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  1. Help out our group by watching this video: It is a very short silent film, and we need your help to rack up the views and get to first place! The State Bar of Texas Youtube contest will be decided by the amount of views a video gets and we are about 400 views behind first place! Please watch and pass along the link to others if you like it, thanks =)
  2. I respect your opinion, however I did not consider it to be completely unrelated since the very title says "off topic" and the video does have the music that I mentioned. I refrained from posting in discussions where I would disrupt the conversation and/or game, or where I felt that there was no place for my posting. Was just doing my best to reach a larger amount of people, I apologize for the inconvenience my post may have caused you/
  3. It's not spam if I am in the general discussion section, speak for yourself.
  4. All you gotta do is watch this short video, not even 2 minutes long: It is an entry for the State Bar of Texas YouTube contest. One of the winners is decided by the amount of views and we are very far behind the first place video. It's an attempt at being a silent film and our group would greatly appreciate your support. If you like it please pass it along =)
  5. Anyone know what the songs in this video are called?
  6. We could've used some of the clothes from the time in this video =(
  7. Yes please! Keep those views coming, we're still really far behind the first place video =( Here's the link in case you guys need it again. I appreciate the help
  8. Thank you very much, I shot you an e-mail a little while ago.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. As far as my interests, I do go back on forth but I am currently leaning towards the prosecution side. I think its the side where I will be completely at peace with myself at the end of the day. As a prosecutor your job is to find out the whole truth and act on the findings. As for the defense, there will be many ocassions where the truth is bent, or concealed altogether. Like I said though, I go back and forth because theres good parts to both sides. =)
  10. haha good one. No I was more of the guy behind the concept and left the filming and editing to the other members. We decided to do a silent film to give it an older feeling, and also to be different from the other entries. Another thing that came into play was the fact that the bar we shot it at had the music playing real loud so we wouldn't have been able to actually hear our voices.
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