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  1. Very sad. I read the article on her death but it didn't give any cause. She reminds me of many of the child stars from films and TV who couldn't find a niche when they grew up and eventually fell on hard times. Rest in peace Erin.
  2. "No Man Of Her Own" will be shown at 10pm on May 2 as part of TCM's month long tribute to star of the month Clark Gable. Let's hope TCM doesn't bump it off the schedule as this is a Paramount film. TCM has bumped many Paramount films from its schedule in the last several months.
  3. I received the May issue of "Now Playing" magazine and saw Ben's tribute to Robert on the first page. The first thought that struck me was "oh my gosh; no more Robert Osborne". For all these years the first thing I would do when I received the latest "Now Playing" was to read Robert's write up on the star of the month or theme of the month. Every write up ended with his "Robert O. signature". How strange not to see it! Ben has his own style of writing and even he admitted in his tribute that it wasn't up to par with Robert's style. When I read the article on star of the month Clark Gable
  4. Thanks for letting us know. I was all set to program my DVR for tomorrow's 9:30pm premiere of "An American Tragedy". I'll have to make a note of the rescheduled date. TCM has already bumped Frances Dee night once before. I hope they'll finally leave it be for May 17.
  5. I hope the posters won't be offended by my bit of levity but I was thinking of how important Oscar month was to Robert each year at TCM and how he exited this earth after Oscar month was over. It was like he waited to watch one last time before leaving. It's the end of an era for TCM.
  6. No I have to say I didn't. I really have no interest in new and newer movies. I only read reviews for movies from the silent era thru the 1950's along with old TV shows such as Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies and Golden Girls.
  7. I also enjoyed the imd boards. I was a member there and would post questions and answers on various movies and TV shows. I never saw any "trolling" either. I don't understand why they shut the board down.
  8. Cher wore one of the most outlandish outfits to the 1986 Academy Awards cermony. It was said that her choice in selecting her super weird costume was in protest for her not being nominated as best actress in "Mask". I am having trouble uploading the photo. Maybe "Laurel Gray" could come to my rescue again and post this photo. Cher's wearing a headdress that looks like a huge bird and she's all in black with quite a bit of flesh showing.
  9. Thank you "Laurel Gray". I never posted a pic before and I really don't know why the one I posted turned out so small. It was only a thumbnail. Thanks for reposting it.
  10. You're so right. In the 20+ years I've had TCM they've shown "It" a few times. They showed "The Wild Party" only once in 1999 and "Down To The Sea In Ships" a few times. A few years ago they showed "Call Her Savage" for the first and only time (and at 2:15am). That's pretty bad for such a well known famous icon. All her talkies survive along with several silents.
  11. Katherine Hepburn's outlandish outfit from Christopher Strong comes to mind as a crime of fashion. Her headpiece is especially bizarre.
  12. I'm so happy to hear of this. It seems like more and more of her films are being discovered. The only problem is that other than the occasional film festival most of us viewers can't see these rare gems. I was surprised when Why Be Good was put on the market so soon after restoration but I had hoped that this would be the case with some of her other films. Sadly this wasn't the case. What about Orchids and Ermine, Her Wild Oat, Synthetic Sin and Lilac Time? TCM dropped Lilac Time from its October schedule and never re-scheduled it. They plan to show Ella Cinders at 6am in the morning on th
  13. I see that Ella Cinders with Colleen Moore is scheduled for 6am on 5/15. This is a TCM premiere so I can't understand why they would place it in an early morning slot. But then again they'll probably take it off the schedule for unknown reasons as they have before. They did this with Lilac Time also starring Colleen Moore in October.
  14. I couldn't have phrased it any better. Why can't TCM mention why these films are pulled rather than ignoring the issue entirely?
  15. So what else is new? TCM had done this recently to Lilac Time, Wild Girl, The Rogue Song and Wharf Angel. Very frustrating.
  16. I was under the impression that the "how will you make it on your own" was only used for the first season opening credits. Since she did make it on her own they changed the line to "who can turn the world on with her smile" for the rest of the series.
  17. Since I just found out that TCM has cancelled yet another film I wanted to see from its April schedule my wish for the new year would be for TCM to schedule a day of all the films they've pulled from their schedules in the past year.
  18. Oh Great! Here we go again. Another movie I was looking forward to seeing is now pulled from the schedule. This film was the highlight for me on TCM's April schedule. Well at least thanks go to "Topbilled" for forewarning me.
  19. I can't bring up the April schedule past the first seven days but one movie caught my eye. On 4/3 TCM is showing "An American Tragedy" a Paramount film with Phillips Holmes. This film was the forerunner of "A Place In The Sun" which TCM shows every now and then. I hope that TCM doesn't scratch it from the schedule as they have many other films I've eagerly awaited (ie. Wharf Angel, Wild Girl, Desert Song). I'm sure this will be a TCM premiere.
  20. Was it announced that Robert Osborne retired? I don't remember hearing anything.
  21. That was really funny! It reminded me of a photo of Joan Crawford taken in the 1940's where she's shown with a hoe in hand in a vegetable garden loaded with vegetables. She's supposed to be working in the garden yet she's in full make up, her hair is all in place, her fingernails are painted and she's as fresh and clean as can be. Talk about staged!
  22. I was shocked as we all are to find this out. It's unbelieveable. I guess her daughter's death was too much for her to bear. As I was reading the prior posts I was thinking that this is the end of an era. Debbie was possibly the last of the great and famous stars from Hollywood's Golden Era. She was an icon and now she's gone. Poor Todd; this has to be extremely difficult for him.
  23. Oh my goodness! I can't believe this. I was just going thru the paper a few hours ago reading where she was resting comfortably in the hospital. I can't even imagine how her poor mother must be feeling.
  24. I would definitely recommend this book. I bought it a few years ago and it was well worth it. Any in depth information on the Fox studios (pre 20th Century Fox) is as rare as the Fox movies themselves.
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