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  1. I haven't been browsing the message boards for some time. However I'm surprised no one noticed that this isn't Darla with Spanky. it's Marianne Edwards.
  2. Judy Garland was scheduled for both "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Valley Of The Dolls". I believe she was fired from both films due to her health issues. Betty Hutton got the role in "Annie" and Susan Hayward got it in "Valley". There are still outtakes from both films that show Judy in those roles. BTW, Frank Morgan was also scheduled for "Annie" but his death led to MGM choosing Louis Calhern.
  3. And "Carefree" from 1938 is also missing from the Astaire/Rogers roster.
  4. Notice that in the opening credits it lists Daisy as "himself". Daisy was supposed to be a female. She even had pups in "Blondie's Blessed Event". But in reality Daisy was played by a male dog.
  5. Does anyone know if TCM has acquired the rights to show the Blondie films? One or two years ago they showed the first six films of the series. I know they were TCM premieres. Then they showed another Blondie film (Blondie Goes To College) as part of a college films theme several months ago . Last Saturday they showed another three films. I'm wondering if slowly but surely they will show the remaining 18 Blondie films. I was disappointed that they didn't have the original Columbia films opening credits and music but at least they're commercial free. I could still kick myself when I think back
  6. I finished reading "The Life and Death of Colin Clive" a few months ago. It was a very interesting bio that I'd strongly recommend to anyone who has any interest in Colin Clive. He was a tortured soul. His life was unhappy and he was a hopeless alcoholic. But he was brilliant in his roles as Captain Stanhope in "Journey's End" and as Dr. Frankenstein.
  7. I enjoy watching the old reruns of "Dennis The Menace" on Antenna TV and I definitely prefer Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson vs. Gale Gordon. Apparently the viewers at the time also preferred Kearns as ratings plummeted after Kearns died and Gordon took over the role.
  8. As expected, TCM won't ever show Bette's first film (Bad Sister-1931) even though it's out there. Probably because it's a Universal film.
  9. Yes, it's 84 years exactly as Jean died on Monday June 7, 1937. I was thinking about it yesterday.
  10. Or Spencer Tracy. He made several films for Fox between 1931-1935 and they all survive. Instead of showing his same old films why not feature at least one or two Fox films?
  11. I wish TCM could at least have one evening dedicated to her. They could showcase three of her films. Although mostly forgotten now she was quite popular during her day.
  12. I am curious as to why TCM mainly shows WWII films during its Memorial Day Marathon. Memorial Day is a tribute to fallen soldiers from all wars, not just WWII.
  13. Well, I learned from my mistake and made sure I recorded Doctor X early this morning. Hopefully TCM will show Mystery of the Wax Museum in the not too distant future.
  14. I totally forgot about the airing this morning of "Mystery Of The Wax Museum" until it was too late. I planned on recording it. I could kick myself. Did anyone watch it and if so was it the restored color version? Just curious.
  15. Jean Harlow and Cary Grant. They appeared together in "Suzy" a WWI melodrama. Hal Roach wanted Jean Harlow as Marian Kirby in "Topper" but she was unavailable and soon thereafter died. Constance Bennett did a great job in the role but personally I think Jean would have been funnier. It's a shame that Cary and Jean never appeared in a screwball comedy together.
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