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  1. I loved it!! Really didn't expect it to be so good, will sweep the Oscars and looking forward to watching them. I haven't seen The Fighter yet but I think Christian Bale will take the Oscar for supporting. Can't wait till Sunday cat
  2. I agree with Slim, looks like the Social Network is the one to try and beat cat loved the Globes last night
  3. AMEN Sister Wonderly, the ad is still running they took out the part where the mom says no cat
  4. I really like his as a actor I believe he had really showed that he can do alot of different characters, loved him in Exodus. Its to bad we lost him so young, well Sal you will not be forgotton now that we have cable tv. cat
  5. I haven't seen the new ad I guess I change channels fast too, but it reminds me of a Tide commercial that was running where the daughter asked the mother did she see her blouse and the mother says no. She had really worn it, well now they took out the response from Mom so I would guess they got replys from viewers that telling a lie is a lie. Not totally like this but I would think several people will respond to this also, so we will see what Turner does with it. Haven't seen it so I can't make a judgement just yet. cat
  6. You were definitely born in a good year for movies, I was born in 1950 and I know I was going to the movies when I was 10 maybe earlier. The reason I'm sure of this is your favorite movie Sink the Bismark, can you imagine a 10 yr old girl enjoying this movie? Needless to say I didn't and back then you could see 2 movies for just a quarter in bklyn. I would take the neighborhood kids down to the nearest theatre almost every saturday. I still can look back and remember watching that movie and waiting impatiently for the end. funny now not then. Thanks for the look back I have been enjoying
  7. To each his own was my Mom's favorite saying, my hubby can't walk on the floors without his slippers on, I walk around in socks can't stand shoes on my feet in the house. So I would think no matter where you live everyone does there own thing. cat
  8. You are right 58 was a good year for movies Old Man and the Sea - love Tracy 7th Voyage of Sinbad - who didn't love these when they came out Touch of Evil The Vikings - Kirk Douglas A Night to Remember etc, etc
  9. Gigi would have been my pic that year also, musicals are not my favorite type of pic but I do love that one, also I think if someone was born in 39 they would be proud to tell us all, and have a hard time finding one to pick they all were so good. I'm not to crazy about that saying "age is all in your head" or something like that. But I am 60 now and do feel pretty good and now there is alot you can do to keep looking and feeling good as we age, we not our Mom's sons and daughters so we're lucking to be living in the 21st century, I take it as a blessing. cat
  10. I have to say you were born in a good year in movies, what a selection, wow my favorite for your year is How Green was my valley, I watch it every time Fox shows it and their dialog before the movie is great to think they made that on a back lot in Hollywood blows me away, absolutely my favorite.
  11. I was born in 1950, I thought I would have a problem finding a good movie made that year but in my research I found several good ones. Here are a few I really liked Harvey - cute movie I loved Jimmy Stewart in this movie and can't imagine someone else playing it, I read somewhere that he didn't like the way he played it he wanted it more dark but to me its perfect Sunset Blvd - William Holden is great in this movie, I liked him in alot of his movies and the story itself is interesting with Billy Wilder as director and writer (one of my favorite directors) what can go wrong All Abo
  12. I'm so glad I found someone else who didn't like North by Northwest, I've watched it a few times thinking it was me, but no this movie sucks, just proves that good directors can make a lousy movie. cat
  13. I agree there are alot to choose from but to see him in this type of role, after only seeing him in roles that don't take this type of effort, without a doubt he is really scary and crazy in this movie cat
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