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  1. Why have I never seen this movie before? I'm a major Billy Wilder fan. Thank you, TCM, for showing *Five Graves to Cairo*! Suspenseful and exciting, yet funny, yet moving, and all an intellectual pleasure (I like to analyze movies to death) as well as raw entertainment. Franchot Tone is a much better actor than I ever thought (I liked him, but now I'm impressed). And who knew Miss Eve Harrington herself could be so convincing in another movie? Especially interesting to see a film about WWII made during the depressing part of WWII, with Nazis represented as intelligent and real threats, no
  2. Although a big fan of THE STING I dislike *BUTCH CASSIDY*. I'm trying to like it but I'm having a trouble. Just... I don't know. The film OKLAHOMA is not deserving of the great show, but it's better than the attrocious film version of *SOUTH PACIFIC*. That puppy desperately needs to be remade. (And, Hamradio, that picture ROCKS!!! But I want it to apply to South Pacific)
  3. I too hope they use this as an opportunity to show some Premiers of some of Tony Curtis's less famous roles. I'm particulary hoping to see a little known but very entertaining film called *Goodbye Charlie* that I haven't seen since I was a kid. But if they don't show The Great Race, I'll be quite sad.
  4. *Joan Davis* was in THE GROOM WORE SPURS with Ginger Rogers Ginger Rogers was in ROXIE HART with music by Alfred Newman Alfred Newman's nephew is Randy Newman Randy Newman orchestrated and wrote songs for MONSTERS INC and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, both who feature the lovely voice of *John Goodman*
  5. (I love that movie!) Shirley MacLaine was in THE APARTMENT with Ray Walston
  6. I must also bring up the ending of Midsummer Night's Dream (1935), Joe E Brown as Thisbe. He rocks my socks.
  7. I adore the Marx Brothers!!! Especially the early stuff. "If you got no money how are you going to pay for your room?" "That's a-your look-out." "I see. You're just an idle roomer."
  8. Skimpole, I must agree that Ponyo and Howl's are HIGHLY underrated. Awesomeness. But Miyazaki never fails to amaze me. Speaking of underrated, to me, last year's #1 film was, hands down, no contest, a highly underrated film called *BRIGHT STAR*. Much better than any of the best picture nominees (yes, better even than Pixar, if that's possible.) As far as you overrated list, I must contest *Master and Commander* and *Good Night and Good Luck*, which in my neck of the woods were never praised all that highly and never thought of as well as they deserve. I think they are very good films,
  9. When I watch an old movie I try to identify every single person I can, actors and behind the scenes people alike, then I analyze it to death. I analyze every aspect. How good or bad or interesting is the acting, yes, but also, the writing, directing, art direction, costumes, lighting, editing, sound, music, etc etc etc. That's what's fun to me about film. If I'm really tired I won't analyze it so intensely but I will still analyze it to a degree. I will often think about how obvious it is that it is from that era. You can often hear phrases like this coming from us as we watch a movie:
  10. I'm a sucker for SCROOGE. It's my favorite version of A Christmas Carol.
  11. Funny to see this topic because I JUST watched *THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN*. By far the funniest thing about the movie is seeing Tim Conway and Don Knotts wear those hilarious saloon girl dresses, complete with stockings, wigs, and eye liner. Awesome! Otherwise I can think of Bob Hope dressed as his own aunt in *THE ROAD TO MOROCCO* and when the boys disguised themselves as **** dancers in *ON THE TOWN*. Plus Red Skelton looked hilarious in a tutu in *BATHING BEAUTY*. And don't forget *THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE* when James Fox wore Julie Andrews dress as a disguise.
  12. French, Emily----Norma Varden in WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION
  13. I'd like to say a word about Higgins singing. The reason Lerner and Loewe were the first who could make Pygmalion work as a musical is that they made him, not a non-singing part or anything, but not a typical leading man type of singer. THe speaking on key is practically written into the script, as a suggestion of course, but having done the show with a fantastic singer, it doesn't work when he sings everything full out like the other characters.
  14. I had never seen this movie til TCm showed it, though I knew about the famous scene and I'd always wanted to. I greatly enjoyed it, though I'd have to agree with Alec Baldwin about Cornel Wilde doing too much Leading Man acting. I thought that Gene Tierney did a better acting job than I ever thought her capable. And I thought it odd how much Gene Tierney and Jeanne Crain looked related. Mostly I appreciated that her caharcter was three dimentional. I thought her turn to murder was quite realistic. I for one also felt annoyed that the husband kept bringing people into the honeymoon and the
  15. I adore Sense and Sensibility, and to me is the best Austen film, and I think Emma is a brilliant actress, but I must say Audrey is better, and as someone who is still popular and a cultural icon, I see no reason for Emma to put her down in public. Sheesh!
  16. So sad to hear about Patricia Neal. I love her!!
  17. I know "It Happened One Night" well enough to be confident in guessing that's the answer. Am I right?
  18. I'm always watching movies that I feel are miscast in some way and off the top of my head I can't think of anything besides The Great Race. Though Tony Curtis is good looking and certainly does a graet job, to me he is too New York lower middle class, and even has that accent that colors ever word he says. His whole manner is too "common man" to me and he can't hide it. Of course, since Cary Grant was too old by 1965, I really can't think of anyone else off the top of my head. So I guess we're stuck. Maybe Omar Shariff? He's Valentino-esque! Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 29, 2010 6
  19. My favorite book ever, besides the ones already made into movies, is OUR MUTUAL FRIEND by Charles Dickens. It's quite long but I think it's still such a great story that no one seems to know but we the literary types.
  20. This is interesting. I'm having trouble thinking of movies that take place in other countries besides Italy. These are my picks Italy - Roman Holiday Great Britain - Gaslight France - American in Paris Russia - is there any other choice but Zhivago? I mean really! Japan - Teahouse of the August Moon Morocco- The Man Who Knew Too Much United States - does Vertigo count, as Hitch is a brit? If not, I don't know. Here's one you didn't mention Austria---the Sound of Music, hands down
  21. Isn't that Strangers on a Train? He uses trains so often....
  22. Fred, see it. It's one of those films that is so fun and funny it's uplifting. And not just because the amazing Jack Lemmon plays two parts.
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