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  1. Zac Efron looks like Tyrone Power! i don't wanna search for pictures, but look it up. Tom Cruise looks like Montgomery Clift. Brad Pitt looks like Robert Redford....
  2. It was a silent flm about these people and a diner....I remember it VERY vaguely, but I liked it....i think it took place in San Francisco or in California.....damn I just remember the diner....I don't think anyone will know
  3. I think it's just selfish for this man to keep that from the entire world. Are we talking about the Cukor version with Judy Garland? - If we are, he is very selfish! Grrrr!
  4. *Just a few I'd like to see this year: (mostly actresses, cuz I really love women) - Mercedes McCambridge - Shelley Winters - Judy Garland - Ingrid Bergman - Joan Crawford - Gene Tierney - Olivia de Havilland - Mae West - Walter Huston
  5. Wow. almost all my favorite films were made in this year. Gone With The Wind I still hold as the best because of everything, but one of the best performances of the year was of course Charles Laughton in Hunchback. Best comedy was definitely Ninotchka, I love that film so much.
  6. my suggestions: - Bette Davis - Greta Garbo - Joan Crawford - Jean Harlow - Leslie Howard - Jimmy Stewart - John Wayne - Barbara Stanwyck - Myrna Loy - Orson Welles - Walter Huston - Dean Martin - Judy Garland - Ingrid Bergman - Katharine Hepburn - Lon Chaney Sr. - Lillian Gish - Linda Darnell - Anne Baxter - Charles Laughton - Kirk Douglas - Mary Astor - Joseph Cotton - Vivien Leigh - Gene Tiereny - Tallulah Bankhead - Faye Dunaway - Fred & Ginger
  7. Woah, woah - Gene Kelly also had some moves. I like Easter Parade, I don't get why he wears a pink tie but still. Great films. Edited by: PTAndersonFan on Dec 21, 2009 3:19 PM
  8. Slumdog Millionaire did not deserve the attention it received, I was watching it the other day and switched off when I was twenty minutes into the film, it just doesn't hold up. I watched The Hunchback Of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton instead and everything about that film was 10x better than Slumdog Millionaire. I just thought to myself after how Hollywood is now hopeless. All they do are these character pieces about poor people in kitchen-sink drama situations and then having to make some kind of decision in the end like: Crazy Heart, The Wrestler. They don't tell stories of epic scope an
  9. Robet Osbourne has such a great, soothing voice. Ilove his intros, you learn so much about the movie before wachin it. He looks great - he looks what....? Like 54 or 55 years old.
  10. I think that was meant for very obscure classic films. I'm still waiting for Wyler's "Wuthering Heights" to be released on a decent DVD format, and what about "Our Dancing Daughters" that brought Joan Crawford to international fame. It's sad that a crappy film like Transformers gets a six disc special edition while a great film like The African Queen gets the heave-ho from the market shelves because younger audiences have no clue who Katharine Hepburn is - or John Huston.
  11. Well those were the social customs of the times that Preston questioned once he went to the north. You can see these customs falling apart as the imminent Civil War rages on and the epidemic of Yellow Jack killing thousands. It's a great film that was well searched, an extinct society that only lives on in this great Wyler movie.
  12. Oh, I've seen some of those. Cukor I've seen and loved A Star Is Born, Gaslight. Thanks.
  13. woops sorry guys, I was looking at the wrong page. I broke the chain! Oh no! Message was edited by: PTAndersonFan
  14. *Joan Crawford* was in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" with *Bette Davis*
  15. Hello guys and gals - I've been on a hunt list as of late for some new and very exciting directors and their films. I enjoy the films of Joe Mankiewicz, Clarence Brown, William Wyler, and Elia Kazan. So if anyone out there has the same interest I wish they could refer me to some other directors of the same quiality. I like films like Anna Christie, where it's very character driven. Romantic comedies like The Clock, Ninotchka, etc. And Grand Guignol films like:" Hush..Hush, Sweet Charlotte" and "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" So if anyone could drop some names of films or directors I
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