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  1. Well, we can mark October down as the first month I've ever seen the short films never get added to monthly schedule. Such a shame. Not surprisingly, the November monthly schedule is missing the short films as well, and the December monthly schedule seems to simply not exist. Both the daily and monthly schedules should be getting generated from the same source data, so why in the world isn't the monthly schedule being updated regularly (and probably automatically) like it once was? All of the other problems I keep mentioning still exist (e.g. forum keeps forgetting I'm already logged in,
  2. Once again, all month long the monthly schedule hasn't been updated. The short films that have been added to the daily schedule are missing from the monthly schedule, and several more films actually aired letterboxed (joy!) when the monthly schedule said that they wouldn't. The 'Remind Me' pages are still broken in Firefox, still cause navigation problems in all browsers (as detailed in an earlier post), and the message board still kicks me back to the forum index whenever I try to post after being idle for a while.
  3. The site is still broken in plenty of ways. * The monthly schedule is WAY out of date. It looks like the short films haven't been added all month and the major schedule changes for today's tribute don't show up at all. * The Remind Me page dates/times aren't showing up in Firefox (3.6.22 on this computer) but do show up in Opera (11.51). The useless slide-onto-the-screen animations for the Remind Me box work in Firefox, but the Remind Me box comes up with blanks next to the selection bubbles where the dates and times should be. * The browser navigation bug added AFTER the "upgrade" to R
  4. The "Remind Me" page is broken again so that no dates are showing. Apparently the developers had the time to add useless slide-onto-the-screen animation effects for the Remind Me box, but the box itself is broken. Really, is there any limit to how stupid these people are? Also, it's still the case that if you use the Remind Me feature and close the box, you have to hit back TWICE in the browser to get to the previous page. Of course, the nice click-anywhere-outside-of-the-box-to-close-it feature that was there before (even after the initial "upgrade") is still not working.
  5. After being forced back to the forum index when I hit the reply button (which will probably never, ever be fixed)... You can get future month schedules with addresses like this one: http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?sdate=2011-05-01 That will give you this month for the most recently selected time zone at the top of the monthly schedule page. The 05 part is the month, so it you change that to 06, 07, or 08 you can see the schedule for any of the next three months. If you try to change the time zone selection on a different month than the current one, you will be forced back to
  6. Right. All months with 31 days were showing up as only having 30 days. In March, the only way to see the schedule for the 31st on the TCM site was to look at the daily schedule, or if you were lucky you could use a saved copy of the "real" Monthly schedule that was up in early March before the site was trashed by the design changes.
  7. The dates and times are finally showing up again now, at least for Eastern time. Of course, they have it labeled as EST when it should be EDT right now, but it's certainly an improvement over the useless blank space those pages have had for weeks. The navigation bugs that they recently introduced with the Remind Me pages are still completely unfixed, so you can't just click outside of the Remind Me box to close it anymore, and you have to hit Back in your browser TWICE to get off of the page once you've opened a Remind Me box.
  8. After pointlessly being sent back to the forum index and making my way back to this thread... Wow, this may be two fixes in one day. On the Monthly schedule the 31st of the month is there as ValentineXavier mentioned, AND the line of wasted space has been removed in the middle of each event's information. Incredible. That had to be maybe 5 seconds of coding to fix both of those (changing the improper 30-day cap to a 31-day cap, and removing a line break from the sloppy script generating the schedule page). I wonder how many thousands of dollars TCM had to pay to get those absurdly minuscul
  9. Hooray! The backwards "Letterbox" labels are now fixed on the Monthly schedule. It took them two months to probably change a single incorrect character on one line of code. At that pace... well, I won't be expecting anything else to be fixed for at least a few years. It's something, which is appreciated, but it's certainly not much.
  10. Amazing. The Buck Rogers and History of Hollywood showings are actually appearing in the TCM.com schedules now. I'm looking forward to all of the upcoming "Letterbox" presentations of Buck Rogers... idiots. Everything else remains thoroughly broken. The Remind Me feature is still dead because the dates are missing, and the rest of the coding on those pages are still busted so you have to hit back twice to get off of the page even after closing the Remind Me box. The forum still sends me back to the index every time I try to post. The slew of other problems that we've all been reporting are
  11. The "Remind Me" pages are broken, again. I already reported on a number of things that are messed up with the "Remind Me" pages, but now the DATES and TIMES are missing, so they are quite useless. Are we getting any closer to having the buffoons behind this train wreck put out on the street? Seriously, how could people who are so intolerably slow and hopelessly inept still be employed? Also, another reminder that when I went to reply I was first sent back to the forum index. Pathetic.
  12. Fred: That's certainly part of the problem. My browser is open at all times and there is currently a tab I keep open on the forums. Unfortunately, the way this site works I keep getting logged out automatically. The automatic log-outs alone don't make sense because I always have the forum open, and since I can clearly be logged back in automatically when the site feels like it the whole situation is even more absurd. I've never been on any other message boards that don't immediately log users back in automatically the instant they open any page on the boards (unless the user opted out of
  13. As usual, I was sent back to the forum index the first time I hit the reply button and had to navigate back to this thread to try again. That is so obnoxious. Renee: You probably can't reproduce the problem with the Remind Me page because they appear to have partially fixed it. The box is now appearing in the middle of the page again for me in both Firefox and Opera. Two other parts of that feature that were working fine up until a few days ago are still broken now though: 1) Before, you could click anywhere on the page outside of the Remind Me box to close that box. Now you are forced to
  14. Since the "Remind Me" boxes are still broken, I wanted to let others know how you can still get to the reminder pages with a bit of extra effort. Looking at Born To Dance, which is on Friday the 15th at 3:30am, the address for it on the DB page is below: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/60/Born-to-Dance/ To get to the Remind Me page for this movie, just go to the following link. http://www.tcm.com/schedule/reminder.html?id=60 To do the same for any other movie, just copy the number from the DB page's address (in this case 60) into the Remind Me page's address. Renee: Note that
  15. Yet again, I went to respond to this thread and was sent back to the forum index. Just want to keep mentioning that. I just brought up the monthly schedule and to my amazement there is now a short synopsis for each feature. Joy! There is also rather excessive spacing between the synopsis and the next line of text, and all of the other previous problems that are extremely easy to fix are still there (e.g. all letterbox labeling being wrong and other improper formatting on that same line), but at least it's a sign that other fixes might actually come in the future. I now have higher ho
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