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  1. When TCM switched to an email "now playing" guide I was one of the first to sign up for it as I subscribed to the "now playing" magazine for several years. It took 3-4 months and several inquiries before I finally began receiving the "now playing" guide thru the email. I received it for a number of months but it stopped again. I haven't received it for about 3 months. I've given up. Have other TCM members had this problem? I don't have any more incentive to keep trying to receive it so I just browse the schedule for the month and write down any films of special significance that I want to vie
  2. I wish TCM would have shown "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" as it includes two of my favorite TV stars; Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett.
  3. Does anyone know what happened with Joe (bansi4)? I know he had Parkinson's disease but he was still posting now and then. This thread was my favorite. Everyday when I came online to the TCM board this thread was the first one I viewed.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. It's sad to hear. I know there was a thread several months ago about former posters who either disappeared or passed on but no mention was made about "johnboy".
  5. I believe Carole and Jean would have gotten along beautifully. Several years ago I read a book called "Gable, Lombard, Powell and Harlow" which chronicled the relationships between these four stars. Although Carole had divorced William Powell they remained the best of friends. Powell went on to date Jean. Jean and Gable were like brother and sister. We all know the chemistry that Gable had for Carole and visa versa. They were all friends and went out together on occasion. They even attended the 1936 Oscars together. The unusual thing about it is that there are no photos of the four of them tog
  6. I liked Tyrone Power and found him a great actor in all genres. Tyrone and Robert Taylor were both extremely handsome men but I find Tyrone to be a much better actor than Taylor. He was more believable in his roles.
  7. Sometimes I wonder where Rudolph Valentino might have gone had he not died before the sound era. His popularity had slipped somewhat but it gained momentum when he signed on with United Artists for The Eagle and Son Of The Sheik. He had an accent but those who knew him claimed his accent wasn't thick. But the sound era also brought a new type of romantic idol such as Clark Gable. The era of the Latin lover ended. Rudy's contemporaries such as Nils Asther and Ramon Novarro weren't as popular in the sound era and faded. Ramon had a pleasant voice and even a great singing voice but it wasn't enou
  8. I too have often wondered where Jean's career might have gone had she lived. She was only 26 when she died so she had several years ahead of her as a leading lady and at her death she was at the peak of her popularity. MGM had already toned down her image due to the production code in effect and she proved to be as popular as ever. MGM had many films already scheduled for her when she died. She was pegged to co-star with Cary Grant in "Topper" and I think she would have been much funnier and appealing than Constance Bennett. She had already started playing more sophisticated roles to suit her
  9. I don't see her in either of those roles. Carole would have been in her early 40's by the time these films came out and would have been too old for those roles. I can see her in Adam's Rib doing the role played by Katherine Hepburn (with some extra comedy thrown in) and I can also see her playing against Cary Grant in Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House. She might have even tried some dramatic roles to expand her talents as an actress. Who knows? She might have even decided to settle down and have a family with Clark Gable and quit films altogether.
  10. I'd venture to say that most of the stars from the 1930's, 40's and 50's had winning smiles thanks to the studios where they were under contract. The studios made sure they always looked their best. Any flaws were hidden as much as possible. Take Clark Gable for example. Photos of him in the 1920's showed a young guy with big ears and terrible teeth. By the 1930's and under exclusive contract to MGM he had his rotten teeth replaced with dentures and voila! A winning smile, complete with a dimple that he didn't have before.
  11. I believe she was SOTM at some point in the last several years but I believe she's due for another turn. I'd especially like to see some of her early Paramount films.
  12. I'm surprised that no one mentioned "Secret of The Blue Room" as that was a TCM premiere. I taped it but haven't watched it yet? Any comments from those that viewed it last night?
  13. Can't think of any off the top of my head but one that does come to mind is the phrase "That's swell"; used countless times in films from the late 1920's early talkies thru the 30's and into the 40's. Another one I thought of from the many gangster films was "take him for a ride". We knew it wasn't going to be a Sunday drive thru the countryside.
  14. I remember about 10 years ago TCM had mentioned they were reaching an agreement with Universal to show many of their pre 1949 Paramount films. This agreement was supposed to begin in 2010. I was anxiously awaiting it. Well, other than a few Paramounts (i.e. Christmas in July with Dick Powell) nothing seemed to come from this deal and TCM never did say what happened. it simply slipped "under the radar".
  15. I see that TCM has scheduled "Lilac Time" with Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper for 6am on Wednesday 10/24. They had it scheduled about three years ago then pulled it off the schedule just a few weeks before it was to air. I won't hold my breath that they will surely show it this time around but I'll be ecstatic if they do. I don't know why they would schedule it in the early morning; it's worthy of a primetime viewing. And I'm almost positive it's never been shown on TCM before. I'll be happy to see "Let's Make It Legal" on Saturday 10/6 at 8pm. It's a TCM premiere with Claudette Colbert an
  16. Bob Hope and Katherine Hepburn in "The Iron Petticoat". This film wasn't shown for many years due to some copywright or patent until a few years ago. It's very unfunny; Hope and Hepburn are awful together as is her fake gritting Russian accent.
  17. You're right. While quickly browsing thru the posts (from 16-17 years ago) I see that The Letter with Jeanne Eagels, Beyond The Rocks with Valentino and The Young Rajah (a restoration of all surviving footage) have all been shown on TCM.
  18. TCM did begin showing "Night Flight" a 1933 film with Clark Gable that was out of circulation for decades due to some copyright complications. I wish more of these films would see the light of day. All these litigation and issue rights on 80+ year old films seems so petty. I wish that TCM would be able to obtain the rights to show "Christopher Bean." It was Marie Dressler's last film, an MGM film to boot. It would be nice to see her in her farewell performance.
  19. Speaking of Garbo, I have noticed that TCM rarely shows "As You Desire Me". Does anyone know why? The last time it aired on TCM was in 2006.
  20. Thank you "MovieCollector" for your link to the films. I see that "The Trial Of Mary Dugan" was shown once on TCM back in 01/95. I believe it also has a 'rights issue" which is why TCM has never shown it since. I wonder if this one and only showing was in error.
  21. Sepiatone, I feel exactly like you do about both Garbo and Dietrich. I never understood the allure that either of them had but I can appreciate the fascination that fans have with them. By the way, where is "johnboy"? Wasn't he the poster that absolutely adored Garbo? He would always post a response to anything related to Garbo. And he initiated many threads on her. I wonder what happened to him. He would surely appreciate this thread.
  22. TCM never shows any Universal or Fox films starring Lew Ayres (other than "All Quiet On The Western Front"). He starred in many films from those two studios in the 1930's. You would think that TCM could obtain at least a couple of those films for his special day.
  23. I know that Al Jolson's movies are rarely shown on TCM due to the racial stereotyping. I have an old VHS copy of Wonder Bar taped from TCM many years ago. I don't even have a VHS copy of Mammy from TCM. Can anyone tell me when TCM last showed Wonder Bar and Mammy?
  24. I agree. She was sophisticated, talented and sexy. Those outfits she wore on 42nd Street really emphasized her voluptuous figure. She was also very attractive. From what I read she had a very long happy marriage to actor Ben Lyon. They were very popular in England during the 1940's with their own show featuring their daughter and adopted son. Sadly Bebe began having a series of strokes in the 1960's which led to her death in 1971.
  25. I've noticed that TCM rarely plays any of Al Jolson's films probably due to the racial overtones in most, if not all his films. I don't recall "Mammy" or "Wonder Bar" being shown in the last 15-20 years.
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