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  1. I was only a kid when I first saw "The Civil War". I was hooked from the moment that it began (but maybe I was just an odd kid, anyway, that got into that kind of stuff). I made sure to watch it every night. I loved it. I found it fascinating. So, as the years went on, I made sure to watch each of his documentaries. I absolutely loved "The Roosevelts". I was very depressed when it was done (as I tend to be when I have really enjoyed one of his documentaries). And I got used to watching it every night this past week that I actually felt like there really was nothing to do tonight because I didn't have that to look forward to. I really do appreciate such a well-made documentary on all of the Roosevelts. This is how they deserved to have their stories told. "The Civil War" will always be my favorite. I still don't think any of the others could compare. I think, though, that "The Roosevelts" have made it to second place. It pushed "Baseball" down to third. That is still followed by "Mark Twain" and "Thomas Jefferson". Yeah, I heard the other day that Jackie Robinson is next. I wonder when it will be shown exactly in 2015. I always want something of this quality to be produced and shown every year on TV.
  2. I just happened to see this about a month ago or so. It was pretty good. "Love Is Strange" just opened here a couple of weeks ago. I haven't seen it yet. It looks like it would be such a good movie. And I honestly do love the fact of John Lithgow and Alfred Molina being a couple. I think it is a very good combination.
  3. It has been years since I have seen this movie. You almost forget all of the actors who were in it. This was such a good and funny one. Every now and then it is so good to see such an enjoyable movie as this was. This has put me in the mood to watch it again. Thanks for mentioning it.
  4. SilentVamp

    The Mormon films

    I guess that is the only way that I could title this topic. I don't know how many films there are out there that involve the theme of Mormonism, but there are 3 that I know of. First, there is "Latter Days": Second, "The Falls": Now, both of these films run on the same theme of Mormonism and how it is for one who is not what would be accepted in that faith. Yet, they are so different. Yes, there is a touch of drama to "Latter Days", but ultimately, it is far "lighter" than "The Falls". And, for just a movie to watch, I do like "Latter Days". But "The Falls", I personally, believe is a far better film. For one thing, it slowly builds up to the things which occur in it. I have read complaints about it taking too long for what happens to happen in it. But I think the slow development of their relationship makes it much more realistic. The realism is the second reason why I like "The Falls" better. I like the subtleness to the film. The slow pace (I guess you could call it that) and almost quietness of the story makes the emotions of these characters much more human than just actors playing a part on the screen. That is my opinion of it, anyway. Has anyone else seen either one of these? What did you think? Oh! That third film? That is the sequel to "The Falls". It is called "The Falls: Testament of Love": I have not seen this one, actually. If anyone has, I'd love to know it. But I would appreciate NOT knowing what happens in it.
  5. Emma Thompson. I just really like her. For a second choice, I would probably choose Judi Dench, and then Greer Garson.
  6. I will definitely have to look into that now. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. I saw it in the 8th grade and talked my English teacher into seeing it. He did and he liked it. I haven't seen it in years, though. I will have to remember that it is on. I know I really liked it. When I first heard the song, I thought it was familiar. I didn't think it was original. Brenda Lee's version sounds pretty good.
  8. SilentVamp

    MAURICE (1987)

    The three most delicious-looking men in one film.....until you see "Another Country". I was hoping there would be a thread on this one. This is in my list of top favorite films of all-time. It is a beautiful movie to watch. The acting is flawless. The music is wonderful. And the story is just so very, very good. My mother saw this in the theater when it was first released. She loved it. So, when it was available on VHS, she said that I should watch it. I was only a kid (I was kind of an odd kid that liked to watch dramas ), but I loved it. Then, when I was 11, I read my mother's copy of the novel. It was the first "adult" book that I ever read. For what made sense as a kid, I loved the book. Now, this novel is in my top 5. The one moment that I just love so much comes at the end of them film. It is the very last shot. Clive is standing by his window looking out. Then his wife stands next to him and places her head on him. The WAY he looks at her is perfect. Just the look of knowing this is what he has for the rest of his life. I love it. Great movie.
  9. SilentVamp

    "Big Eden"

    This will probably sound crazy but I was absolutely thrilled to see someone on here talking about this film. I love it so much that I am probably bordering on insanity with it. I first found out about it years ago when my brother saw it. He used to work late sometimes and he would come home and watch whatever was on TV. Then he saw this movie that he liked so much and kept recommending. A little while later it was a movie that was recommended to me through Netflix. So I watched it. It was at that time that I realized this was the movie that my brother was talking about. Then I got my mother to watch it. And she loved it. My mother gave the DVD to my brother for his birthday last year and he was thrilled to get it. And, honestly, my mother and I have kind of turned it into a tradition to watch it around the holidays. Personally, I think it is a damn good movie that doesn't get enough credit for being so. There are so many arguments out there for different films that aren't "realistic" whether the theme is gay or straight. And I don't know why a movie has to be realistic. Or even has to have an unhappy ending. What is wrong with a movie just being a movie - a story - once in a while? Just a simple, happy, good story. And if the whole town actually accepts all of the events that are taking place, so what? It is just a movie.
  10. Does anyone know if this would ever possibly be released on DVD? I don't have HBO. So I never got to see it.
  11. I am a very big fan of war films. But to name only 5, I guess this would be the list: 5. The Red Badge of Courage 4. Bataan 3. The Dirty Dozen 2. All Quiet On the Western Front 1. Glory
  12. It has been years since I have been here. Computer problems. Anyway, I see this thread is still going strong. I know I listed my favorites years ago. But I will just say for now that I am going through a major Gilbert Roland phase. That man is pretty much near perfection!
  13. > {quote:title=gagman66 wrote:}{quote} > *gagman66*, very nice photos again. Thanks! He does look exceptional in that film! Just look at this first one. He has one of the best profiles ever. And he has _great_ hair! *metsfan*, isn't is a shocking thought when you realize that you could have possibly forgotten such a man as Colman?!
  14. Oh, *goldensilents*, I know. It was just terrible of me to forget him like that. I deserve the 20 lashes. I'm sorry, Ronald! And look at him in that photo. He doesn't look too happy either. But he does look good!
  15. Well, that would be too bad if they wouldn't release "The Patsy". I believe that I mentioned in another thread that it was listed in their poll for what should be released next. Unfortunately, it didn't receive many votes. I haven't been there since then. So I have no idea whether there is a new poll up or not. Anyway, *gagman66*, what is this King Vidor box set? I haven't heard about it. Do you know what films might be included? Particularly one specific film??? I am actually happy to hear about "Beau Brummel", though. I am satisfied to see that "Let Us Be Gay", "The Sea Hawk" and "When a Man Loves" are being released as I have never seen them and have wanted to.
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