women ect.... and the movie was in black and white. I saw this movie sometime between 1975 and 1980. I don't recall any of the actors, but the girl who was held captive did have a mia farrow look to her, however it wasn't her. Message was edited by: Jadentimes
  4. This is an old black and white movie set in the 20's era, the movie begins with a young school couple at a party, the guy was pretty drunk so his girlfriend wanted to leave. On the drive home, he's drunk and crashes the vehicle. The couple are pulled to safety and retrieved by some gangsters, the main character is a man named Candy. The girls boyfriend is released, but Candy keeps the girl. The girl is reluctantly kept for a while, then eventually the boyfriend friends his way back, end of story. I have looked all over the web and can't find this movie. I initially thought it was called d
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