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  1. Im looking for the name of a WWII movie, the only part I know is that a Lt. gets shot in the head and his soldier friend rushes him back to the aid station on a Jeep. Once there the Army doctor tells him its too late. The soldier takes out his .45 pistol and points it at the Dr, telling him to work on the Lt. and basically says he'll take the court martial for pointing the gun at the Dr. After the surgery, the LT survives and the Dr calls the MPs to arrest/detain the soldier for pointing a gun at him. The Dr. makes the soldier stand in one spot for a few minutes, then releases him with no othe
  2. My brothers looking for an old WWII movie he saw but says he can only remember one part. Basically its an American soldier, posing as a German soldier but who gets discovered because of the way he was eating his dinner and then gets shot. Any ideas? Pretty vague huh? Thanks
  3. Im going to take a stab at describing this movie I can barely remember. A WWII Navy movie where the officer takes command of a sailboat, he has to teach the crew how to sail and eventually they use the sailboat for spying on the Japanese and what not. Thats all I remember of the movie as I didnt get to see the entire film. Any ideas? HELP ME!!!!! Thanks
  4. Original was it. Excellent movie, kinda sad in a way as everyting eventually has to come to an end. Never seen the remake, not fond of them.
  5. I dont think its PT 109, this one movie was about an old crusty and grummy PT boat. The captain and crew turn the boat around and impress everyone. I think they almost run into the dock a few times as well as a few other ships/PT boats. Any ideas?
  6. 1.) Looking for a title of a western. know only what happens in the movie, no actors though... Basically it seems like its an end of ther western era type. Some of the cowboys get fired from their jobs, another gets married and opens a general store. Later in the movie the fired cowboys hold up the general store and kill their old friend in the robbery. The robbers eventually get hunted down by there own friends and are shot. At the very end one lone cowboy is about to shoot a wolf/coyote and decideds not to, he then walks off talking to his horse about his friends. 2.) Another western Iv
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