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  1. I have copies of "Sunnyside Up" from all 3 TCM airings. The latest airing begins with "this film has been preserved by the Museum Of Modern Art". The first two airings didn't show this logo so I assume this was the restored version shown on Janet Gaynor day. If I look closely and compare the versions there is a difference in quality.
  2. I thought the same idea. Morbid but intriguing. Off the top of my head I think of "Dinner At Eight". Made in 1933 several cast members died within 10 years. There was Marie Dressler (died 1934), Louise Closser Hale (died 1933), Jean Harlow (died 1937), John Barrymore (died 1942), Phillips Holmes (died 1942) and May Robson (died 1942).
  3. I highly doubt these various conspiracies. All they do is make for a more interesting, sensationalized demise that readers tend to eat up. In the past few years I've read two well researched biographies on Russ and both told of the freak accident as the reason for his tragic death.
  4. Texas Guinan was another interesting actress in this film who died tragically. She had quite a career in vaudeville, theater and silent films. She was also an owner and hostess of numerous speakeasies during prohibition. She died just days after the release of "Broadway Thru A Keyhole" from amoebic dysentery that she caught in Chicago while doing a revue on the road. This was her only surviving talkie.
  5. I was being facetious. I probably should have put an "LOL" at the end of my comment so viewers knew I was joking.
  6. I noticed that both Tiffany and Michael Feinstein took my advice and began to sit on the sofa while giving their wraparounds. Now if they could only look more relaxed. Perhaps it will come in time.
  7. It's amazing that Valentino and his legend still live on 90 years after his death. I wonder if he would still be a legend had he lived into the talkies. His foreign accent might have hindered him. Also, the passage of time would have made his "type" antiquated. I remember reading his co-star Agnes Ayres mentioning that the most important thing Valentino did was to die.
  8. For whatever reason it seems like these "rights" issues don't apply to theatre showings. I've seen "The Wiser Sex", "Follow Thru" and "Illusion" at film festivals yet all three films have some rights issues.
  9. I'm with "lydecker". I really enjoyed Janet Gaynor day. I wish my Mom would have been around as she loved Janet Gaynor. My Mom is the one who familiarized me with her. For years the only film I saw of hers was "A Star Is Born". When TCM came around they would show her two MGM films but it wasn't until a few years back that I got to see some of her Fox films. I'm happy that TCM was able to air many of her Fox silent and sound films. I'd still like to see more of her Fox films. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow with Robert Montgomery. I especially want to see "The Man In Possession" and
  10. Why isn't this film shown on TCM? Are there some rights issues with it? Was it ever shown on TCM? It is a Warner Bros. picture.
  11. Thanks to "Tikisoo" for starting this thread and to all the others for their comments on Capitolfest. I couldn't make it this year due to health reasons but I was there last year. It was my first Capitolfest and it was awesome! It was well worth the 6-7 hour drive. Last year they featured Nancy Carroll as their headline star. I loved the theatre, the rare films which you'll only see at a venue like this one and the camaraderie among the film fans. The dealers room was a great place for all types of movie memorabilia. I purchased several rare DVD's and a movie book. I was unaware of Ci
  12. I'm another Ruby Keeler fan. I'm looking forward to "Sweetheart Of The Campus" as this was her last film before she retired, married and raised her family. It was also after her divorce from Jolson. I've seen "Mother Carey's Chickens" before and although I enjoyed it the film doesn't give much air time to Ruby Keeler's character. If I'm not mistaken I believe this was the film Katherine Hepburn refused to be in and asked RKO to cancel her contact. "Go Into Your Dance" is a film that TCM hasn't aired in several years. I'll be ready for it this time with my DVD recorder. I've been
  13. Although this thread is about Loretta Young I thought I'd mention something about Janet Gaynor after reading Hibi's comment. "Ladies In Love" was the last film Gaynor made for Fox (other than the 1957 film Bernadine). It had already become 20th Century Fox and Darryl Zanuck didn't have much interest in Gaynor. He wanted to pair her with other female co-stars as he did in this film which infuriated her. So she quit after being with Fox over 10 years and signed on with David Selznick.
  14. Well at least she's paying attention to social media. LOL. As you mentioned she sat down but now needs to relax and talk like she's NOT reading from a teleprompter.
  15. As the saying goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". No, I don't find Ava Gardiner attractive. Hedy Lamarr was extremely attractive.
  16. I'm enjoying today with Janet Gaynor. This is the first time she was selected for SUTS. Lots of Fox rarities including two TCM premieres (Change Of Heart and Ladies In Love). Next day I'm looking forward to is 8/24 with Constance Cummings. More rarities that day including Mae West's film debut and one of a handful of films with crooner Russ Columbo.
  17. However, "Change Of Heart" is a TCM premiere. I've never seen it before on TCM.
  18. "Sunnyside Up" with Janet Gaynor is not a TCM premiere. It was shown at least once and possibly twice before as one of my DVD's is a taping off TCM.
  19. I was just rethinking what I wrote and thought maybe I was a little harsh. Maybe she needs some training. Her promo is lackluster and uses the word "excited" too many times. Did she write her own promo or did someone write it for her? Whatever the case someone should have picked up on her choice of wording and rephrased it. Don't the TCM people do a "rush"? In all fairness I also find Michael Feinstein bland and robotic. He stands there doing the intros with this frozen smile on his face and mouths the words of the intro. His arms stand at his side like he doesn't know what to do with t
  20. I saw her for the first time when I was watching her promo several weeks ago. In the first few moments she used the word "exicited" four times. Her banter was very uninspiring. And she's as stiff as a board standing there in a robotic stance with her wide grin that looks phony.
  21. I always thought Hedy Lamarr was absolutely beautiful. So did L. B. Mayer. When she was signed on to MGM he kept her first name but changed her last name to Lamarr as she reminded Mayer of Barbara Lamarr. Barbara was a silent screen star known as "the girl who was too beautiful". However, I never cared much for Ava Gardner. Her face seems too harsh. I just don't think she's that attractive.
  22. I would also doubt that a film like this would be popular with today's audience. Back in 1933 when this film was made most of the film audience lived in rural areas. Stars as Dressler, Will Rogers and Janet Gaynor were top box office attractions mainly due to the large rural audience that loved them and went to the movie theaters to see them.
  23. I'd have to refer back to David Stenn's bio but if I remember correctly Harlow contracted scarlet fever while at a summer camp in 1926. One of the side effects of scarlet fever is kidney disease. At that time there was no way to diagnose it nor was there any treatment. Jean's kidneys over the following years slowly deteriorated. Her drinking during her last 3-4 years only hastened the kidney failure. Jean did have appendicitis in the fall of 1933. She was rushed to a hospital and her surgery went smoothly, especially considering how serious an appendectomy was in those times. Once a
  24. I love this idea. It would be great to have children of the stars introduce their films and give some reflections of their famous parent/grandparent. However there are some kids that would need to be exempted. We wouldn't want Christina Crawford as the only film she'd want to show would be MOMMIE DEAREST. Same for BD Hyman (daughter of Bette Davis). She'd want to show WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE and claim her mother was just like Baby Jane. LOL. Seriously though, I like the idea. I would enjoy hearing Luci Arnaz and/or Desi Jr. talk about their parents or any one of Bing Crosby's kids
  25. Two books I highly recommend are RUNNIN' WILD and BOMBSHELL. They are excellent biographies of Clara Bow and Jean Harlow respectively. David Stenn authored both books and he really did extensive research. For BOMBSHELL he researched thru the hospital records when Jean Harlow died and finally dispelled the decades old myth that Harlow's mother killed her because of her Christian Science beliefs.
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