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  1. I place these great actors in two different generations of horror films, perhaps even three, if we make the silent era the 1st generation, the Universal era films the 2nd generation, followed by the 3rd. Of the 1st, who is there but Lon Chaney Sr? Of the 2nd, my favorite is Boris Karloff; however, I much prefer films featuring more than just one star. I recall a horror-comedy with Karloff & Lorre in which the former was a senile scientist while the latter was the town sheriff, judge, dog-catcher, etc, all rolled into 1. Karloff was using volunteer guinea pigs and creating a l
  2. I am really very fond of this sub-genre, in which the hero, an ex-criminal himself, is usually framed and is usually the prime suspect anyway, who must stay clear of both the police and the real perpetrators and clear himself of the charges. Thank you TCM for showing so many of these.
  3. 1st, let me say that I really enjoyed this program and have viewed it several times. 2nd, I am thankful for TCM's having shown many films of this genre, and am especailly fond of the B&W ones. Now I have a request: please show us the films that were mentioned in PUBLIC ENEMIES. Yes, I well know that the big hits are in the TCM rotation already, but I ask for the not so well known ones, even if they were only briefly named in this documentary. Their titles are very provoking, such as 1. DOORWAY TO HELL 2. THE RACKET 3. UPPERWORLD 4. I WAS A CONVICT 5. LAST MILE 6. LADY SCARFACE
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