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  1. I adore this movie and no matter how many times I view it I always get emotional at the end when George sees all his family and friends come together to help him. That last scene is the most satisfying end scene in any movie I know. It's as perfect an ending as there could possibly be. As long as this thread is discussing the film I do have a question about Clarence. When he was drying out he pulled out a copy of Tom Sawyer that he mentioned had recently been published. But when he's in the saloon with George he mentions that he turned 392 a few days earlier. Someone made a big goo
  2. When you look at the tight skimpy revealing costumes that Priscilla Lawson, Jean Rogers and even Buster Crabbe wore it's amazing that it passed the censors. This was two years after the production code was enforced. If you didn't know better you'd think this serial was filmed during the pre code era.
  3. I wonder what happened to all that footage with Tyrone Power. Does it still exist? It would have been nice if the studio would have done a reconstruction of the film so we could all see Ty's last appearance. It was done with Marilyn Monroe's film "Something's Got To Give" several years ago.
  4. After all the confusion, speculation and hope we saw that TCM wiped "The Desert Song" off its schedule. I don't understand why the morning schedule kept changing. It did give me a glimmer of hope but I should know better.
  5. I had thought he would be back in December. Does anyone have any updates?
  6. Red Headed Woman, Baby Face and Call Her Savage get my votes. Sadly, Call Her Savage with Clara Bow is overlooked because it's a Fox film and rarely shown. It was only shown on TCM once and in the wee hours of the morning.
  7. I was also shocked to hear of her passing. She had not been ill and I read that she even made an appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" this past Monday to cheer on Maureen McCormick. Did anyone catch it? I know she was 82 but she seemed in good health and still looked so vibrant. It's ironic that you have some people like Zsa Zsa Gabor who's 99 and has been in fragile health and near death for several years yet she still survives and yet Florence passes away so quickly.
  8. I figured this would happen. I even mentioned it in an earlier post on this thread. I've learned the hard way never to get my hopes up when I see a film rarity on the schedule or listed in the "Now Playing" magazine. I've had too many disappointments.
  9. I hope it's not pulled out at the last minute. Two films that I had wanted to see were listed on the schedules then pulled out with no explanation. They were Wild Girl with Charles Farrell and Lilac Time with Colleen Moore. TCM also had Wharf Angel listed on their schedule for last January but pulled that too. I don't hold my breath for these rare gems until I actually see them on the screen.
  10. In many ways Phillips Holmes reminds me of Montgomery Clift. They were both extremely handsome men. They played brooding characters in many of their movies. Both befriended torch singer Libby Holman. Both seemed tragic and sad. Phillips Holmes movie career at Paramount looked very promising. But something happened once he moved to MGM. They didn't put him in many films and his characters got less and less screen time. MGM didn't renew his contract. He made a few more films for lesser known studios and died tragically in 1942. He was only 35.
  11. I love this movie and never tire of it. The trick photography is amazing especially considering it was 1933. It also has some hilarious moments.
  12. After reading the few comments about Gilligan's island I had to respond (even though this thread is about Family Affair). I was just a little kid when Gilligan's Island was on TV but even then I couldn't watch it because I thought it was so stupid and dumb. Where did the women get all their clothes, hairstyles and make up? How come all of them had clean clothes? How come the guys didn't have beards and long hair from not shaving or getting haircuts? Where did they come up with all those conveniences on that island? It was just too too stupid and idiotic!
  13. Two actors that look alike are Richard Cromwell and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are from different eras but the resemblance is uncanny. Two actresses that look alike are Lauren Bacall and Lizabeth Scott. And they are from the same era.
  14. She reminds me a lot of Lauren Bacall in this photo.
  15. Wasn't there a story regarding Claudette Colbert only wanting to be photographed from her left side?
  16. I'm hoping that maybe "gagman66" might be able to get in touch with one of the programmers to see why it was dropped from the schedule and if it can be re-scheduled. It has happened before.
  17. I knew it was too good to be true. When I first saw it as soon as October's schedule came out I was astonished but didn't want to be overly optimistic. Then when I saw it listed on the October "Now Playing" guide I hoped it was going to be reality. The only thing I was unsure of is why TCM wouldn't put this gem in prime time. I got a lump in my throat when I saw this thread. What a bummer! I was SOOOOO looking forward to this film. It's not available anywhere. Very sad! PLEASE TCM re-schedule it! Don't just forget about it.
  18. What happened? What did she die from?
  19. I set my alarm to get up and watch "Our Gang" (1922) at 4:15am this morning. It only lasted 3 minutes. Afterward TCM showed another Our Gang short that lasted 20 minutes. What happened to the rest of this short? Is this all that was left? Does anyone know? Both shorts were in the time slot of 4:15am-5:15am so I assumed each would be about 20 minutes with fillers for the remaining 20 minutes.
  20. I'm not sure where they're obtaining the materials. When I was emailing back and forth with one of the guys in charge of organizing the event we didn't discuss the sources. But you gotta give them some latitude. It's their first event and the guy admitted there's a "lot of bugs to work out" in organizing such an undertaking. I'm not endorsing them but I'm just glad there are some new festivals springing up as we've lost a number of them in the last few years.
  21. A new film festival will be starting later this week in Buffalo, New York. It's called the Western New York Movie Expo. It will be held at the Adams Mark Hotel and Event Center in Buffalo. The festival will consist of rare silents and talkies, film shorts, documentaries and vintage TV shows. Go to their website at wnymovieexpo.wordpress.com for more information. They also have a facebook page. As some of the long standing film festivals in Syracuse, NY and Massillon, Ohio have closed it's nice to see that a new one is being created.
  22. You have to remember this film was made 85 years ago. Times were different and so were people. I'm sure what you view as "camp" after viewing several times thru your life others found scary back in those days. I remember when these old 1930's Universal horror movies were shown on late night TV. I was just a kid. I wanted to watch them but was too afraid to watch them alone. I had to have my Dad sitting with me. Many times he would tease me by saying he's going upstairs to bed but I'd beg him to stay with me. All the lights in the house would be out; the only light would be coming from
  23. If this isn't a TCM premiere it's only the second time TCM has shown Dracula (at least in the 20 years I've had TCM). They've shown most of the other 1930's Universal horror flicks but I don't remember Dracula and I know they've never shown "Werewolf Of London" . I'm not sure if they've ever shown "The Raven" with Karloff and Lugosi.
  24. I remember when she would make an appearance each year on Dean Martin's Christmas show along with his children. I also remember her making an appearance on an "I Love Lucy" episode modeling a dress. She was very pretty. From what I read her and Dean still remained on friendly terms after their divorce and she was there for him during his final years. He really fell apart after his son Dino was killed in 1987. Very tragic that two of her three children pre-deceased her.
  25. There's probably a lot of variables that go into the restoration of a film. There's the cost, time involved and the quality of the original print or whatever print the restoration is using. I haven't seen it yet but from everything I've read Universal's "King Of Jazz" has been beautifully restored. But then again how much did it cost, who footed the cost, what quality print was used (or combinations of print) and how much time did it take? Fox had a fire in their film vaults in 1937 which almost wiped out all their pre 1935 nitrate prints of Fox films. Most Fox films still existing today
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