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  1. Im very pleased to see a day dedicated to Clarence Brown. The rarely shown Navy Blues (1930) with William Haines and The Son-Daughter (1932) with Ramon Novarro are two titles that have me excited for May.
  2. SRHall

    Garbo Silents

    TCM actually shows her silents more than they show here early talkies. It seems ROMANCE, INSPIRATION, and SUSAN LENOX have been forgotten by TCM programers in recent years.
  3. And lucky for us Silent film fans...they are showing "3 Godfathers" and "Susan Slept Here" 3 times each in December! (eyeroll)
  4. I can't wait to see One Romantic Night....really enjoy early talkies of the silent legends no matter how bad they are.
  5. They did indeed run Final Edition. I really enjoyed this mini-marathon and was suprised of how good the prints looks for films from that era. Columbia must have taken good care of its library.
  6. Does anyone know if TCM has ever show Christensen's other MGM film The Devils Circus with Norma Shearer? I'm pretty sure it exists, but havent noticed it on the TCM lineup before.
  7. I did indeed catch The Blackbird. I was very excited to finally see that one. Thanks for all the helpful info!
  8. I believe that that Flicker Alley is releasing Bardleys on DVD sometime this summer as a double feature with another silent John Gilbert film. However, I do hope TCM airs it sometime because it seems more like a film I would rather watch once than buy. As for While the City Sleeps, I am also pretty sure more than a reel is missing and some of the climax has been really torn up by decomposition. Maybe someday Warner will bridge the gaps with some title cards, like they did for Laugh Clown Laugh, and comission a new score. IMDB seems to indicate that the film had a vitaphone score, but that score is now lost. Whatever its condition, its a film I would love to see and since Chaney is such a big part of MGMs early history all his extant films need to be available for at TV viewings at least (and maybe now as part of the Warner Archive if we cant get the long-rumored Lon Chaney Vol. 2 collection) On another note, has TCM ever show Where East is East in the US? I have only seen one copy of this film and it was from a TCM in Europe. It was in good condition and had the originial score but I have never seen it show up here in the US.
  9. I am very excited to finally see Mockery on TCM on July 5. This might be the first time its ever been shown on TCM, but im not sure. Even though it never gets very good reviews, its always exciting to see a film that ive never seen before. (Esp. a Chaney film!) Now if we can get While the City Sleeps on the lineup, my Chaney at MGM collection will be almost complete.
  10. TCM really neglects Garbo's precodes. Im so tired of seeing Camille or Ninotchka, lets see Romance or Inspiration sometime.
  11. Ive requested this thing many times with no luck. I think there is a legal issue with the rights, maybe with Bayard Veillers' estate over the rights to original play. Does anyone know if they have shown the Joan Crawford film "Paid"? This is also based on a Veiller play and is rumored to be tied up in legal issues.
  12. The Letter and The Trial of Mary Dugan...I would be sooo happy if that set ever came out.
  13. I really love the Forbidden Hollywood series, but I agree the last set of selections was a little disappointing. It bothers me that B-films from WB like Other Men's Women make it to a top-notch DVD collection, but pre-code MGM classics like Riptide, Strangers May Kiss, Paid, and Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise are left in the vaults. Its even worse when you think that films like Frisco Jenny could have been put out via the new Archive collection, instead of other pre-codes like Strange Interlude and Laughing Sinners which really desearve delux treatment for their stars alone. I used to think the pre-code films with big stars like Crawford and Garbo were being held back for star-specific box sets, but Im not sure that is the case anymore. Wellman is great, but they show his films all the time on TCM. I like it when these collections have something a little rarer like the original Waterloo Bridge in Vol 1. Maybe volume 4 will be different, but I am dreading it will be something like the Michael Curtiz collection which would just be more WB spotlight and MGM shoved to back. (How about doing an MGM director like Clarence Brown instead?)
  14. That makes sense. I cant say I liked the sound of the roar, but I love early talkies and their oddities.
  15. Leo does roar, though it isnt one of the usual-sounding roars. It has a very strange sound, almost more instrumental than animal. A very muffled early-talkie sounding roar. On another note I wish TCM would show the 1929 Mary Dugan sometime. I had heard there was some legal difficulties, but I am dying to see it. As a Norma fan, it is one of her talkies that I have yet to see.
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