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  1. Well, I learned from my mistake and made sure I recorded Doctor X early this morning. Hopefully TCM will show Mystery of the Wax Museum in the not too distant future.
  2. I totally forgot about the airing this morning of "Mystery Of The Wax Museum" until it was too late. I planned on recording it. I could kick myself. Did anyone watch it and if so was it the restored color version? Just curious.
  3. Jean Harlow and Cary Grant. They appeared together in "Suzy" a WWI melodrama. Hal Roach wanted Jean Harlow as Marian Kirby in "Topper" but she was unavailable and soon thereafter died. Constance Bennett did a great job in the role but personally I think Jean would have been funnier. It's a shame that Cary and Jean never appeared in a screwball comedy together.
  4. They almost did pair up in "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" three years later. But Joan Crawford bowed out "due to illness (rumor was that they couldn't get along) so Olivia de Havilland took over the role.
  5. Does anyone know if TCM will be showing the restoration versions of these two films? I know they were originally filmed in two strip technicolor and I had also heard they they had both been recently restored. They had originally been thought as "lost" until copies were found in Jack Warner's possession after his death.
  6. I just thought of Lupe Velez ; another tragic figure. Single and pregnant she was devastated that the father of her unborn child wouldn't marry her and so committed suicide. She was 36. She was also having financial problems. Legend has it that she was found dead with her head in the toilet. Her bizarre death tale (whether it be true or not) was even mentioned in the first episode of the TV series Frasier.
  7. I've been watching reruns of "Dennis The Menace" on Antenna TV and find many of its episodes hilarious. I especially like the first Mr. Wilson (Joseph Kearns). He had a great rapport with Dennis. I also liked Gloria Henry as his Mom. She had a warmth and loving nature. I never cared for Barbara Billingsley. I thought she was cold and very formal with Beaver and Wally. She lacked the warmth that Gloria Henry displayed. Even though she was 98 and I'm sure led a full life it was still sad to hear that Gloria Henry had died.
  8. So many tragic actor/actress deaths: Colin Clive- very talented actor yet a tormented soul. Died of pulmonary tuberculosis and alcoholism at 37 Ross Alexander-Warner Bros actor died of suicide at 29 Charles Emmett Mack -tragically killed in an auto accident on his way to film a scene for "The First Auto". He was 26 Barbara Lamarr- "The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful" died at 29 of tuberculosis Alma Rubens-died at 33 of hepatitis brought on by her continued drug use Jeff Chandler-died at 42 after complications from surgery for a spinal disc Judy Tyler-died at 24 i
  9. Where was Liza, her daughter thru all this? Why didn't she take responsibility for her Mom's remains?
  10. I agree. Carson is on Antenna TV every night. TCM is not the market for reruns of TV shows.
  11. I found nothing wrong with his voice. There have been many reasons stated thru the years for his downfall. It sounds like he was bipolar with all his mood swings. I always thought that he would have made a great Nick Charles (no offense to William Powell). I could imagine him in sophisticated comedy with a martini in hand. I would also love to see "His Glorious Night" on TCM. It's been restored.
  12. OMG! I was in awe as I watched Bill Robinson in the original step dance number. He was the most adept talented tap dancer I've ever seen. Thanks so much for posting this video. I agree with "TopBilled" that he deserves a prime time spotlight.
  13. I certainly agree that Joan Bennett is long overdue for SOTM. A few questions; was her sister Constance ever SOTM? I assume she probably was because many of her films were at RKO which TCM seems to have easy access to. Also, did Joan and Constance ever appear in a film together? I can't recall but maybe someone knows otherwise.
  14. Clara Bow in "Kick In". This was her last Paramount film before her breakdown. I saw it years ago at Film Forum and she was fantastic. The film itself had been restored and was in pristine condition.
  15. How about also showing some more Paramount films from the 1930's especially those of Clara Bow and Nancy Carroll.
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