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  1. Four Devils (1928) one of only a few films the great director F.W Murneau made in the U.S.
  2. Even though Gale Gordon looked more like the comic strip Mr. Wilson I preferred Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson . He had a better rapport with Dennis and I found him funnier. Gale Gordon's Mr. Wilson just didn't click and the ratings slipped.
  3. I don't believe TCM has ever aired this film. And it's an RKO film so I don't understand why TCM wouldn't have access to it. I would also love to see it.
  4. I watched "The Valiant" last night as I know it's Paul Muni's film debut and a rare Fox film but I found the actors very corny in delivering their lines (other than Muni himself). They were too dramatic and every word they said came out as over-emphasized. I assume it's because this film was one of the earliest talkies and the actors didn't know how to deliver their lines in a natural tone. Does anyone know why "The Woman I Love" is never shown. It's a Paul Muni film from 1937 with a great cast including Miriam Hopkins, Louis Hayward and Colin Clive in his final film role. It's an RKO film so it should be easy for TCM to obtain and there are movie reviews for it in the IMBD. So what's the problem?
  5. I'm surprised there's no mention of "That's My Boy" which TCM premiered last night in prime time. It's a rare 1932 Columbia film that may have never been on television before. The star of the film, Richard Cromwell, reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio.
  6. I'm not sure which Spencer Tracy film I like best but I thought I'd add that I wish TCM would show some of Spencer Tracy's Fox films. He was a star at Fox for 5 years before coming to MGM. All his Fox films do exist and although TCM has aired a few Fox films ( Me And My Gal, Up The River, Dante's Inferno) there are so many more to show.
  7. With Bette Davis as SOTM for the third time I was hoping against hope for a TCM premiere of either "The Bad Sister" or "Seed" which both exist. They are airing the 1931 "Waterloo Bridge" but this has been shown on TCM several times before. A prime time viewing of "The Bad Sister" would have been an excellent way to start the program with the TCM host commenting on her first film. This film also featured Humphrey Bogart in one of his earliest roles.
  8. I was only 4 or 5 when my Mom took me to a downtown theater to see "Snow White and the Three Stooges". I remember being really bored as the stooges weren't funny as they were in their Columbia shorts. My Mom said I was so restless; I couldn't sit still because I found the film boring and very unfunny. I was constantly wanting to go get candy or a soft drink.
  9. As I read a previous thread on her TV show I wondered why it was never in syndication like so many of the other shows. Shows such as "Father Knows Best", "Bewitched", "All In The Family", etc. have been shown on various channels in syndication for years yet I've never seen her show in syndication. Have I missed something?
  10. Very sad. Even though she was 97 I had hoped she would make it to 100. She was a beautiful human being with a big heart and soul. I remember her voice talking about Rock Hudson on a TCM clip and when she mentioned how much she still missed him her voice broke as if she broke into tears. She's now reunited with her only child Terry and all her other dear friends (including dogs). The pet world has also lost a great advocate.
  11. I was very disappointed that Henry Fonda's day on 8/1 is full of repeats. This would have been a golden opportunity to showcase "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine" or "The Moon's Our Home". I know they are both Paramount flicks but I would assume TCM could have gotten one or the other for at least one Henry Fonda TCM premiere. The former film was the first Paramount technicolor film and I do remember seeing it as a child on TV. The scenery was beautiful. The latter film would be a good chance to see him co-starring with his ex wife Margaret Sullavan.
  12. According to the August 2019 schedule "Mary Burns, Fugitive" is having its TCM premiere on August 5 at 1:30pm. We'll see if this is another one of those rare films that gets scrapped off the schedule with no explanation given. This has happened too many times before.
  13. One of my personal favorites is "Blue Hawaii", not only for the beautiful songs but also for the scenery. It is one of his "formula" movies but this one is a step above the others.
  14. Actually, B.D. was only 16 when she was married. Amazing that the marriage lasted since she was so young.
  15. Alice was delighted that she was given a change in character as she was getting tired of the musicals and wanted to try a dramatic role. However, she was devastated as well as angered and bitter that the edited film cut most of her role in favor of Linda Darnell. She was infuriated at Darryl Zanuck for doing this to her. She packed her bags from her dressing room into her car and drove off the lot. She refused all offers and threats from Zanuck to return.
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