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  1. Westerns would be great! I'd definitely take that course. Yee-haw!
  2. A Horror course would be great! Lots of movie history there. A while back I saw the 1910 version of Frankenstein on YouTube. I'd love to learn more about the early days of horror.
  3. Vampyr was awesome! The ending really creeped me out. They used to show the Spanish version of Dracula on TV once in a while but I haven't seen it in years. I'm pretty sure TCM has played it. Serials would be cool! I suggested that on the survey and on a previous survey. Adventures of Captain Marvel starring Tom Tyler is my favorite.
  4. Yes, a big thank you to Dr. Ament and Dr. Edwards and everyone involved. My mom was a dancer in the 1950s and later an instructor and did some choreography. If fact, she spent some time as a June Taylor dancer. That's the story, anyway. So, growing up in the '60s we watched a lot of older musicals on TV and went to see a lot of them in the movies. The first one I remember at a theater was The Music Man and I still watch that movie when it's on TV. I really learned a lot in this course and have a better appreciation for musicals. I was fascinated with all the history and how and why musica
  5. I last saw this movie about 40 years ago. I knew it was patriotic but don't remember and probably didn't notice the portraits, all the flags, the ships, and so on. Also, the bringing nationalities together through dialogue. As patriotic as a 4th of July parade is, I think this scene is more effective. More direct hitting and not as spread out as a parade. Off topic but when Cohan meets FDR, I couldn't help thinking of the Seinfeld episodes where George Costanza is talking to Steinbrenner. ?
  6. Four musicals that stop my remote if I'm channel surfing are, The Wizard of Oz - just one of my favorite movies of all time. The Music Man - I love the story and lots of songs that I've been singing (in private, lol) my whole life. Mary Poppins - fun from start to finish. The Blues Brothers - one word to describe it.....cool! And, the songs are right down my alley. My mom took us to see The Music Man and Mary Poppins in the theater when we were kids and I saw The Blues Brothers on the big screen as well. I missed The Wizard of Oz by a couple of years. Or decades.
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