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  1. > {quote:title=NatchuraLee wrote:}{quote} > Last thought: Dan Duryea is my favorite bad guy and he is equally phenomenal in both roles. On that, I agree with you completely, NatchuralLee! I love Duryea, and love watching him in any noir. :x
  2. > {quote:title=moviefan1951 wrote:}{quote} > It seems to me Mr. Lavine must care about noir a really _great_ deal. Undoubtedly so. I'm sure all noir fans are grateful for his efforts.
  3. If they do it like in years past, the DVD boxset might be out in the summer, which means the announcement could be coming fairly soon!
  4. Following other forum members' recommendation, I have just got my hands on a copy of "A Panorama of American Film Noir 1941-1953" by Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton, it is very interesting to finally read the French perspective on American noir.
  5. > {quote:title=moviefan1951 wrote:}{quote} > Actually, I think it may have even been selected for the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. I should check on that. I just checked. It was selected by the National Film Preservation Board in 2007. Oddly enough, it didn't receive any nominations back when released, for anything!
  6. Well I still don't have a top 25 list, but I do think I'll be putting *In a Lonely Place* on it. I just don't know how I'll rank it. But I definitely want to include it. It's such a great movie.
  7. > {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote} > I searched the Internet to see what the legal drinking age was in California in 1941. > > 1953 - California enacted its current minimum drinking age of 21. (Section 25658 > Business and Professions Code) > > I'm not sure what the age was, but it was under 21. If the drinking age wasn't 21 at that time, it almost certainly would have been 18. Which is all very well, as far as I am concerned, since that's what it is in many other countries. And regardless of the drinking age, I'm sure young Charlie wasn't likely to try
  8. That's an awesome photo, moviefan! I don't know if it's from a movie or just a publicity shot, but she looks stunning.
  9. Great Hitchcock list! Rick, if you are interested in watching "The 39 Steps" again, it's scheduled for Apr 11 (07:30AM) and Jun 27, (04:30AM) on TCM. It's a great movie - I also haven't seen it in ages.
  10. I don't remember the voiceover from "Raw Deal", but a theremin always sounds cool! B-)
  11. Yes, this is not to say that she wasn't talented, but it's not a genre that she'd have had an easy time fitting in. Or maybe she would have, but was never given a chance. > {quote:title=ChiO wrote:}{quote} > What do the best film noirs have? Why voice-over narration, of course. So, as a tip of the hat to Blast of Silence, I hereby cast as the off-screen, never seen, Voice of the God Forsaken...Lionel Stander. Not a bad idea, and Stander was already doing movies at RKO, I think. Wasn't he in the original "A Star is Born"? He always did have a very distinctive voice, so he'd hav
  12. > {quote:title=ChiO wrote:}{quote} > Vivien Leigh? Now you're just pandering to the *GWTW* crowd. And "pandering" is still a crime in the noir world. > I'm glad someone else feels that way! And I definitely agree that pandering should be a crime in the noir world.
  13. This is from today's live chat with the officials from Warner Home Video, in which someone asked them which titles were likely to be included in the FIFTH volume of Film Noir. They don't say which titles WILL be in the boxset, but they do say which 10 noirs will NOT be included: My request is for a fifth film noir box. Given the tough economic times, it would be great if - like Vol. 4 - it featured 10 films, including: Riffraff, The Clay Pigeon, Armored Car Robbery, I Died a Thousand Times, The Locket, Stranger on the Third Floor, Born to Be Bad, and another few surprises. Also, it woul
  14. Great news, everyone! WHV has confirmed a FIFTH volume of Film Noir coming this year! I'll post it separately to make sure everyone looks at it, even if they don't check this thread regularly!
  15. Just found out about this new Noir Festival coming up in a San Francisco theater while reading another thread - thought I'd post the info separately in case anyone in the area might be interested: *I WAKE UP DREAMING: The Haunted World of the B Film Noir* http://tinyurl.com/d57ffj FILM NOIR returns in May to the ROXIE where it once enjoyed its greatest renaissance! Two weeks ? from May 15 through May 28 ? of darkly demented, baffling B budget curios of the American style ? most not available on DVD and many not seen in theaters for decades! From 1990 until 2003, San Francisco?s
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