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  1. More musicals made for film would make it easy for movie goer's to take an intrest in the American Government. C-Span a made for the public live veiwing of how our Senators go about the order for day in the congressional inccubator is a great place to get first hand insight,however may be rather tiersome for most. A new musical film of how our government works would be fabulous, it would keep musicals alive and persons who would other wise shy away from political mayhem would actualy enjoy learning about our government and perhaps take a greater intrest.
  2. Film musical:1776. Brilliantly put together. It gives an lovely entertaining insight into how our Congressional Incobater acts and responds to serious issues dealing with Americans. Oh sweet Jesus (a line from the musical). I love it and am so pleased to know that I am not the only one out hear, that finds our government to not only be serious but frankly rather funnnn kneeee. I hear hear declear the musical film1776 to be reconized as Brilliant. How many vote yea. How many vote nay.
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