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  1. I just put my TV on to watch "The Misfits" on TCM. Before the film there was a snippet from Virginia Grey recalling her involvement in the film "Saratoga". She stated that after Jean Harlow died Irving Thalberg called her and Clark Gable into his office to discuss recasting her as Carol Clayton. They were going to refilm all of Jean's scenes with Virginia. Then the public started sending in a deluge of letters begging them to keep Harlow in the film so they could see her one last time. Consequently, MGM used two different doubles for the remaining scenes. When I listened to her story I t
  2. It's ironic that when I first saw the heading of this thread I thought of John Wayne. And yet the first name mentioned WAS John Wayne. I don't hate him but I don't like him. The only films I've ever watched with him are "The Big Trail" (1930) and "Baby Face" (1933). My Dad wouldn't watch him and told me about him being a "draft-dodger" during WWll. I never could understand what people saw in him. But that's just my opinion.
  3. Isn't it amazing how Warner Bros. was able to glamourize Bette? When she first began her film career at Universal Carl Laemmle Jr. remarked that she had as much sex appeal as Slim Summerville. During her short 3 film duration at Universal in 1931 she was called "the little brown wren". Not very flattering.
  4. It would be awesome if TCM could air the documentary as part of a tribute to him. They have access to most of his films.
  5. Why has this topic changed to Ozzy Osborne? I started this topic with a serious question about Robert Osborne's well being and health status. How did it turn to Ozzy? Can we please stick with the topic?
  6. Yul's 1st wife looks a lot like June Lockhart. At first I thought it was her before I read the caption.
  7. I don't know if it's just my imagination or not but in his tribute to friend Olivia De Havilland Robert's voice sounds somewhat frail.
  8. I was out of the loop for awhile due to an accident. Since coming back onboard the TCM message boards I see that Robert Osborne still isn't appearing as host. I had thought that he was going to be back in July. Maybe I'm wrong but hasn't he been gone for several months? What is going on with him? Has he been ill or is he just taking a long sabbatical? I know he's getting up in age but I haven't heard any word on his retirement. What is the official word from TCM officials about him?
  9. His daughter looks a lot like Olivia DeHavilland.
  10. And a fair percentage of what they say isn't true. Both RO and BM have been caught saying things about the films or stars which were false. Not enough research done before scripting the dialogue.
  11. Actually if you're talking about the original "Invisible Man" with Claude Rains you do see him in the final minute or two lying on the bed.
  12. I've loved Marie Dressler ever since I first saw her in "Dinner At Eight" back in the late 1980's when TNT was showing old films. She can make you laugh or cry. I've seen most of her films over and over again and still laugh at her sequences. I'm happy that TCM is finally recognizing her and I hope she'll gain some new supporters this month once her films are showcased. For several years her films were rarely shown.
  13. I remember TCM showing "The Affairs Of Anatol" but that was several years ago.
  14. I agree with "Tikisoo" that one of the problems with Shirley Booth was her hairdo; it made her look older and matronly. One would think that the hairdressers, make up men and wardrobe people would be able to work some wonders with her, especially for this role. Her amazing acting ability made her believable.
  15. I still have yet to watch the first 30 minutes which I missed the first time around.
  16. I know that "Hawthorne Of The U.S.A." (1919), "The Roaring Road" (1919) and "Excuse My Dust" (1920) are available as I have them in my collection. I bought the biography on Reid several years ago. It was expensive but it was the first complete bio on him and it was well researched.
  17. WOW! Thanks bansi14. I've never seen a photo of Marilyn with James Dean. Are there any others? I wonder under what circumstances they met.
  18. I'm also suspect of this allegation. Gable could get any girl he wanted. If this "date rape" were really true then why would Loretta star with Gable fifteen years later in "Key To The City"? She wasn't under contract to MGM so she could have simply refused to be in the film with him. From what I read not only did Gable and Young get along fine on the set but she even introduced Gable to Judy. Of course all the principal players are dead so no one will ever know the truth.
  19. I heartily agree with Princess Of Tap that it takes a special type of actor to be able to inter-play so well with an animal. Alan Young made it so realistic that you actually believed he was talking with Mr. Ed. They had an exceptionally close relationship. I'd be curious to know what he thought when he was approached for the role of Wilbur and what type of rehearsals were done to make their relationship so real.
  20. Redemption was filmed before His Glorious Night but was shelved for a year.
  21. I had thought with the budget cuts TCM has made that August would be the same old stars. But there are a few pleasant surprises for me. August 12 has Janet Gaynor with many of her films from Fox studios. Unfortunately I plan to be at Capitolfest that weekend so my 3 recorders will be programmed and ready to go. August 18 has Ruby Keeler and one of her films rarely shown (Go Into Your Dance). August 22 has Robert Montgomery whose films I always enjoy watching. A special treat will be on August 24 with Constance Cummings . Not only will there be some rarely seen Columbia titles but they'll also
  22. I always thought that John Gilbert would have been great in the roles William Powell played; suave, debonair, sophisticated and with a bit of a comical side. I could see John playing the role of Nick Charles in the Thin Man films. I wish that TCM could obtain permission to run "His Glorious Night". I believe the Library Of Congress has a copy of it. Then the viewers can judge for themselves what they think of his voice. Personally I don't think it was his voice that was at fault; it was the roles he was playing.
  23. How ironic that Margaret Sullavan and Henry Fonda share the same birthdate. She was his first wife but I believe their marriage was very short. I wonder what happened to their marriage? They must have still remained friendly because I believe they co-starred in a film after their divorce.
  24. Thanks for the reminder. I missed the first 30 minutes of the film and forgot to record it. It's a very sentimental, touching and poignant film. Although Robert Ryan and Shirley Booth make a very unlikely pair their amazing acting abilities make it work.
  25. Many of them were also heavy smokers and/or heavy drinkers which helps account for not aging well. And of course many of them died in their 40's, 50's and early 60's. A few examples: Tyrone Power, Robert Taylor, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper.
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