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Everything posted by LonesomePolecat

  1. PHILADELPHIA (the one with Tom Hanks)
  2. ARROWSMITH with Ronald Colman
  3. You mean Disney movies aren't historically accurate???!!!!?!?!!?!? I thought THE FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR was a documentary!!! [Throws out thesis on BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS ] Although, to be fair, they address that in the movie--whether Dakota should split so the can have more votes, etc. But yeah, not a historical document.
  4. "Beach Party" sung by Frankie, Annette, and the whole "young" gang! next another song sung on or near a beach
  5. I keep thinking of movie SONGS with US cities in the title-- here's "Detroit" from THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE
  6. There's the movie SANTA FE And the movie song "Santa Fe"
  7. "Remember Me?" from MR DODD TAKES THE AIR next another song title that asks a question
  8. EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE -- Kronk's shoulder angel!
  9. Instead of making masks, tests, or vaccines, let's just make a Baymax for everyone! He can follow us around and scan us and cure us right away. Sounds good to me! *(from the Disney movie BIG HERO 6, in case you're scratching your heads)
  10. GOt me thinking of movies about cooking, which all show "comfort food" bringing people together: BABETTE'S FEAST JULIE AND JULIA RATATOUILLE
  11. Had stores of flour and other dry foods in case of emergencies that I naively thought would be earthquakes or fires. (Ha ha ha, we were so cute back then.) And back in late February, "B.C.", when everyone else started panic buying eggs and water bottles, I bought a lot of yeast. I also figured out how to make my own sourdough starter, so I'll have to do that when the yeast runs out, since it's more precious than gold apparently. (Think we'll abandon the gold standard and move to the toiler paper standard?)
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