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  1. Sounds like a terrific noir festival. Eddie Muller sure knows how to make them exciting. I wonder how many of the L.A. TCM contingent are planning on catching a few noirs at the Egyptian this year. B-)
  2. This is going to be a GREAT set! I have no idea what movies are going to be in it, but I have confidence that it will be as good (if not better) than the previous volumes in the series. Guess we have something to look forward to in the months ahead....
  3. That sounds like a great "nightmare noir", redriver! My only quibble would be that Miles Davis would probably have been too young to have been working in Hollywood at the time, but hey, we can all dream.
  4. > Laura is another argued film noir. It seems like most hardcore noirists tend to dismiss it, deeming it "soft." Is it purely a mystery film or is it film noir? I've pretty much always considered it a film noir, and one of the very better ones, at that. A poster for the noir gallery:
  5. Rick, I'm with you in preferring the original version as well, partly for the reasons you point out (I do agree the remake has the look and feel of a TV movie) and because I'm generally biased towards the noirs that were made in the "classic noir era" others have mentioned (roughly 1941-1958/59). Having said that, I'd recommend that anyone who hasn't seen both versions check both of them out. It's interesting to be able to compare and contrast between the two.
  6. Thanks to moirafinnie's wonderful blog, I've just learned about this event at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles: It's baaacckk!!! For the eleventh year, Hollywood's favorite film festival returns to the Egyptian Theatre with a delightful smorgasboard of rare noir that hasn't been seen on the big screen since Charles McGraw drove an L.A.P.D. Nash sedan! Details are forthcoming, but know that the American Cinematheque's Chris D. Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller and yours truly are digging deep for obscure, entertaining films and guests. Here is a preliminary list of films that are sche
  7. > As to 'The Dark Corner', I HAVE seen it - a very long time ago, and I guess about all I retained was the pleasant surprise of seeing Lucy, NOT being Lucy. Sadly, I missed it, but am happy to know about the april rebroadcast! Do you like her better in her "I Love Lucy" mode, or when she was just playing different parts in the movies?
  8. > Terry Moore was ok also, but only when she was wearing a bathing suit. PPOR!
  9. Not a particularly big fan of Van Johnson, thanks for posting the link!
  10. So I guess it wasn't a cheesy movie or one of those "so bad, it's good" movies? Wonder why it was in the underground.
  11. Did you notice any glitch in the transmission at the beginning of the first movie? I think it was "I Was Framed". I'm afraid I don't know much about "Nightmare Honeymoon", I looked it up in a few film guides and it wasn't even listed. I think I ended up recording it, but I won't be in a rush to watch it.
  12. Oh, I hadn't thought of any similarities to "Bus Stop", either. I should really watch that one again, though, I haven't seen it in a long time.
  13. Keenan Wynn's son posted here? How long ago was that?
  14. Thank you, ChiO. I wonder if there's any easy way to find out what the other film on such a double bill might have been. Would it have had to be another Allied Artists title? Or could it have been from any studio? And wasn't Allied Artists just a new name for the old Monogram, or am I getting it mixed up with something else altogether?
  15. Uh, actually, I was thinking more about how audiences at the time may have received it. Or whether many people even got to see it.
  16. Just out of curiosity, ChiO, why would you classify "Double Indemnity" under your B-list? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been considered a B-movie back in the 40s, so I take it your using a different kind of criteria.
  17. > {quote:title=Rickspade wrote:}{quote} > I'm frustrated right now, becuase Raw Deal seems to be unavailable for now unless I want to buy it. (Frankly, I purchase very few DVDs, preferring to either see old movies on TCM, or more recently get them from Netflix, which has been an excellent source for films noir. But, for some reason, they're not stocking Raw Deal at the moment, and I don't remember TCM showing it. Have they?) If you're interested in renting it and TCM is not showing it any time soon, you may want to try ClassicFlix, which not only sells, but also rents by mail. They
  18. Sounds like a fascinating cinematic oddity, Dewey. Wonder how it was received when it first came out.
  19. Rickspade, I like your analysis of the Hitchcock films. I haven't seen "Shadow of a Doubt" in a pretty long time, I remember having liked it but not thinking it was one of his very best. For me, the most enjoyable element in Hitchcock's best films is the sheer, breathless suspense and the gift for memorable composition and camera work. By contrast, with the noir films I like, I tend to enjoy the mood, the atmosphere, the overall sense of doom that often permeates everything. This is not to say that there aren't elements that overlap, of course, and there can be a certain amount of suspense in
  20. I just got this in the mail today, I hope I'll enjoy it a lot, but I won't be drinking any martinis.
  21. Well it's a Warner film, they might be planning to include it in a future Film Noir boxset. Sorry I couldn't be of more help with the movie you are trying to identify.
  22. Thank you, Pia. Did you watch or record anything?
  23. Hi Brian! Could you be thinking of Preston Sturges' "Unfaithfully Yours" with Rex Harrison? I think that one is more about Harrison's fantasies/daydreams than actual murder, but I haven't watched it in ages. As for "The Unsuspected", I don't think it's ever been released on DVD, so your best bet is to record it when TCM airs it.
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