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  1. I have to agree. Although I like Patsy Kelly sometimes she can get on my nerves. I prefer the Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts shorts.
  2. I did a google search on Norma's 2 children and found out that each one had three daughters so Norma had six grandchildren, all girls.
  3. That's great news however I wonder why they didn't include the Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts shorts as well? This would have been the complete collection.
  4. If I remember correctly her son was a philosophy professor who died in 1987. He was only 57 years old. Does anyone know how many grandkids Norma had?
  5. I remember the first time I saw Platinum Blonde many years ago. Although the film starred Jean Harlow and Loretta Young an actor named Robert Williams stole the picture from them. He wasn't good looking by Hollywood standards but he had a certain charisma about him along with a quick wit. He was the perfect actor for the screwball comedy genre. I had wondered why I never saw or heard of him again until years later when I got more involved in films and discovered that he died after surgery for a burst appendix right as Platinum Blonde was released. He was right on the threshold of fame when he
  6. This is what bothers me. A film is painstakingly restored then shown once in a while at a film festival but otherwise put back in mothballs. Makes no sense to me. Several years ago TCM showed the restored "Hoopla" (Clara Bow's last film) at their festival. The film garnered such a huge audience that TCM scheduled two showings of the film to accommodate all the viewers who wanted to see it. I was sure they would soon be showcasing it on TCM but it never happened. I realize that "Hoopla" is a Fox film but it shouldn't have been difficult to obtain especially since it was shown at their fest
  7. Originally, Arthur lake's wife Pat was said to be the niece of Marion Davies. On her deathbed Pat revealed that she was the daughter of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst. So Marion was Arthur's mother in law. For years I had wondered how Arthur Lake became so wealthy. He wasn't an A list movie star. But being married to their daughter apparently brought him his wealth.
  8. I was disappointed that the original opening and closing credits weren't inserted but I was still happy to see the films again and without commercial interruption. I hope TCM can show the remaining films sometime soon.
  9. I agree with "slaytonf" that Penny Singleton was a gifted actress, singer and dancer. It's a shame that (whatever the reasons) her talents didn't bring her greater fame and recognition. However I don't agree that she was afraid of being typecast as Blondie. She once made the quote "God bless Chic Young" for it was his comic strip that made her famous. Her career didn't seem to be going anywhere. She sang and danced the varsity drag in "Good News" in 1930, she had the role of a nightclub singer in MGM's "After The Thin Man" and she had minor supporting roles in some of Warner Bros. films of the
  10. Just a reminder for those who are fans of Blondie that TCM will be showing the first six films of the series tonight starting at 8pm. I'm not only happy that TCM is showing these films but also happy that they are being shown in prime time. They are a TCM premiere. It will be interesting to see if TCM shows them with their original opening titles or if they'll be shown with the opening titles tacked on later by King Features Syndicate. If I remember correctly they were shown on AMC (when it was truly American Movie Classics) with the original opening titles and credits. Either way I
  11. Nancy Carroll. She had that cute pixie quality.
  12. I'm not a frequent poster on this board although I do read it almost every day. I miss "finance" along with "fred dobbs". Their posts were very interesting and insightful. I also miss "joe/bansi/mongo". I hope he's doing ok. There hasn't been any word from him in ages I know he was suffering from Parkinson's. His candids forum was the first forum I would look at each day. Another old poster I thought of was "prince saliano". The forum on Universal films brought back memories of him as he was a big fan of the Carl Laemmle Universal films.
  13. Do I have to pick just two? There are several Universal films from the Carl Laemmle era that I wish TCM would show. All of them are in existence and many of them have been restored. 1. East Is West (1930-early Edward G. Robinson) 2. Werewolf Of London (1935-Henry Hull). TCM has shown a lot of Universal horror films from the 1930's but never this one. 3. Iron Man (1931-Lew Ayres and Jean Harlow in an early role). 4. The Impatient Maiden (1932-Lew Ayres and Una Merkel) 5. Don't Bet On Love (1933-Lew Ayres and Ginger Rogers. They were married at the time). 6.
  14. Prior to "Hell's Angels" Jean's acting skills consisted of some roles as an extra, a few short films with Laurel and Hardy and a small role with a couple of lines in "The Saturday Night Kid". She was only 18 when she became the leading lady in a blockbuster film of epic proportion. Considering everything I thought she did very well as Helen. She had little to no direction in how to act the part. James Whale who was hired as dialogue coach gave most of his attention to Ben Lyon and James Hall. I know this is very subjective but I thought Harlow looked gorgeous in the two strip techni
  15. Hell's Angel's is getting a rare showing tonight on TCM. The flight scenes are awesome. And the film has a 2 strip technicolor sequence which is the only color footage ever taken of Jean Harlow. Don't miss this opportunity.
  16. Does anyone know what screen team holds the record number of films together? Without researching I would assume Laurel and Hardy.
  17. I don't know what criteria "loving the classics" was looking for when mentioning screen teams. How many films together would constitute a screen team? Eleanor Powell and Robert Taylor only starred together in two films. I thought of another one; Clark Gable and Myrna Loy. They co-starred in 6 films together.
  18. Jean and Clark, Ruby and Dick were already mentioned previously. However, no one has mentioned Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Greta Garbo and John Gilbert.
  19. Divorce in the Catholic faith today is a gray area. You can discuss it with 3 different priests and you will get three different responses. Even annulment procedures are less restrictive now than they were years ago. I assume life with Jolson was unbearable for Ruby. Adopting a child with him didn't make life any easier for her. I don't remember reading anyone who enjoyed Jolson's company. He was a cruel arrogant egomaniac. Alice Faye had to work with him in "Rose Of Washington Square" and she said it was the worst experience in her life. I'm glad Ruby got rid of him and found happiness w
  20. I remember getting cable in the late 1980's when AMC and TNT were both showing old movies. At the time I was more interested in the MGM films TNT would show rather than AMC even though TNT would show commercials. I did tape some old films from AMC such as Paramount On Parade, King Of Jazz and Music Is Magic. I'm so sorry I didn't tape more of these gems from Paramount, Universal and Fox as they are rarely, if ever, shown anywhere. Currently I've been recording any TCM films that even remotely catch my interest as I don't want the same thing to happen again. You never know when TCM might change
  21. Excuse me for being naïve but I don't understand why or how this spam is getting on the boards. What kind of people are doing this and why? What is the purpose of it? It seems like we had a "spam'free" board for awhile and now it's returned. Can anyone tell me what's going on with this?
  22. For me this is the best TCM monthly schedule in ages. My DVR will be running all month. Highlights include many of the B movies such as Blondie, Mexican Spitfire, Tarzan, Andy Hardy and Dr. Kildare. Also all six Thin Man films. Marlene Dietrich is star of the month and among the films TCM will show are the rarely shown Blue Angel, Morocco, Blonde Venus and Desire. Clara Bow actually makes an appearance as well when TCM shows her most famous film "It". Robert Montgomery gets a half day of films on 5/21 and Going Hollywood with Marion Davies and Bing Crosby airs the next day. So many fantastic c
  23. There were actually 28 films in the Blondie series running from 1938-1950. I'm ecstatic that TCM is finally playing them. I hope they'll eventually play all 28.
  24. Does anyone have access to a photo of Helen from the 1940's or 1950's? All the photos I've ever seen of her are from the early 1930's.
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