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  1. Former child star Beverly Washburn will be back for a fourth straight visit at World Con IV this summer in NYC. Among her many film and tv credits include: Superman and the Molemen, The Lone Ranger 1956, Shane, The Greatest Show On Earth, Hans Christian Anderson, The Juggler, Old Yeller, Star Trek TV, The Loretta Young Show, The Jack Benny Show, and the cult classic Spider Baby. For details visit http://www.myboomerplace.com/CaptainCelluloid Thanks, CC! B-)


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  2. Linda Harrison, Nova in the original Planet Of The Apes '68, will be making her first New York City appearance in over 10 years. World Con IV 2012 is to be held this summer at the Midtown Holiday Inn ballroom, 440 West 57th Street, in Manhattan. June 15, 16, and 17. Further details posted at http://www.myboomerplace.com/CaptainCelluloid Thanks, CC! B-)


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  3. Your Favorite horror stars Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Jr. are well represented in this weekend's special auction event at justkidsnostalgia.com. Vintage posters, lobbies, pressbook, programs, heralds, stills, Famous Monsters horror mags, etc are there for the bidding. Don't pass this one up! All proceeds from this event will go towards making Captain Celluloid's Movie And TV World Con IV 2012 a reality. Thanks, CC! B-)






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  4. Cult icon Laurie Mitchell will make a rare appearance next April 6-7 2012, at the New Yorker Hotel Grand Ballroom in New York City. Other celebs to appear include Police Woman's Angie Dickinson, fan favorite Beverly Washburn, Invaders From Mars Jimmy Hunt, 50s sex symbol Greta Thyssen, The Angry Red Planet's Naura Hayden, Donnie Donagan, and Judy O' Dea ( Barbara from Night Of The Living Dead). Special guest will be the great Character actor William Schallert ( Man From Planet X, Them, Commando Cody, Patty Duke Show, etc. etc. etc.) Full details posted at the Captain's new social website: [Captain Celluloid|http://www.myboomerplace/CaptainCelluloid] or type myboomerplace/CaptainCelluloid on your address bar. Thanks, CC


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  5. A very haunting movie, in the tradition of those classic b/w Twilight Zone episodes we enjoyed as kids. Found a new generation of fans when it was restored for theatrical re-release back in 1990. If you haven't seen it lately, hulu.com has a pristine print available for public viewing, and it's free. Ms Hilligoss will be coming back to the place she grew up in, New York city, on October 21-22 2011. Full details posted at "The Official George Reeves Tribute Page" site blog! Thanks!!!


    [site Blog Ink!|http://www.myspace.com/captaincelluloid9000/blog/540002570]

  6. Serial heroine Louis Currie ( The Masked Marvel, The Adventures of Captain Marvel) will be celebrating her 98th birthday on April 7th 2011. She'll be making her very first east coast appearance at Captain Celluloid's Movie And TV World Con IV on April 2-3, at the Midtown Holiday Inn, in New York city. Updates will be posted on site blog at [The Official George Reeves Tribute Page|http://www.myspace.com/captaincelluloid9000] Don't miss out on this one! Thanks!!!


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  7. TCM has never done a retrospective on this classy lady! She'll be 88 years young this October, and how fitting it would be if they ran all those classic movies she appeared in. I've made it a point to invite Mr Osbourne to my upcoming event, in New York, this October. Coleen will be my special guest, and Mr Osbourne has a chance to make things right!

  8. I have spoken to Ms Gray over the phone the past few months about her movie career, and how she's been overlooked by her fellow SAG members through the years. She Has great memories working with Richard Widmark, Tyrone Power, Ronald Reagan, and Raymond Burr among others. Time has not slowed her down. She donates alot of it to doing charity events. When I asked her about TCM and Robert Osborne, she has nothing but the utmost respect for their contribution in keeping our movie memories alive. Would she liked to be interviewed by Mr Osborne? She said she would welcome it! Well Mr Osborne the next move its yours. This legendary actress will be celebrating her 88th birthday come October 23rd. She'll be attending my convention in New York October 16-17. You can e-mail me at es1929@yahoo.com just in case you're interested. Thanks, Captain Celluloid!

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