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  1. It doesn't look like anything ever developed from the discussions of a theme month devoted to early talkies and part talkies from the late 1920's. I believe the idea was initiated by "thelma todd" and seemed to have quite a supportive audience but then it died down. I was one of the enthusiastic supporters of this idea. I would love to have a month where at least one day a week would be devoted to showing movies from the early talkie period. There are still enough of these movies around to show. I'd especially love to see some of the part talkies made by the studios during this period as the
  2. Ross Alexander committed suicide before his final film "Ready, Willing And Able" was released in 1937. The movie starred Ruby Keeler in her final Warner Bros. film. Alexander had a major role in this film but Warner Bros. put him way down on the list of credits due to his suicide and its potential effect on the film. He wasn't even listed or featured in the trailer for this film. Robert Walker died during production of "My Son John". A double was used in some scenes and other scenes featuring Walker's character were taken from his prior film "Strangers On A Train". Kay Kendall died o
  3. I third the motion! I would absolutely love for TCM to show "Goldie". I don't think they'd have a problem with UCLA: the problem would be getting the rights to get it on loan from 20th Century Fox. Maybe if we all start requesting it in the "suggest a movie" feature the TCM programmers will make an effort to obtain it. It appears that 20th Century Fox doesn't care about it; in fact they rarely show any of the pre 20th Century Fox movies on their cable network. "Goldie" was restored by UCLA and the movie is in pristine condition so why keep it locked up in mothballs? It would be a welcome
  4. If someone is going to watch Call Her Savage this Saturday 4/25 at 6AM please email me privately.
  5. I am really excited about TCM's July listing. I can't wait! There are so many goodies! I've been waiting for years for TCM to show "Three Wise Girls" with Jean Harlow and Mae Clarke. It's going to be shown on July 10 along with several other rare Columbia pre codes. Most of them are so rare that the Internet Movie Database doesn't even have any user comments on them. I plan to take that Friday as a vacation day to sit, watch and record them. Many other rarities are on the schedule: Ma and Pa Kettle, Betty Grable (My Blue Heaven), a couple of Lon Chaney movies, a few of the Lex Barker Tarzan m
  6. I still feel there should be a statute of limitations on these cases. In the case of the Joan Fontaine movie I assume the author was paid damages and the case should have been settled. Why can't the studio simply place a disclaimer before the opening credits stating that the story was not told according to the author's wishes etc.? Viewers aren't interested in all the legal mumbo jumbo; all they want is to see their favorite stars in their movies. The only ones winning in these cases are the attorneys.
  7. There are so many things I enjoy about "Mongo's" candids thread. I enjoy viewing pics of the stars in casual poses and at casual outings and everyday settings; just being themselves. Something else I really enjoy about his postings are when he shows pics of stars after their glory days. Many times we never see any photos of these famous stars after their time in the limelight has passed. He recently posted a pic of the original "golden girls" years later: Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Nita Naldi, Leatrice Joy and Lila Lee. Another recent post was a pic of George Jessel and then wife Norma Tallmad
  8. While browsing thru April's schedule I noticed that "Green Pastures" will be shown on Easter Sunday morning. I anticipate another round of "racism in cinema" with troublemakers writing in criticizing the movie and the idea of it being shown. Yada yada yada.
  9. I really don't understand this idea of copyright/legal issues keeping old films from public viewing (especially 70-80 years afterwards when all the principal parties in these cases are dead). Why are these legal issues/entanglements allowed to go on? What harm is there in allowing the public to view these films? Maybe I'm showing my ignorance but it seems so silly and petty to allow these films to decompose in vaults while all original parties in these cases are deceased. There ought to be a new ruling that if cases like these aren't settled within a certain number of years and/or if all prin
  10. Speaking of Bette Davis are there any others out there who would wish for TCM to show Bette in her earliest roles? We all know her from such films as The Letter, Jezebel, Now Voyager, etc. but I for one would really enjoy viewing The Bad Sister and Seed. These were her two first films for Universal. She only made one more film for them (Waterloo Bridge-1931 which has been shown on TCM and is also out on DVD) before joining Warner Bros. It would be a special treat if TCM could get one or both of these films on loan from Universal. I know that these are not classics by any stretch of the imagin
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