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  1. From what I heard Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were like sisters (just as close as Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland).
  2. Music In The Air is still showing on the TCM schedule for Tuesday May 3 at 8pm. Unfortunately they bumped Wild Girl off the schedule and replaced it with To the Last Man. Very disappointing about Wild Girl as I was really looking forward to it. Hopefully they won't do this to Music In The Air. These were the only two films for May that I had any enthusiasm about.
  3. This is very disappointing. The only two films I was excited to see on May's roster were "Music In The Air" and "Wild Girl". Both are Fox film rarities. I'm bumbed out.
  4. I know that Marilyn Monroe was never TCM star of the month but does anyone know if she ever had a day during SUTS in previous years?
  5. "Kay" suggested Judy Holliday as one of the SUTS. Unless TCM includes the films where she's uncredited or includes some of her TV appearances there wouldn't be enough films to cover the 24 hour day. Judy didn't make many movies.
  6. I've heard that Veronica Lake was difficult to work with but I'm not sure why. I had read that Fredric March couldn't stand working with her during the filming of "I Married A Witch". After Joel McCrea starred with her in "Sullivan's Travels" he vowed never to work with her again.
  7. My favorite exit was the final lines of dialogue between Jean Harlow and Marie Dressler as they walk to the dinner table in Dinner At Eight. It's a classic!
  8. What I liked about Mae West were her innuendos. I believe the Production Code really hurt her film career. She still tried to get those suggestive phrases in her dialogue but they were much tamer once the Code was enforced. I might be wrong but I think another downfall for her was the sameness of her movies. Most, if not all took place in the 1890's and had the same theme.
  9. Are Olivia and Joan twins? If so I never knew it. I thought Joan was Olivia's younger sister by a few years.
  10. How ironic that Paul Newman took the role meant for James Dean in "Somebody Up There Likes Me" after Dean's tragic death.
  11. Exactly what year was Doris day born; 1922 or 1924? Different sources state one year or another. Does anyone really know the correct year?
  12. What a nice photo of Herbert Anderson! I never would have recognized him. I don't think I ever saw him without glasses.
  13. There was a thread just like this a year or two ago, and I'll post the same thing I posted in that thread: wherever people's driving destination is in the movies, they always pull up right in front of that building, and there's an empty spot, usually fewer than 20 steps from the front door of the building. When I read this comment I laughed because it reminded me of watching "The Beverly Hillbillies" years ago. Whenever the Clampett family went to the Commerce Bank Of Beverly Hills they would park their truck right in front of the bank. No other cars were around. Yea, like in Beverly H
  14. I've heard several negative comments regarding "Loving The Classics" on "Nitrateville.com. People complain of having their credit cards charged and never receiving their DVD's. When they call to complain all they ever get is a voicemail and no one ever gets back to them. Some of the recipients on "Nitrateville" claim that "Loving The Classics" will inform them that their DVD's are on back order but they never receive them. I'll be curious if you receive the DVD. If you receive it I wonder what the quality will be. Please keep us informed.
  15. Another reason for Gable's refusal to be interviewed was his view on television. Many of the older film stars found the medium of television to be a threat to their livelihood as film stars. Gable was still making movies right up until he died. I had read that movie stars still under contract to their studios were forbidden to appear in the new medium of television. TV was looked upon by the movie moguls as a threat to the film industry as more and more people stayed home to watch TV rather than attend the movie theaters. Film attendance dropped as more and more people bought TV's.
  16. I had to laugh when I read Joan Crawford's comment on Gable. On the other hand I read that Carole Lombard thought Gable was "a lousy lay" (her own words). To each his own. And Vivien Leigh found it difficult to kiss Gable because of his horrible breath.
  17. The sad passing of Gary Shandling brings back some memories. I remember his show on the new Fox network. Gilda Radner made her first appearance after her cancer surgery, chemo and recuperation on his show. I remember how great she looked and how happy she was to have kicked the "Big C". But it didn't last. Very tragic. I believe she was only 42.
  18. Yes I did "GregoryPeckfan". It's a shame that they only co-starred in that one film. They were scheduled for a few more films when she tragically died. I thought that they made a very attractive couple.
  19. I'm surprised that no one mentioned Robert Taylor. He was extremely good looking. He rivaled Tyrone Power as most attractive actor. At one point MGM put him in some films showing his athletic prowess (A Yank At Oxford, The Crowd Roars) to show the public that he was more than just a pretty face. I'd post a photo of him but I don't know how to do it.
  20. Before TCM made their budget cuts they did show some Nancy Carroll talkies although most of them were from Columbia not Paramount. The films they showed were Broken Lullaby, Hot Saturday, Scarlett Dawn, Child Of Manhattan, The Kiss Before The Mirror, After The Dance, Atlantic Adventure and There Goes My Heart.
  21. Before TCM made their budget cuts they did show some Nancy Carroll talkies although most of them were from Columbia not Paramount. The films they showed were Broken Lullaby, Hot Saturday, Scarlett Dawn, Child Of Manhattan, The Kiss Before The Mirror, After The Dance, Atlantic Adventure and There Goes My Heart.
  22. I know that "The Shopworn Angel" with Nancy Carroll still exists as I saw it at Capitolfest last year. It's missing the final two reels so they inserted stills and title cards to piece together the conclusion. According to the Internet Movie Database all but the first two reels of "Abie's Irish Rose" still exist at the Library Of Congress although I don't know if they've been restored as I've never heard of the film being shown anywhere. Also, "The Wolf Of Wall Street" once thought lost was found but I haven't seen any festival where it's been shown. I assume all other Nancy Carroll silent
  23. They seemed so natural together. They really clicked no matter whether they were in comedy or drama. I wonder if they remained friends after their movie years. Does anyone know?
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