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  1. I wish they were not making this movie at all. Let us enjoy our memories of the real Three Stooges without all of this nonsense.
  2. dear moira, I watched "The Bad Man" on TCM and enjoyed it very much. It is the first sepia movie I remember seeing (not counting the sepia segments of "The Wizard of Oz") and was also curious about why it was used in this movie and why there aren't more sepia-tinted movies among TCM's offering. I imagine this must have been used fairly widely at some point. If anyone knows more about this, I will be happy to know too.
  3. So is anybody watching "Arena" right now? Guess it don't take much to figure out that it must have been made to be shown in 3-D. But right now I've about had enough of the actors throwing beer bottles at me.
  4. Ah, so it was on the Encore channel? No wonder I missed it. Time to call up the cable company, I guess.
  5. For a second there, I thought I'd missed a showing of that movie. Guess you didn't watch it on TCM? It sounds like something I might enjoy. I almost always like anything with Burt Lancaster.
  6. Thank you, molo. I will try requesting it. In the meantime, I can enjoy the screencaps you posted, very nicely done!
  7. Thank you, movieman. I'll check at my local video store to see if this is the version they have.
  8. I hadn't heard of this movie, has it ever been shown on TCM?
  9. Thank you for the Morlock link, that was very interesting. I didn't realize only the "Ford at Fox" boxset contained the preview version of the movie. I'd love to compare the two versions myself, and based on what the writer said, I think I'd probably like the original ending better, too.
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