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  1. I am really enjoying this thread. Much thanks for bringing on the board. While going thru the years in chronological order I didn't realize Jane Withers was in so many films as a child. I imagine these are mostly B-films which is why they aren't as widely known.
  2. I saw this topic listed so I was wondering how I find out where the nearest TCM backlot local chapter is for me? Is there a listing somewhere of all the local chapters?
  3. This is a long shot but why doesn't TCM give Alice Faye a day during SUTS? She was a 20th Century Fox star but TCM has shown Tyrone Power and Betty Grable in the past and they were basically Fox stars as well.
  4. I assume that the powers that be at MGM wanted to change her image to be more Americanized. They picked a silly but light hearted comedy. With the war going on in Europe and America on the threshold of WWII maybe they wanted viewers to see some escapist entertainment. Heavy handed costume drama which was Garbo's usual trademark just wouldn't work in this particular time. Also, the Latin American craze was going on as evidenced by several films especially from 20th Century Fox. So why not have Garbo take part in it? We saw her laugh for the first time in Ninotchka so why not see her dance this
  5. I looked thru June's schedule twice and I don't see the star tribute to Alice Faye and Don Ameche. Which day/night is it on?
  6. Looking at this photo which was probably taken in the mid 1920's I noticed that not only does Marion look like Joan Crawford did in the late 1920's but she looks much older than she did in the 1930's. Does anyone know if she had plastic surgery? If the photo wouldn't have had Marion's name I never would have recognized her.
  7. Maybe I'm different from most film lovers but I do look forward many times to seeing films if only for their historical perspective or their rarity. I've been a big fan of Jean Harlow and Clara Bow for years so when Film Forum was presenting a festival of Fox pre codes I went to NYC for a few days just to see "Goldie" and "Hoopla" which were playing as a double feature. "Goldie" is a lousy film but it starred Jean and Spencer Tracy and being a Fox film it's never shown anywhere other than a film festival. For Harlow fans this is the most elusive film. I wanted to see "Hoopla" as this was Clara
  8. I'm also happy about this. Some rare films will be shown including the restored color "King Of Jazz". Finally something to look forward to. And so far, they haven't taken it off the schedule.
  9. Here we go again. Another rare film that TCM had on the schedule and now knocked off. It's very frustrating. I was really looking forward to this first talkie from Clara Bow. TCM has shown "Design For Living" several times already. Bummer.
  10. I'm confused; "antoniacarlotta" stated that Carl Laemmle saved hundreds of Jewish families from Europe during WWII by signing affidavits for them and setting them up with homes and jobs in the United States. How could he have done this when WWII began on Sept. 1, 1939 and Carl Laemmle died on Sept, 24, 1939? He died three weeks after the war began.
  11. And they did this twice! Two different times they scheduled it then pulled it out with no explanation.
  12. Add to this any Fox pre codes. Actually just about all Fox (pre 20th Century Fox) films. Rarely, maybe one may be shown. I can't even remember (and I'm been watching for ages) the last time TCM has shown a Fox film as a TCM premiere.
  13. I enjoyed watching the shows and even stayed up to watch the last one at 1:45am. He was really ahead of his time with his use of special effects and humor. Some of the skits remind me of Laugh In with Rowan and Martin. It's sad that he died so young and tragically. I really admire his wife who worked tirelessly for years on the stage and TV to pay off his debts. It's also tragic and ironic that their only child together was also killed in an auto crash twenty years after her Dad.
  14. I know it hasn't been shown in over a decade as it's the only Garbo film (other than the lost "The Divine Woman" and her foreign films) which I don't have taped.
  15. Where is "Johnboy"? I know he/she would be thrilled to have Garbo is SOTM. There haven't been any posts from this fan for a long time. Did something happen?
  16. I was wondering the same thing. "As You Desire Me" is rarely shown even though it was an MGM film. When I first saw the April schedule and that Garbo was SOTM the first thought in my mind was finally they'll show "As You Desire Me". I went thru the list twice and saw it's not scheduled. What is the reason why TCM keeps this film in mothballs? Are there some "rights issues" involved? Since Garbo is SOTM and TCM has easy access to all her films why did they leave out "As You Desire Me" and "Inspiration". Why did they leave these two films out?
  17. I would definitely record "Turnabout". I remember when I watched it for the first time it made me laugh so hard it hurt. It was very lighthearted comedy and is still funny after almost 80 years.
  18. Happy 100th Birthday today to Carole Landis! TCM's film tribute to her on her centennial starts tonight at 8pm.
  19. Much thanks to "Topbilled" for reviving this thread and reminding us of the tribute to Carole for her 100th birthday on New Year's Day. I'm happy that TCM is recognizing her. I wish they would have a day dedicated to her in August during SUTS. She was a beautiful talented actress who never received the recognition she deserved.
  20. I believe that "Made For Each Other" with James Stewart and Carole Lombard has a memorable New Year's Eve party scene.
  21. My wish every year would be that TCM could air some of the Universal, Paramount and Fox (pre 1936) films. But I know it won't happen. Fredric March as SOTM is a good example. "Topbilled" listed on another thread all the dozens of films he made for Paramount in the 1930's but yet TCM is mainly showing the same ones over and over that they always show. The Paramount film "Design for Living" has already been shown several times.
  22. Glad to see that a Clara Bow movie will be showing on Tuesday March 5 in primetime at 8pm kicking off Fredric March as SOTM. "The Wild Party" was Clara's first talkie. I believe this is the third time TCM has shown this film but it hasn't been shown in several years. I wish TCM would show more of her films. She was the "IT" girl, the epitome of the flapper in the 1920's. All of her talkies have been restored and many of her silents have also been restored but since most are Paramount films (now owned by Universal) her films are never aired on TCM.
  23. I don't understand it but after several months of NOT receiving my "Now Playing" newsletter email I received it for December. I had given up. I sent several emails as to why they stopped and that I wanted them restarted without ever getting a response. Maybe it's the magic of Christmas.
  24. Angela Lansbury also played Elvis Presley's mother in "Blue Hawaii" yet she was only 9 years older than Elvis.
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