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  1. I agree that the dreamworks are getting better, esp Kung Fu Panda, but they aren't even close to pixar. I saw Disney Earth and loved it.... but I guess documentaries don't count.
  2. Otto Oberkugen (to the left) Cuddles Sakall in In the Good Old SUmmertime
  3. I freaking love that movie and keep bugging TCM to show it. But at least it's on DVD.
  4. yes, I meant crow. I often call crows hawks and vice versa--I can't tell the difference. Ward Bond is Bert the Cop and does appear in EVERYTHING!! He's in every John Ford film too. It's hilarious. I think he gets to show his acting best in "Long Voyage Home". I love Ward Bond.
  5. this conversation's taken a weird turn, so I'm inserting a picture of my cat Harpo who reminds us of the polar bears in Disney Earth (fantastic movie!), and our cat Chihiro who reminds us of the gazelles: this was two years ago---he's colored like a polar bear now---more golden brown tint--and fat Anyone else seen Disney Earth? whatcha think?
  6. I have that book, Conversations with WIlder. I actually bought it two weeks before Billy's death. weird!
  7. City Lights (greatest ending in cinema) Frederic March's Jekyll and Hyde or Spencer Tracy's Jekyll and Hyde?
  8. Usher, Roderick----Vincent Price in "House of Usher"
  9. you're right--it was 12 angry men! and I can't place your quote, so I'll let someone else have a go.
  10. Completely agree with Yankee Doodle Dandy and Sgt York. I must say my favorite depictions of true stories are of the same story: 1776 (1972) and John Adams (2008) Love these! Brilliant storytelling!
  11. Farewell to the original Yente the Matchmaker and Mame's best friend (whose name escapes me) (I now feel bad that the last thing I saw her in was the Star Wars Holiday Special)
  12. BandWagon is one of my all time favorite movie musicals. It makes me happy whenever I see it. I especially love "When there's a shine on your shoes" and TRIPLETS, but I love it all. "That's a very early Degas, isn't it? 1876" "Yes, I swiped it from his desk in school. Was HE sore!" Comden & Green are such great musical screenwriters!
  13. great choice, casablanca, but I thought you'd pick a different movie.... anyone can jump in! In honor of what I'm watching right now: The Great Leslie: Miles Archer Maggie DuBois: casablancalover Prof Fate: bargar Max!: mr6666 Hezekiah: FredCDobbs
  14. Quince, Peter---Frank McHugh in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)
  15. that's fine, Miles, but when a man's partner gets killed you're supposed to do something about it. PETER- MilesArcher Zeke--Mr6666 now you cast one!
  16. "if that diamond ring turns to brass, mama's gonna buy you a lookin' glass" The Miracle Worker (Anne Bancroft) new one : "You're nothing but a shadow on film!"
  17. no one should have to make that kind of decision! that's cruel! But if I had to choose between two of my kids..... WEST SIDE STORY ouch. ok, then choose between: Roman Holiday or It Happened One Night?
  18. Glynis Johns was in The Court Jester with Basil Rathbone (the pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pessel!)
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