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  1.      I certainly agree that Joan Bennett is long overdue for SOTM. 

    A few questions; was her sister Constance ever SOTM? I assume she probably was because many of her films were at RKO which TCM seems to have easy access to. Also, did Joan and Constance ever appear in a film together? I can't recall but maybe someone knows otherwise.

  2. On 1/1/2021 at 10:30 AM, Polly of the Precodes said:

    TCM already has on its schedule several silent films (LA MUETTE DE PORTICI, ROSITA) that aren't their usual warhorses; I hope to see this continue in 2021.

    In the wishful thinking department, I'd love to see TCM license more pre-1935 films from Fox, Universal, and Columbia. Although I'm not holding my breath, given that every studio with a back catalog is wading into proprietary streaming services.

    And my dream of dreams: In 2020 TCM-US untangled whatever rights issues were preventing them from showing THE SILVER CORD. Any chance of TCM following this in the new year by releasing LETTY LYNTON from its rights purgatory?

    How about also showing some more Paramount films from the 1930's especially those of Clara Bow and Nancy Carroll. 

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Oneeyeopen said:

    Yvonne DeCarlo, what an interesting career. 

    She was in McClintock with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara and she was Moses' wife in The Ten Commandments.

    She was also in Criss Cross with Burt Lancaster and Dan Duryea.  

    Very interesting.

    I never knew she was in westerns. She had such exotic looks that seemed more suited for biblical films and film noir. Her looks remind me a bit of Hedy Lamarr. 

    However, her biggest fame came as Lily Munster.

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  4. On 12/28/2020 at 6:41 AM, sagebrush said:

    I love Murphy's 1950's TV MGM narration segments. Whenever a guest would pop in, he treated them like royalty. It's too bad he never went the route of talk show host. I think he would have been great.

    I think I liked him best in LITTLE MISS BROADWAY with Shirley Temple and Alice Faye. His dance style was easy going, and I thought he had a nice singing voice, too.

    Alice Faye wasn't in "Little Miss Broadway".

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  5. Yes, I remember when "The Gathering" first aired. It was a made for TV movie. I recorded it many years ago on a VHS tape when it aired on a local channel.

    A few other obsure Christmas films come to mind. There was "It Happened One Christmas" with Marlo Thomas which was a remake of "It's A Wonderful Life" with Marlo as the female version of George Bailey. That was from 1977.  Then there was "Christmas Eve" in 1986 with Loretta Young about a dying woman wanting to reunite her family for Christmas. These were also made for TV movies. 

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  6. That's wonderful to hear about the restoration of the sound feature "Our Gang" shorts.  I'm wondering about the silent ones. Several years ago a company called Laughsmith (or something like that) was going to restore all the silent Our Gang shorts and put them on DVD but something fell short and it never happened. Does anyone know if these shorts have ever been restored? Sometimes they are shown on TCM and most of them are in pretty bad condition. 

  7. On 8/3/2020 at 9:13 AM, midwestan said:

    This is very frustrating to die-hard TCM fans when this happens.  If it's a problem with the visual or audio quality of the print that's scheduled to be shown, I can see that.  If it's a rights problem with airing a film, you'd think the station's legal team would be up on what it can and cannot show.  When something is originally scheduled, then inexplicably yanked, it would be nice to know why.  Even a simple single letter explanation of 'Q' for Quality or 'R' for Rights would be sufficient (well, for me, anyway).  Having said all this, have we ever figured out why TCM scheduled, then never aired "Lilac Time"?  This 1928 silent film was greatly anticipated by TCM fans here when it popped up on the schedule several years ago, then it got pulled with no explanation, and it hasn't been scheduled since.

    Actually, I believe "Lilac Time" was yanked twice from the schedule.  I got so frustrated after the second yanking that I found a VHS copy on ebay and bought it.

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  8.      While going thru the August TCM schedule I noticed that they took "Steamship Round The Bend"  (1935) off  on Anne Shirley's day.  I was looking forward to it as it was the last film Will Rogers made before his untimely death. It is also a rare Fox film.  I knew it was too good to be true.

    Also, I noticed that they're showing "Mary Burns Fugitive" (1935)  as a TCM premiere on Sylvia Sidney's day. That's not true. They aired it several months ago in the afternoon as I taped it. 

  9.      My favorite show of all time was "Bewitched" and my favorite characters in the series were Aunt Clara, Endora and the first Gladys Kravitz. I recently bought the boxed set of all 254 episodes.

    I never watched "Frasier" when it was in prime time but I began watching it on COZI-TV. I love the humor and the writing is fabulous. I think it's a lot funnier than the show it branched off from (Cheers).


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  10.      Lon Chaney Sr. made his only talkie, "The Unholy Three" which not only proved that he had a good speaking voice but he also did multiple voices in the film. Sadly he died a short time later. Lilyan Tashman was filming "Frankie and Johnny" in 1934 when she went to the hospital and died of cancer. This film wasn't released till 1936. Poor Ross Alexander just completed "Ready, Willing and Able"  with Ruby Keeler when he committed suicide.  At first Jack Warner wanted to refilm his scenes but it was deemed too expensive. They released the film and Ross was delegated to fifth in the film credits even though he was the co star with Ruby.  

    I'm not sure if this thread is for a stars who died during or shortly after their last film or simply their last film.  But Clara Bow went out with a bang in her last film "Hoopla"  in 1933.  Her last scene shows her in a very skimpy revealing outfit waving and smiling to the camera before the fade out.

  11.      Beginning at 8pm tonight TCM will showcase the Four Marx Brothers (Zeppo incuded) in their Paramount films. Does anyone know why their first film "The Cocoanuts" is rarely if ever shown? Even times like tonight when all the other Paramount films are being shown they left out their first one. This has happened many times in the past.

  12.      Last year Henry Fonda had his day for SOTS. I was disappointed that TCM didn't include "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine" for his day. Now a year later and Sylvia Sidney is one of the SOTM's . Same deal;  no "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine".  I remember this film from when I was young. It was a wonderful film and the technicolor outdoor landscapes were magnificent. I guess I'll just have to order a DVD. 

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